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The Amazing Kreskin plays “Cupid”

Posted by admin On April - 20 - 2007
Facilitating proposal… Leading to marriage! cupid1.jpgKreskin performed a private performance on July 1, 2006 at the home of Rider McDowell, a best selling novelist, movie producer and writer. The guests were family and friends gathered at Rider and his wife, Victoria’s summer home in New Jersey, which had been built in the 1700’s. NOW - It has always been Kreskin’s policy never to meet his audience before the program……… A couple of hours before the program, Kreskin asked Rider if he could hand an envelope to someone that would be trusted without opening it. Rider presented his sister. Kreskin gave her the envelope and cautioned her not to break the seal and keep it in her possession; which she promised to do. A few minutes later, Rider and his brother, Donald McDowell came to Kreskin; at which point Donald shared with Kreskin, his feelings – that he was very much in love with a lady that he brought to the house that evening and his family just adored her. Kreskin then informed him that he really didn’t want to know much about the family as he did not want it to jeopardize the integrity of his thought reading performance and that was the end of the conversation. Read the rest of this entry »

Virginia Tech Massacre and Television Coverage

Posted by admin On April - 19 - 2007
In my reflections on this disastrous day, I think we can say that we have seen television at some of its finest hours and some of its worst hours. When I was a kid glued to radio and television admiring the fantastic communicative abilities of Arthur Godfrey. I remember him mentioning on one of his daily talk shows, I don’t remember whether it was his morning radio show, morning television show or his evening prime time shows. He made a prediction, and he was not a thought reader, he didn’t have any powers of ESP. He envisioned a day in television coming when many of the shows would be on tape and be recorded and he saw the down side of such. “My Dear Listeners”…. He said. You will be watching a comedy show and suddenly the program will be interrupted because of a disaster, perhaps an assassination, perhaps an unbelievable accident but whatever the tragedy once the bulletin passed you will suddenly find the program back on the air and hear laughter. What a discord, what an abomination of the art of communication. Read the rest of this entry »

Virginia Tech Shooting

Posted by admin On April - 19 - 2007
I have very deep personal reasons for commenting on the Virginia Tech tragedy; in which at least 32 students have been killed. Having performed there on two occasions in a full evening concert in which I tune in on the thoughts of students and teachers, I feel a repertoire, not only with them but with universities all over the Western world in which I have appeared and in any other setting where there are crowds of people. I realize Congress has already had a moment of silence and the President is going to pass his few words. Read the rest of this entry »

Duke Case

Posted by admin On April - 18 - 2007
I am not going to say “I told you so” but within days after the three Lacrosse young men were accused of the sexually criminal charges; I made a public statement reiterating it on numerous broadcasts including Joey Reynolds, WOR that these three young men, one of whom lives only minutes from where I grew up, would never go to prison, would not be found guilty, but would have lost only one thing: their reputation, tragically and unfairly. Now that the tabloid media hoopla has passed and these young men have been exonerated, I would love to predict if I had it in my power, the two people that would be tried by juries: one, the accuser, the other the district attorney. I would be prepared at this very moment to predict the decision of both juries. The Amazing Kreskin

Kreskin on Howard Stern

Posted by admin On April - 10 - 2007
kreskin_stern.gifKreskin appeared on Howard Stern's show earlier this month with a reprise of a seance he conducted on a previous Halloween event. The past week, Kreskin appeared once again on Howard Stern's. This time, graphically describing how he had achieved a record playing black jack at resort's casino in Atlantic City. Kreskin won 22 hands in a row!

Kreskin Denied Jury Participation in Murder Trial

Posted by admin On April - 4 - 2007
Statement from The Amazing Kreskin: “I had had great anticipation when I was called to jury duty in Newark, New Jersey on Tuesday, April 3, 2007. Having spent my entire life demonstrating my skills as a thought reader, I was ecstatic about serving the jury system in what I believe is a special way. While sitting in a juror’s chair being questioned, I realized the impact of what I had to offer. If chosen to sit on the jury, I was prepared to share with my fellow jurors, my thoughts and impressions of those testifying on the stand and point out who was lying and who was telling the truth. I believe this would be invaluable to any jury coming to a just decision. My being selectively excused by the court to serve on a major murder trial has left me tremendously DISAPPOINTED and FRUSTRATED!”