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He Has Nine Lives and a Sixth Sense

Posted by admin On May - 27 - 2007
Oscar seems to know when death is at hand It is highly significant that the Journal of Medicine devoted a serious piece to a beautiful feline creature by the name of "Oscar" who has in some twenty-five cases when an individual was going to die. Of course, for many years I have advocated animals being in all hospitals, as they have a truly healing quality. In this case, this animal seems to, in a way that we as humans beings cannot understand "feel" when someone is soon to pass on. I have said this for years and will continue to say it: "We reading the thoughts of our pets, hell, they have been reading our thoughts more successfully for centuries." Kreskin

Another Successful Prediction!

Posted by admin On May - 24 - 2007
Before the ball dropped New Year's Eve bringing in 2007, Kreskin had made on scores of TV and radio shows, an ominous prediction about the future of television in the months to come. He said the greatest scandle would deal with reality shows. With a hint that if it became commonly known that writers, etc., were intrinsically involved in the "spontaneous occurrences and interactions" between "innocent participants" it would damage seriously the credibility of such shows and the ability of the viewer to believe in them. In recent days, charges including lawsuits have arisen in which participants have claimed that shows were rigged, a true state of affairs were altered, and even activities were enacted that are questionable from a legal and ethical level. Kreskin refuses to be quoted as saying: "I TOLD YOU SO"!
Terre Haute Benefit First Step In Nationwide Initiative To Refocus On Unsolved Adult Missing Persons Cases Terre Haute, IN The World’s Foremost Mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin, is proud to announce a breakthrough in the case of Scott Javins, a Terre Haute, IN native who has been missing for five years. The publicity generated by Kreskin in Terre Haute on May 14th resulted in a Person Of Interest coming forward with potentially important information regarding the case. The information has since been forwarded to Dean Dobbins, the Prosecutor in Hancock County, Indiana, who is insuring its proper dissemination to the Vigo County Prosecutor’s Office, as well as other authorities investigating the case. This new information is believed to be the first in the case in almost five years, rekindling hope and proving Kreskin’s belief that by offering his intuition and thought reading skills to law enforcement, he may be able to help them, along with the families of missing persons, break through dead-ends and bring closure to their lives. Read the rest of this entry »

Regarding McGreevy’s Entrance into Priesthood

Posted by admin On May - 4 - 2007
When I met McGreevy a couple of years ago in a dressing room; before we introduced a national celebrity, McGreevy said to me "Kreskin you better not read my mind." I already knew his personal situation and thought to myself it was none of anyone's business. When he stepped down from his government position, it was clear that this was a massive smokescreen. While his first book has died, the real seller will be when he reveals the real corruption in his administration. His messy public divorce is sad. Now regarding his announced interest in some form of priesthood - I would like to openly invite him to take a short walk with me. At the end of that walk I would like to announce what i believe are his real intentions and the reason behind them.