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Davey Crockett lives on in Texas

Posted by admin On March - 29 - 2010
Kreskin and the statue of blues performer Lightnin’ Hopkins in Crockett, TX. Kreskin donning the racoon skin hat presented to him by the Piney Woods Fine Arts Association as a symbol of Davy Crockett, of which the town is named after.

Kreskin on Joey Reynolds’ Last Two Shows

Posted by admin On March - 29 - 2010
Regarding Joey Reynolds leaving WOR Joey Reynolds is one of the greatest living American radio talk show hosts. I have worked with all the great late-night radio hosts, Joe Franklin, Long John Nebel, Barry Farber, John Wingate. I am witness to the amazing variety of guests from all walks of life and the remarkable live music entertainment content, Reynolds always has brought to the show. What is almost as singularly remarkable is that in the hundreds of hours I spent with Joey on the air, I’ve rarely seen him using a telephone. The man has an encyclopedic mind for almost every area of modern culture and its people. I predict he will be picked up by another broadcast station with an even better time slot!

Kreskin’s guests on the Joey Reynolds Show

Posted by admin On March - 2 - 2010
Kreskin's tuning into the thoughts of Wayne Federman Lead writer for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.