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Amazin’ Saberhead Vs The Amazing Kreskin

Posted by admin On April - 28 - 2010
Mets Merized Online A Baseball Site for Die Hard Mets Fans Written by Joe D April 23, 2010 “Personally, I think the Mets would have been better off hiring The Amazing Kreskin, who once lobby the Mets for a job.” “In a letter to Jay Horwitz, the Mets’ Vice President of Media Relations, Kreskin offered to meet with the team….” Read the article here

Are YOU an Amazing Kreskin?

Posted by admin On April - 8 - 2010 (Cedar Rapids, IA) The Hlog by Mike Hlas CONTEST: Are you an Amazing Kreskin when it comes to baseball? Posted on Apr 04, 2010 by Mike Hlas I love contests that reward foresight. For instance, I thought it was pretty darn cool of me to have Butler playing Duke in the NCAA basketball national-title game. Of course, I made that prediction after Butler beat Michigan State in the first game of Saturday’s national semifinals. Before the tourney started? I had, I don’t know, Kansas and some other teams. Who keeps track? But with the major-league baseball season starting Sunday night — just like it has dating back to the days of the Chicago Black Sox — let’s see what you good people can predict about Baseball 2010. The Amazing Kreskin says the Expos will win 97 games this year Here are the three things I want from you: 1. New York Yankees’ number of wins 2. Chicago Cubs’ number of wins Third, and please read this carefully … 3. The number of wins of any other team you want (you must specify the team) What’s the prize for the best overall forecaster? I don’t know yet. But I get free stuff here and there, so I’ll have something tangy by October. Now if you’ll excuse me, Dick Vitale just came on ESPN to talk about Duke, so I have to hurry off to hit the mute button.