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Posted by admin On July - 27 - 2010
Of course, the famed mentalist The Amazing Kreskin knows what you're thinking. He can't be serious about his offer to help the Pittsburgh Pirates end a 17-straight -- and counting -- losing season streak. But you're wrong, he says. "I'm not making this a sideshow thing," said the 75-year-old famed mind reader, whose career as a prognosticator has spanned decades of late-night talk shows as well as Super Bowl and Academy Award predictions. "I don't want cameras there. I want to meet privately with the team." Read the full article on


Posted by admin On July - 21 - 2010
In David Byron’s fifth non-fiction book, CINEMASSACRES, he has assembled a vast array of special guests from the TV, film, and fiction industries, some that knew Forrest J. Ackerman personally, some who just wish to pay homage to the man fondly known as “Uncle Forry”, and some who had never met Forry but had always been fans of his work. Also known as “Mr. SciFi”, Forrest J. Ackerman made a literary, historical breakthrough for fans of scifi and horror when he released the first issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland in February of 1958. The magazine’s success required a second printing to fill the public demand. Included in the “Special Guest Interviews” is a 15 page interview with The Amazing Kreskin. Forrest Ackerman was the man who gave Kreskin two cover stories in Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine back in 1977. To order book:

Kreskin attending Dinner for Schmucks movie Premiere

Posted by kreskin On July - 19 - 2010
July 19, 2010 Check out Kreskin's picture in the new movie Dinner for Schmucks!

Kreskin to the Rescue

Posted by admin On July - 14 - 2010
Len Berman - Emmy Award winning sportscaster and New York Times Bestselling Author Posted: July 6, 2010 - The Huffington Post Top 5 Sports Stories 5. Mental Case It's Kreskin to the rescue. The 75-year mentalist wants to help the Pittsburgh Pirates. Why not? The organization is in the throes of a 17-year losing streak. They even fired, and then brought back, one of their racing pierogis because he wrote some negative things about the team on Facebook. Kreskin's first move would be to send the manager and general manager on a two year vacation to Tibet. Kreskin would then use the power of suggestion to get the players to perform better. Kreskin offered his services to the Mets in 2007, but they turned him down. The Mets then famously collapsed in September. I'm thinking the Pirates should take this guy seriously.want to keep it as September 4, it is fine with me.


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I am tremendously excited to notify you of the return of my television series…The Amazing World of Kreskin. Thirty-two years ago, even yours truly could not foresee that we would be viewing in the year 2010 some 30 shows of the 5 ½ year series. It is being made available on the website after almost 9 months of negotiations. Believe it or not, each show has a sponsor. Do you know in the first 2 seasons of the series, The Amazing World of Kreskin became the second highest rated program in all of Canada. Within months it went international and was seen all over the world. What became a precedent in my series is that an edict was handed down by the head of the CTV network which originated the show. Namely, Kreskin’s program was not to be touched, that is the contents were not to be altered or tampered with. As incredible as it may sound, I was given free reign with the program! The head of the network was such a fan that he ordered all the officials who oversaw the program to stay away and not interfere with the show itself. I wanted to share with you this extraordinary development. You can access the serieson: HULU: Videosurf: Youtube: ESPecially, Kreskin

Branstad dons Kreskin hat

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Des Moines Register Staff Blogs Blog post by: Kathie Obradovich ( July 9, 2010 Gov. Terry Branstad has put on his Kreskin hat: He's predicting that if the GOP takes control of the Iowa House, Senate Democrats will have to allow a vote on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. They'll cave to the pressure, Branstad says.

Mentalist: I can make The Pittsburgh Pirates win

Posted by admin On July - 2 - 2010
The hapless Pittsburgh Pirates have sunk so low in the standings that The Amazing Kreskin is offering his services to bail them out -- for an undisclosed fee. The mentalist, best known for his spots on late-night TV shows and a good run of picking winners of Super Bowls, Academy Awards and elections, thinks the Buccos not only will make this their 18th consecutive losing season, but will continue to stay below .500 for another two years. In relief, The Amazing Kreskin wants the ball, even if it's crystal. The Pirates didn't return messages to see if they would give it to him. By Carl Prine, PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW Friday, July 2, 2010

Major Sports Development

Posted by admin On July - 1 - 2010
In a Major sports development the Amazing Kreskin has announced his offer to work with the Pittsburgh pirates with an effort to turn around a losing streak of almost 17 years. Listen to Kreskin on ABC radio with Matthew Brookmeyer today. Joe Bendel Fox 970 AM Pittsburgh Radio WXDX-FM with Mark Madden today.