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Posted by admin On November - 24 - 2010
I’m thinking of a number between one and three. But there’s no mystery here, no mind reading required: the number is three! That’s because today marks the third visit to this show by the Amazing Kreskin. It’s not close to the 70-plus appearances the Amazing one made to the Tonight Show, but we might be making gains on Mike Douglas. I’ll have our researchers look into that. Read the article

The Italian Tribune

Posted by admin On November - 18 - 2010
THE ITALIAN TRIBUNE November 18, 2010 He is known as the Amazing Kreskin, his father was Polish and his mother’s family (last name Cantalo), originated from Sicily. He is considered the world’s foremost mentalist who has traveled the world reading people’s minds and making predictions about a variety of subjects. His performances have delighted and unnerved audiences in both large and small venues for years. Download the PDF for the full article.

Just read and consumed two new children’s books

Posted by admin On November - 11 - 2010
Just read and consumed two new children's books by author Donna Scott Nusrala. Gazillions, Bunches, Oodles and Tons is a priceless love story, and when I say love story, it will awaken in any child a sense of love in so much that is around him. I think that members of the adult world would do well once in a while to pick up this book and spend a few minutes going through it. Talk about a beautiful form of therapy. You have in Twinkle Toes the story of a unique form of hypnosis resulting in the sleep-like preparation for the beautiful day of Christmas. It's one of the most unusual fairy tales that I've ever read. The Amazing Kreskin

Jian Ghomeshi’s opening essay

Posted by admin On November - 11 - 2010
Jian Ghomeshi's opening essay on The Amazing Kreskin, CBC "Q" Radio One, October 14, 2010. Play Audio

Kreskin’s Search Takes on Awesome Boundaries

Posted by admin On November - 2 - 2010
On the evening of October 28, 2010, at the Chisholm Trail Expo Center in Enid, Oklahoma, Kreskin climaxed his evening performance, as he traditionally does, with a committee of strangers picked from the audience and handed them a check, at which point he was then escorted from the gigantic center into a backstage area, where another group guarded him, to establish they could not see or hear what was taking place. His check was hidden anywhere in the entire audience setting. He was then called back, meeting the committee at the stage front. He announced as he has through the years that should he fail to find the check, he would forfeit the fee and the program would be for free. There was never one moment of conversation. No questions were asked. The committee members were simply asked to concentrate on the location of the check. In less than 10 minutes, he led his subject, who was concentrating, up through the staircases leading to the very top of this amphitheatre and walking up to a row he decided upon. He found his way partly across, dropped to the floor, and found the check hidden under the seat….the one seat it was hidden under, amongst 8,000 seats in the Expo Center.

Kreskin’s Ghostly Séance goes Wild

Posted by admin On November - 2 - 2010
Last Thursday evening, October 28, 2010, at the end of a public concert Kreskin presented at the Chisholm Trail Expo Center in Enid, Oklahoma, he climaxed his show with a séance. Some 24 people sat around 6 tables that were spread not on stage, but in the audience of the Expo Center. Hands were joined, and everyone waited as Kreskin intended to create a dramatic activity that would result in tables moving, wandering, and jumping all over the floors, with the participants trying to hold them in place. Nothing happened. There was “dead” quiet. But it didn’t end there. A few minutes later, subjects on stage jumped up, found their way into the audience, and started to “see” ghosts and strange beings moving around the audience. One lady became so frightened she raced to the rear of the setting, wrapping herself around a drape to hide herself from the beings. But what took on an uncanny, almost zombie-like effect, was a number of the participants who came down from the stage into the audience and saw one of their fellow members, a beautiful woman, looking ghastly to the point of frighteningly terrifying. One man, who would not approach her within 10 feet, described strange forms coming out of her eyes, ears, and her mouth. Ironically enough, Kreskin was told it was Scott Clark, a popular radio broadcaster in the area. The “haunting” of these strange beings went on for almost 10 terrifying minutes before the air was cleared and everybody, especially the participants, breathed a sigh of relief.