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Prediction Schedule Additions

Posted by kreskin On December - 23 - 2010
Sunday Dec. 26th - 7:55am - CBS Morning News Tuesday Dec. 28th - 8:10am WDUN Talk 550 - Georgia 9:10am - WZTK-FM Greensboro, NC 9:20am - KFAB-FM Omaha, NE 10:30am - WILM-AM, Wilmington, DE 11:40am - Mel Robbins - WTKK-FM Boston WED DEC 29th - 8:45am KLPW 9:35am - KKLN-FM Rock Rise & Shine 2:00pm - WXLM 980AM CT 11:00pm - Alan Colmes - live in Studio THURS. DEC 30th 8:20am WPIX TV - Live in Studio MON, JAN 3rd - 4:00pm - Jay Thomas Show TUES. JAN 4th 11:35am - WBAP 820am TX SAT. JAN 8th 12:45PM Oprah Radio - Derek Ashong

Please ‘Like’ Kreskin’s New Facebook fan page

Posted by kreskin On December - 22 - 2010
The Amazing Kreskin has an all new Facebook fan page. Please go to Facebook and find 'The Amazing Kreskin'. It's the fan site with Kreskin's picture. Once on the page, hit the 'like us' button. All updates will be on that Facebook page only beginning Jan. 15th, 2011. And of course updates always here .

Kreskin WOW AOL!

Posted by kreskin On December - 22 - 2010
Kreskin WOW'S AOL Crew after Interview.

Kreskin Interview

Posted by kreskin On December - 22 - 2010
Kreskin will be appearing on the show Bynon/LeBoutillier. Kreskin will enlighten us with 'The headlines you haven't heard yet.' Airing Toronto, AM640, New Years Eve 2pm EST and 5pm EST and New Year's day at 7am and 12PM EST. In New York airing on New Years Day on WABC radio at 4pm EST.


Posted by admin On December - 20 - 2010
Thurs, Dec 16 - KRSK-FM in Portland, OR 12 noon - Curt Chapman, Fairhope Courier 5:30 pm - The Afternoon Buzz with Daria, Mitch & Ted Fri, Dec 17 12:10 pm - KMXV Rocket & Theresa Show – Kansas City, MO Tues, Dec 21 12 noon- Mike & Amy in the Morning KWJJ 12:30 pm - AOL Video Wed, Dec 22 5:00pm - CNN Headline News - Live Sun, Dec 26 CBS Morning News – Live in Studio Mon, Dec 27 9:30 am - Fox 5 – Live Tues, Dec 28 9:30 am - WLNA-AM 10am - The Charlie Sherman Show WGIR-AM 11am - KINK –FM (5 minutes) 11:15am - Woody & Jim in the Morning 107.5 Wed, Dec 29 9:20 am- KMBZ-AM Kansas City Morning News 10:05 am - Harry Hurley – Live 11:00 pm - Alan Colmes – Live in Studio Thurs, Dec 30 8:45 am - The Bruce Campbell Morning Show KLPW 11:10 am - John Williams Show WGNA-AM Chicago Fri, Dec 31 Fox Business will air Mon, Jan 3 7:48am- WCOL – Columbus, OH 4:35 pm- K Rock Stan & Haney Jay Thomas Show Wed, Jan 5 10:35am - WFAW-FM Wisconsin

I met Worth Morrison…

Posted by admin On December - 14 - 2010
I met Worth Morrison recently after my concert in Crockett, Texas. He came across as a very sharp, enterprising showman and alerted me that he was recording two new songs. I suggest you savor and tune in to this young man’s first recordings, called "Falling in Love" and "Fly".

Kreskin’s 2011 Prediction booklet now available

Posted by admin On December - 14 - 2010
Kreskin's 2011 Prediction booklet now available Call toll free 1-877-937-6235 to order. Cost is $24.95

A little over 2 months, almost 68,000 miles

Posted by admin On December - 2 - 2010
Kreskin, who has been headlining at the Riviera in Las Vegas the past couple of months, will have flown from the latter part of September til mid December, a little over 2 months, almost 68,000 miles. In fact, just this week of November 29 alone, he will be flying 12,000 miles. His comments about the future of commercial air travel and the security measures have a background of experience behind them.