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Q&A: The Amazing Kreskin

Posted by kreskin On March - 27 - 2012
  Times Herald-Record By Barry Lewis - 03/23/12 Port Jervis, NY   Q) You predicted who the Republican nominee will be and who will win the presidency. A) I have named who will be running on the Republican ticket. When I wrote this out on July 25 of last year, there were about 12-14 people running, including two women. I went on the Jimmy Fallon show and sealed the answer and put it in a safe. Q) Is your candidate still running? A) I will say that I absolutely believe that I am correct.  

“Sold Out” Show in Port Jefferson, NY

Posted by kreskin On March - 23 - 2012

An "Amazing" turn out for Kreskin, as his beloved fans sold out his show within hours, at the beautiful and historic Theatre Three in Port Jefferson, NY.

Maj. Gen. Stephan L. Danner Delivers Inspiring Message

Posted by kreskin On March - 21 - 2012
I found it very inspiring to see this you tube video clip of an American General standing next to a fabulous composition created by Richard Daniel Clark, Presidential Inaugural Artist, United States of America. watch?v=tgfbImH_jH4&feature=player_embedded
“Kreskin is one of the last great multi-talented performers. There aren't many left. I would love to see Mick Jagger or Madonna display the diverse skills of a Kreskin, while holding an audience. At 49, I have been blessed to see Kreskin, Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Dean Martin, Miles Davis, Count Basie etc....” Rob Nagy of The Mercury newspaper, Pottstown, PA. TheMercuryarticlebyRobNagyFeb2012