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Boomer and Carton of WFAN ask Kreskin to help!

Posted by admin On July - 31 - 2012
Did you hear it this morning? Kreskin appeared with Boomer and Carton on WFAN sports radio and MSG Television. On air, both men strongly urged and demanded that Kreskin offer his services to pull the Mets out of their slump.

Kreskin is more than willing,

"Considering who I am, I’m willing to do what I can to make the Mets 'Amazing' again."


Posted by admin On July - 31 - 2012
Kreskin appeared this morning with Boomer and Carton on WFAN sports radio and MSG Television. On the air, both men strongly urged and demanded that Kreskin offer his services to pull the Mets out of their slump. Kreskin said: "Considering who I am, I’m willing to do what I can to make the Mets "Amazing" again." The Amazing Kreskin

Listen to Kreskin on WFAN Radio – Tuesday July 31st

Posted by admin On July - 30 - 2012

Listen to Kreskin on WFAN Radio

& MSG Network

The Boomer Esiason & Craig Carton Morning Show

Tuesday July 31st @ 9:00 AM

Sports Radio 66 WFAN

Ellis Brothers Fine Furnishings and Science-A-Peel, Inc.




Jeanne Rimsky Theater

Landmark on Main Street

Port Washington, NY

Sunday August 5th @3:00

Will The Real Jimmy Fallon Please Stand Up?

Posted by admin On July - 30 - 2012

After the show at the beautiful and historic Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida.

Kreskin was "Amazed" to be introduced to a gentleman who made it very clear that his real name was Jimmy Fallon...Kreskin's reaction "Oh My God!"


Kreskin Meets Jacksonville Magazine’s Kerry Speckman

Posted by admin On July - 30 - 2012

She reconfirmed what I said when she first interviewed me on the phone,

" She Has a Voice That Sings"

After a fantastic evening at The Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Kreskin caught up with Florida Magazine -Editor/Contributing Writer – Kerry Speckman


Posted by admin On July - 24 - 2012

I’m proud to say one of the most thrilling developments I’ve seen in recent decades took place here in the state of New Jersey this past week. The New Jersey Supreme Court, which deserves a reputation for being a national leader, has initiated strong protective conditions to prevent innocent individuals from being falsely accused by witnesses of a crime.

For over 30 years, I have stated and demonstrated in my public performances, especially those before universities, that just about the most unreliable evidence in a criminal trial is eye witness testimony. In both dramatic and sometimes humorous scenarios, I have shown how normal, intelligent human beings can be caused to have false or highly distorted memories…the message being that our memories are extraordinarily unreliable.

In recent years, DNA evidence has revealed tragic cases in which individuals were wrongly sentenced to prison, and in at least one case the sentence being 60 years. Not only were they totally innocent of the crime, but witnesses who pointed them out had misremembered or had a distortion of memory recall.

I shudder to think at this very moment how many hundreds or perhaps thousands of people in prison are innocent.

I am proud of the New Jersey Supreme Court for being the first in the nation to release new jury charges on eye witness identifications.

The Amazing Kreskin

The Fantasy of Hypnosis Continues

Posted by admin On July - 23 - 2012

Yours truly has had brought to his attention a rather impressive newsletter, Wellness Letter, that is released from medical experts whose editorial board is from the University of California, Berkeley. Their headline story is titled Wheatophobia which talks about the half truths that have been proliferated suggesting that grains are bad and that modern wheat is the worst, etc. etc. They balance such alarmist remarks with facts that seem to counter such ideas.

My reason for bringing the Wellness Letter to your attention is a rather dramatic piece they’ve done titled Hypnosis--hype or hope?, and it is an interesting read that needs some clarification in order to set some of the facts straight rather than some of the misinformation that they have suggested in this piece. In the article it states, “Hypnosis achieves a state of heightened suggestibility and deep relaxation.” It continues to proliferate the false information by suggesting that the hypnotic state is similar to the “relaxed alertness or altered consciousness achieved through meditation, tai chi, and yoga.” Just so you may know, my dear readers, if you haven’t seen my public demonstrations of entertainment that have some educational factors to them, hypnosis has nothing on the face of the earth to do with relaxation except that some hypnotists have suggested it and hypnotized themselves into believing that one of the factors of the hypnotic state is deep relaxation. Years ago a psychologist from Colgate University Dr. George H. Estabrooks in an early 1940’s book titled Hypnotism warned the scientific community that if they didn’t get their asses out of their offices and did not attend a stage hypnosis performance, they would continue to make the same damn mistakes. People who are responding to heightened suggestion can be standing, wide awake, or as people have seen in my program, moving around and not relaxed for one moment. The only reason hypnotic subjects appear relaxed is because that is what the hypnotist is implying or indirectly suggesting.

The hint of a continuous misinformation regarding hypnosis is in a paragraph where they admit as far as studying the benefits of hypnosis scientifically that it’s very difficult to put together a quality investigation and it’s hard to set up a “control group” to see if the benefits are “more than just the placebo effect.” To be honest with you, folks, that is what most of hypnotic mumbo jumbo is, a placebo effect, a belief that in the ceremony, whether it be metaphysical, outer space, or in some psychiatric setting, all of which is filled with pseudo scientific factors that the whole experience and time spent may be the healing factor, not the hypnosis itself.

The greatest misconceptions are dealing with pain management, and they suggest areas such as headaches, backaches, burns and arthritis. They state “hypnotherapy can help people stay calm, concentrate on sensations other than pain, and detach themselves from it.” That’s the key. Again, hypnosis has nothing, I repeat nothing to do with the pain management, but in analyzing and discussing with individuals who can handle pain, and it turns out that what they were doing is disciplining their thinking to concentrate on other sensations other than pain or detach themselves from it. That’s the real key. In the area of smoking, the amount of people that quit smoking is the same percentage as those who do it without hypnosis. In the area of weight loss, since I first entered the hypnotic field over some 65 years ago, people involved professionally in the therapeutic areas would confide in me that hypnosis as a treatment for weight loss is a major, major disaster.

Oh, there’s one more point that is not found in this article, an article which helps to shroud and perpetuate some of the misconceptions, and that is what they should have stated is that there is absolutely no evidence on the face of the earth of a specific state or condition that can be defined as hypnosis, because in order to define such a state or condition, you have to show what can be done with that condition that cannot be done without that condition. I have news for you, folks, there’s nothing, and I repeat nothing. The bottom line is if I had written this article, I would have made it clear that the key to the whole phenomena is pure suggestion, no trance, no deep relaxation, etc. etc., but pure suggestion.

In 1986, yours truly went on trial in the state of NJ, because a hypnotist and her psychiatrist witness felt they could prove the existence of a hypnotic trance and win the $50,000 offer I made for such proof. They never won the money, and the case was thrown out of court. Since then, I have raised my offer to $100,000 for proof of the existence of the special trance condition of hypnosis. There are conditions surrounding that offer, and they’ve been made very carefully so that I don’t have to worry about would-be kooks, pinheads, and what have you, and don’t you know in the past 30 some years, not a single hypnotist, psychiatrist, or psychologist has made an attempt to collect that money.

Reflections on 70 Years of Stage and Screen Excellence

Posted by admin On July - 18 - 2012
When we reflect on the passing of the legendary movie actress Celeste Holm, we recall fabulous moments in All About Eve and A Gentleman’s Agreement amongst an array of top movies. I have an even more personalized remembrance, since Ms. Holm guested on my TV series The Amazing World of Kreskin. It was fascinating to read her thoughts. As the images came to me, it was like seeing typewriting on a clear sheet of paper. Here, of course, was a top actress accustomed to movie and stage scripts and honed them in her mind.

The Power of Mass Suggestion in Society

Posted by kreskin On July - 9 - 2012
As if the contagious social phenomena, which yours truly stated blatantly was pure auto-suggestion, namely the girls who came down with the inexplicable tics and spasms in LeRoy, New York, lest we think it stopped there, let alone the girls in Quebec, Canada a month or so ago who did not come out of the “hypnotic trance” until hours later when the master hypnotist had to release them, we have a further example of sociological suggestion taking on an incredible power when we find recently on Friday, individuals were taken from the Monmouth County Courthouse in New Jersey with all kinds of uncomfortable breathing experiences. Every sign of it, from cleaning fluid to flowers, you name it, was cleansed from the building. Are you sitting down? The courthouse has to be closed for almost a week. Like the girls in New York, you had chemical experts and I’m sure other individuals with special interests coming in to decontaminate. Guess what? The physical cause, there was none. Once more we have a phenomena of powerful social suggestion. No, we’re not going to say it’s mass hysteria, that’s a derogatory, imbecilic term put together by half-baked psychologists, which really doesn’t explain the phenomena. This has nothing to do with mental illness. This has been repeated endless times, but when you consider this recent infection, it shows something I have been lecturing about and demonstrating in my concerts around the world, and that is the wonderful power of a force we’ve overlooked, suggestion. The real question now is, why is it even effective today on a sociological level? Why is social contamination of ideas even effective in a highly-educated society? That’s the story that I can discuss and yes, demonstrate.

Gionna Ferguson and Mr. Kreskin at Janet Markman Reception

Posted by kreskin On July - 5 - 2012

Gionna Ferguson (a student at First Cerebral Palsey of New Jersey) is pictured here with her father Joe Ferguson and The Amazing Kreskin at a reception for Janet Markman's photo exhibit at

The Caldwell Public Library.