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Conversations With Kreskin

Posted by admin On August - 28 - 2012

It has come to our attention that Kreskin’s forthcoming book, Conversations With Kreskin, has been announced on a number of internet sources. While it is premature since the book has not been published yet, it should be available within the upcoming weeks.

A Fond Farewell to a Dear Friend

Posted by admin On August - 21 - 2012

Phyllis Diller’s loss was a personal one to me. She was MY guest on a television pilot that resulted in my five year TV series, The Amazing World of Kreskin- I loved her dearly.

Phyllis and I had a very personal bond because of our mutual love of animals. She often wrote me about her pet cat “Miss Kitty” with special sympathy, because she knew the day that my special cat died in my arms, her name was also “Miss Kitty”.

Her legendary quote about me was:

“Kreskin is a male witch. He should be burned at the stake.”

Bad News for Goldfish

Posted by admin On August - 16 - 2012

I foresee the state legislature of NJ going to the dogs, and with appropriate justice.

They’re proposing seat belts for cats & dogs !!!!!!!

If there is any evidence that New Jersey should move in the direction of other states, and that is to meet every two years, the evidence is in the outrageous measure that came from the limited brainchild of Assemblywoman Grace Spencer, who said she got the idea from a fourth grade class at a charter school in Newark, NJ. I hope you are not driving when you read this, but a veterinarian said that a pooch broke its leg when the owner made a sudden stop. Before I explain what I think of these pinheads, let’s face the fact that there is no state that has the requirements that animals need to be restrained inside a car. Eight states have laws requiring that animals be restrained, when in the beds of pick-up trucks. I can honestly tell you that in the years my mom and dad drove our dog around town, he was never in the bed of a pick-up truck. I have a passionate love of animals, having done television promotions for animal rights. I would also be available with equal fervor doing television presentations expounding on the second rate, low level, disgusting behavior exhibited by 99 and 99/100th’s of our politicians in this country. In the decades people have had pets traveling with them in their cars, who in their right mind except a politician, would have ever exercised such animal cruelty as to have a dog or a cat restrained in a peaceful car.

Incidentally, the American public needs to understand the nature of corruption in our political system. With thousands of pet owners in the state of NJ confused regarding this lame brain measure, a pet store is now advertising pet harnesses.

I predict that very soon, one of higher level members of the NJ state legislature, who it will be revealed had major brain damage when his mother dropped him out of the window of a car, will introduce a further animal protection measure. A law will be introduced outlawing the transportation of goldfish in liquid containers placed in moving vehicles. The reason being, that the motion of water in a speeding car is so foreign to their natural water setting that they could experience sea sickness.




Congratulations to the Bride & Groom

Posted by admin On August - 13 - 2012

Best Wishes for a

Lifetime of

Love, Joy and Happiness

Kreskin joins for the first time Mr.& Mrs. Chris D’Aconti

Kreskin with the Happy Couple on their Wedding Day.

-August 12th, 2012-




A Political Blockbuster in the Face of the US Senate

Posted by admin On August - 2 - 2012

The Amazing Kreskin is absolutely thrilled to spotlight the decision of his former Road Manager Steve Woods…not only to run on an independent ticket for United States Senate in the state of Maine, but to donate his entire United States Senate salary to Maine charities! He is refusing the popular wealth activities of today’s politicians… book deals, corporate speeches, their multi-million dollar history lessons, and a major first that should make political history; Turning over his salary of $174,000 a year to Maine charities.

What is remarkable about this fine young man is that he “feels that it is his civic duty to give back to the community”. This was the spirit of our founding fathers. They never intended members of our legislatures to be run by professional politicians, let alone a preponderance of lawyers. Our founding fathers expected that successful American citizens would give something back to their country. And look at who they were; storeowners, preachers, entrepreneurs, farmers, printers etc.

Kreskin Endorses Steve Woods For Senate

I have never, in my entire life, endorsed a single candidate for office either nationally, statewide, or locally. I am so proud that Steve Woods is reflecting the patriotic spirit of our founding fathers. He worked for me for some three years as my travel Road Manager covering over 900 shows…had the highest integrity and broke his ass to do his best. I knew I could rely upon him.

But…what a first, to give his entire United States Senate salary of $174,000 a year to Maine charities!!!

– The Amazing Kreskin