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Cat Euthanized By Mistake

Posted by admin On July - 31 - 2013

July 31, 2013

Vet Euthanizes Family Cat By

Kreskin… READ MY THOUGHTS!!!  Is this a malpractice issue? Having championed animal rights for decades and having at this time 3 cats, one of whom bears a resemblance to Shimmy the cat that was brought to a veterinarian’s office in Sand Lake MI and was euthanized by MISTAKE!!!! My outrage is, how can an animal be killed by mistake???  Wouldn’t any veterinarian who is handed a healthy looking animal question killing it even if the owner wanted such to be done?? Where the Hell is a medical person’s purported love and respect for an animal’s life?  I for one would never again entrust the life of my pets to someone who “accidentally killed” someone’s beloved pet. 


Read the full story here:


Soup To Nutz

Posted by admin On July - 25 - 2013

The Comic Side of Kreskin…

A Breath Of Fresh Air And A True American Spirit

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 Kreskin & Steve Woods

I know Steve Woods extremely well..

    Certainly I should since he worked for me some years ago as my Road Manager and toured with me. He is a remarkable man and I can understand his great success in his home state of Maine.  If I were teaching US Government I would invite my students to study his outlook and his hopes as a responsible member of the state. Some of his remarks in his recent article that appeared in July 18th ‘s edition of Portland Press Herald  titled…Maine Voices Campaign Coverage… could be applied to a larger area than the state of Maine and certainly would be worthy of reflecting our national political scenarios. 

What sage advice he gives when he suggests that every single Mainer would be wise to invest 5 minutes and visit the database that lists in detail contributions made to candidates. Wow, wouldn’t that be even more revealing if people could possibly do the same with our national representatives. It would be quite a revelation, and I think for many rather shocking, since as he points out aside from the personal contributions in support of a campaign, a majority of donations come from “companies, consultants, political allies..etc.”  as he goes on to say “all paying in some manner a politician tax” in the hope of receiving…  One can only speculate what each expects to receive in return for the payment they have administrated the candidate.

I wonder if many political students or those studying government could believe the fact that Steve Woods is a candidate and I can see in Maine the only candidate who has refused campaign contributions. As he says I am “in favor of contributing $50,000 of my own money to my gubernatorial campaign.” He goes on to state that the total monies he is contributing is more than of all that of the other candidates combined.  Wow, what does that say about this man? Certainly it raises him far and above and has him stand out as I think a singularly remarkable candidate who points out that he doesn’t know “66” attorneys in Maine and Washington who want to become friends with me by making sizable donations. 

I think that the actions and public statements of Steve Woods warrant the attention of every Maine voter, but also professors in universities and newsmen who are critically examining the state of government affairs and their candidates.

With all due respect. 


The Amazing Kreskin

Click on the link below to Read the Article… an Op-Ed piece in today’s Portland Press Herald   By Stephen M. Woods



West Bank Cafe Celebrating 35 Years of Food & Flair

Posted by admin On July - 11 - 2013

The Amazing Kreskin and Buck Wolf

(Senior Editor of the Huffington and Weird News Guide at

Enjoying Lunch with Steve Olsen

Who on Monday, July 22nd 2013 Will Celebrate 35 Years as Owner of

The West Bank Café

West 42nd St.and 9th Ave, NYC

            Theatre Row Just Steps Away from Broadway & Off-Broadway

 Buck Wolf, The Amazing Kreskin &  Steve Olsen (Owner) at The West Bank Cafe’

“It has remained one of  Kreskin’s favorite restaurants”