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A Bullet proof shield and protection for children in the classroom….What about equally as important, a mental shield to protect children from unnecessary fear?

I have spent my life reading the thoughts of audiences of all ages from adult groups to universities to high schools. In the past 10 days I have picked up a sense of alarm in my audiences especially since some of them were literally picturing guns or rifles when I asked the audience to think of anything they want to focus their mind on. Feedback after shows has made it clear that the American public is filled with fear of how their children can be safe. With the beginning of school just around the corner, the alarm in their minds is made all the more dramatic. With the senseless killing of the Australian young man jogging in Oklahoma and now some twelve days later attention being given by a product being made to offer bullet proof protection in the classroom for children.

I will tell you whose thoughts we need to concern ourselves with and that is the children themselves. Talk about a nightmare of fear being produced in the minds of sensitive growing kids and all the more magnified by the great drama on the news, constant discussions of violence and stark images of school shootings. Do we stop at grade school? Shouldn’t kids be advised to wear bullet proof vests in a darkened movie theater? Dare we ignore adults, older people who perhaps cannot dive out of windows to stop the onslaught of bullets! I am overwhelmed on how extensively I have sensed, during my performances and after show gatherings, how much this is on the minds of people.

 I do not have some mystical solution. I am not a miracle worker. I am a thought reader. But I do have two steps that I am going to suggest in a follow up shortly.


Strange And Exciting New John Romero Book

Posted by admin On August - 27 - 2013
  July 29, 2013      Review of John Romero Book – The Eisenhower Enigma


              I just read your new novel The Eisenhower Enigma and I wanted to get to my commentary as soon as possible so I could share the enthusiasm I have for your book. I really mean what I say in my commentary. Feel free to use it in any way as I am so proud of your writing this piece and wish you much success.

All my best thoughts my friend.




Yours Truly has known John Romero for some 40 years and never suspected what was in store for me when I picked up this evening a new book by him titled.. The Eisenhower Enigma. First of all the book is a novel and little did I realize that somewhere stored in the mind of one of the outstanding authorities on the gaming  industry was resting a piece of fiction that left me surprised, delighted and eager to share it with one and all. The Eisenhower Enigma is an exciting science fiction novel that reaches a highly moving climax that yes..could bring tears to your eyes. You are going to find that John Romero has set the story during a period of history when the public was being more and more aware of mysterious happenings that today we describe as UFO phenomena. You are  going to find entering  this novel real life characters that become an integral part of the story. Yes, people like Dr. J.B. Rhine who created the term “extrasensory perception,” to Walter Winchell who in the forties and fifties was one of the highest rated and most listened to radio commentators as well as having an extraordinarily successful and powerful show business newspaper column. This is a dynamic period in US history and you will find as well the influences of Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon, and Secretary of State James Forrestal and on and on the figures continue all playing pivotal roles in this story.  I can’t overlook someone who would seem to be as historically real as the people I’ve mentioned, a unique character by the name of Oracle Alpha who is a psychic that plays a pivotal role in the novel.  As is historically true and is spotlighted in his novel the US Government is playing a major role in the investigation. UFO aficionados will be pleased on how accurately Romero has blended fact with fiction.

 I am going to warn you my dear reader, you may not be able to put down until you finish it in one sitting. To those in the area of movie making, let me alert you that the climax is powerful, riveting and deeply moving. Wow, this would make a powerful motion picture. 

You do not have to read my thought to know that I am deeply excited about The Eisenhower Enigma and the enthusiasm that I want to share with all of you.


The Amazing Kreskin

Kreskin’s Heart is in Australia

Posted by admin On August - 26 - 2013
    August 21, 2013 The Honorable Kevin Rudd Prime Minister of Australia PO Box 476 Morningside, QLD  4170   Dear Prime Minister Rudd,                 Please understand as a US citizen that my heart goes out to the family of Christopher Lane of Melbourne and everyone of your wonderful nation on the tragic and senseless loss of one of your citizens. Clearly he was a fine young man. I am deeply moved. I feel a close bond with your people because of the wonderful treatment I was given during my professional performances in your country. From the first day I arrived at Sydney Airport and the wonderful treatment your press gave me I was given in the weeks to follow given the utmost care and attention by your people.                 With this tragic incident in mind I can fully understand former Prime Minister Tim Fisher’s advice that tourists should think twice about going to the USA. If I were living in Australia or any other civilized country of the world I would express the same feelings. But let me explain to you that while your country is clearly safer thanks to your recent gun legislation, it is still quite feasible to enjoy the people and the features that our country has to offer and to do so with relative safety. I have advised people, and thousands in my country are following such, namely to no longer jog or stroll at night, and if during the day not alone. It isn’t that we have a higher percentage of violent people than in the past … that’s bunk… we have more guns. I have advised joggers to exercise indoors.  Your collegiate son Christopher Lane is not alone in the disaster that took place. Every single day in this country as your representatives have stated there are scores and scores of innocent individuals shot to death or injured by gunfire. At another time in our country’s history there would have been Congressional hearings day after day, week after week until the final solution was resolved. Our politicians are in a quagmire of pressures. Understand that there are thousands upon thousands of lobbyists and special interest groups in our Capital that are controlling the minds of representatives who proclaim their interest in public welfare.  Their wisdom is limited and stifled by special money interest pressures.  It would be common sense to anyone that increasing the severity of punishment of those who are found guilty of gun violence would be a worthless deterrent when we consider the hundreds of senseless killings including these three thugs who weren’t concerned about any penalties, just having a good time killing an innocent young man.         Again my heart and prayers go out to you and your nation. We all love Australia and welcome seeing you folks. Especially,         Kreskin The Amazing Kreskin TAK/caf  

Sean “The Pen” Garrett and “The Amazing Kreskin”

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Sean "The Pen" Garrett - Award Winning Songwriter / Music Producer with Kreskin

Hitmaker Sean Garrett's work runs the gamut of performers from

Usher to Janet Jackson and Jay-Z to Beyonce

  This photo was taken  in studio prior to an interview of Kreskin with Mickey Burns from PROFILES to air sometime in September