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The month of October is traditionally a Polish Heritage Month in the United States. It was a pleasure to have dinner with these fine gals!  Not only have I been a guest on Rita Cosby’s radio show, The Rita Cosby show, but I am a genuine fan of her work.  Most importantly, I consider her a friend.  It was an honor to meet Poland’s Anna Maria Anders.  A strong Senator and Secretary of State for International Dialogue.  I will be joining these women again on Sunday at the Pulaski Day Music Festival in Central Park.

The Pulaski Day Parade is the biggest, oldest and most prestigious celebration of Polish heritage outside the borders of Poland.  This year will be the 80th time the parade will march on Manhattan’s 5th Ave and for the FIRST  time in history, it will be followed by a huge festival in Central Park!

The Amazing Kreskin Offers To Help Met’s Pitcher, Matt Harvey

Posted by admin On September - 21 - 2017

Kreskin realizes that a major portion of Matt Harvey’s troubles are in his mind.  Kreskin would be the first to admit that while he can’t make an athlete a “better physical player” he can help athletes to dynamically change their thinking resulting in a dramatically better physical performance.

He’s reached out to Met’s Manager Terry Collins, and General Manager Sandy Alderson, to offer to work with Matt Harvey with a series of mental conditioning sessions.

In early 2014, Kreskin worked with 3 major boxing contenders.  The 3 contenders won and the major success was Kreskin’s conditioning of Heather “The Heat” Hardy.  She won the WBC International Junior Featherweight Championship in October of 2015.

While being interviewed by EXTRA at the premiere of his new movie Suburbicon, George Clooney refers to Kreskin.  When asked how relevant this story which, takes place in the 1950’s, is to today’s race relations Clooney says, “Unfortunately, you don’t need to be The Amazing Kreskin to realize these elements are going to keep re-remerging in our society unless we come to terms with sort of exercising them”. Click The Photo Below To See The Clip

Kreskin Offers Dallas Cowboy’s Helping Hand

Posted by admin On September - 8 - 2017

Kreskin…”Regarding the Dallas Cowboy’s off field distractions, yours truly was mentioned in The Dallas Morning News, highlighting my use of pendulums that I utilize in my work. I would absolutely be willing to supply the whole team with pendulums to help Jason Garrett keep the Cowboy’s under his mind control and not allow them to become sidetracked by outside issues. The only thing I ask in return is an invitation to one of Jerry Jones’s legendary parties.”

The amazing Kreskin will be returning to WMTR to be interviewed by award winning veteran New Jersey Broadcaster Jessie Frees.   Frees has hosted numerous radio shows and has interviewed thousands of notable guests in her 37 year career. She hosts the interactive live call – in talk shows, “Ask the Expert” and “Your New Jersey Connection” on WMTR.