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Kreskin Mentioned (Again) On World Poker Tour

Posted by admin On November - 29 - 2017

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Once again, in this year’s World Poker Tournament, Kreskin’s name has been brought up in conjunction with outstanding player’s activities, during the final stages of the tournament.


11/19,20,21,23,25,26,/2017 –  Fox Sports Florida (Tampa Bay, FL)

11/19,20,24,26,/2017  –  Comcast Network (Philadelphia, PA)

11/19,20,22,26,27,29/2017  –  NBC Sports Bay Area  (San Francisco, CA)

11/20,23,24,26,29/2017  –  AT&T SportsNet  (Pittsburgh, PA)



National Gaming Authority John Romero in his book:  Las Vegas, The Untold Story, states…”Kreskin is the most dangerous man in the world with a deck of cards.  The casinos would rather deal with Willie Sutton.”

Kreskin Makes Predictions To Be Opened In 50 Years!

Posted by admin On November - 20 - 2017

Kreskin’s 50 Year Prediction

Photo By Janet Markman

The 100th Year Celebration of the Caldwell, NJ Public Library was climaxed with a special event.  Kreskin delivered a set of predictions, sealed in an envelope that was secured in a steel time capsule.  The prediction will be opened 50 years from now, in the year 2067.

Kreskin Appeared On WABC Radio 77 w/ Tom Maoli

Posted by admin On November - 20 - 2017


Sunday, November 19, 2017 Kreskin was on WABC’s Live Radio Show “Go Big or Go Home! With Tom Maoli”

 Kreskin’s appearance was expanded to 1 hour!

Kreskin Appears At 100 Year-Old Vaudeville Theatre

Posted by admin On November - 19 - 2017

A unique synchronicity for Kreskin took place two days apart, Kreskin on Thursday, Nov 16 celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Caldwell, NJ Public Library, which played a major role in his childhood.  Two days later, Saturday, Nov 18, he found himself performing at the Darress Theater in Boonton, NJ, which is also celebrating its 100th Anniversary. 

Oh yes, the rumors are that the Darress is haunted.


This year, the town of Caldwell, NJ has been celebrating the 100th Anniversary of its public library.  When Kreskin was a youngster, he only lived lived a block away.  He would regularly visit the library after school.  By the time he reached 6th or 7th grade, he had read practically every single book in the entire children’s library, which numbered in the thousands.  He was then given permission to read from the adult library.

A special event is taking place tonight at 6:30pm, as the library has decided to securely seal a time capsule, symbolically commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the library.  The time capsule will not to be opened until 50 years from now (2067)!  A couple of items memorable to Kreskin’s early career are being included.  Last night Kreskin made a dramatic decision: He has prepared a prediction, which will be enclosed in that time capsule and will not be revealed until 50 years from now.

It is the longest range prediction he has ever made in his career!

The Amazing Kreskin will be on Tom Maoli’s Radio Show “Go Big Or Go Home” to discuss the secret to business and entrepreneurial success!

Tom Maoli broadcasts his call-in radio show LIVE on 77 WABC every Sunday evening at 7PM. The hour long show gives Maoli a golden opportunity to spread his entrepreneurial, business and life style messages to listeners all across the northeast and allows them to call in and pitch their ideas.Maoli explains why, after years as a successful business leader and entrepreneur, he decided to become a radio personality. “I began to think that so many people, not to mention mid-career executives, are starting to think about starting their own businesses, and with shows like Shark Tank and the Apprentice being block busters, the idea of doing a radio show would provide me with an opportunity to reach that audience and tell them about my story and how they can do the same.”

Kreskin Appeared On Barry Farber’s “Mind Your Business”

Posted by admin On November - 14 - 2017

Kreskin with Barry Farber, Live on Hometown TV’s “Mind Your Business” – Monday, Nov 13

Congratulations To A New Refreshing “Young” Mayor

Posted by admin On November - 9 - 2017

Yours truly has been involved in politics by predicting the last four Presidential Elections.

Today, however, I am experiencing a new celebration. I have just learned that Vito Perillo has won the election for Mayor of Tinton Falls, NJ. He did this against a well-known incumbent and scored what is considered a major upset.  I don’t give a damn if Vito Perillo is a Democrat, a Republican, or was born on Mars; but get this: he won as the underdog, at the age of 93 years old! Let’s hope that a large group gathers to hold a U.S. celebration that reflects the true spirit of a dedicated man. Yes, an underdog, a World War II Veteran, plus he has never been in politics before. Here is a man who was not seeking victory for the racket and the money that is made with the remarkable giant salaries that these politicians receive each year. Our founding fathers meant that individuals running for office were giving back something of their success and thus contributing to their city, town, state or nation.

Congratulations Mr. Perillo! I am very proud of you and I know I reflect the thoughts of many Americans. I love your summation when you stated “I’m the mayor of all the people, even the people who didn’t vote for me”.

Wow! I am AMAZED with your success.

The Amazing Kreskin

The amazing Kreskin will be returning to WMTR to be interviewed by award winning veteran New Jersey Broadcaster Jessie Frees.   Frees has hosted numerous radio shows and has interviewed thousands of notable guests in her 37 year career. She hosts the interactive live call – in talk shows, “Ask the Expert” and “Your New Jersey Connection” on WMTR.

Kreskin will be predicting certain major personal and business crises that will confront United States citizens in the next few months.


Kreskin Reviews Tom Hanks’ New Book, “Uncommon Type”

Posted by admin On November - 8 - 2017

Yours truly has read a few thousand books through the years doubling the size of my library, which houses 8,000 books.  Having authored 20 books so far, I continue to find the writings of various authors most intriguing.  I was unaware of Tom Hanks writing background and can’t tell you how much I eagerly looked to reading Uncommon Type.  Hanks is a true author.  The volume contains almost 2 dozen stories, some short, some longer, and they embrace a wide spectrum of our culture and social life.  Talk about an ingenious, creative mind.  He has managed to encompass the type writer as a vehicle for some of his stories.  Can you imagine there are four friends that find their way into four separate stories, and in one of them they’re building, in their backyard, a rocket, aiming for outer space to orbit the moon?  I got a kick out of another story dealing with of all things, bowling.  Then we have one of Christmas Eve in which one of the characters reflects poignantly on another Christmas during a World War.  Tom Hanks shows great heart and reveals something I’ve sensed about him from day one.  He has the gift of empathy in that he “feels” the experiences and thoughts of others, and it is graphically clear in his writings.  His characters have heart and some of them have real humor.  Yes we now have revealed another dimension of this fine actor, that of being an accomplished author.  I predict you’ll get a real joy out of reading Uncommon Type.


The Amazing Kreskin