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The Amazing Kreskin celebrates National Cat day!

Posted by admin On October - 29 - 2019

Amazing Kreskin Meets Coach Caldwell and The

Posted by admin On October - 18 - 2019

Kreskin was excited about this coincidence!

Hopewell Valley Coach, Dave Caldwell, said that he felt the game might come down to a blocking punt, leading the Bulldogs to a victory over the Northstars.  His prediction was accurate.  The sports coverage likened Caldwell as absolutely clairvoyant as The Amazing Kreskin, but the remarkable synchronicity which startled even Kreskin is that Coach Caldwell carries the name of the town in New Jersey, Caldwell, in which Kreskingrew up.

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Ghosts of the Quad Cities Released

Posted by admin On October - 4 - 2019

What perfect timing to have Mike McCarty and Mark McLaughlin new book, Ghosts of the Quad Cities released today.  I was pleased to write the introduction since it includes all ghost like experiences that were had at the different homes in the Quad City area. This includes a seance yours truly conducted in an apparently haunted frat house in the area.  You can purchase this book as a soft cover or Kindle on

The Amazing World of Kreskin Episodes Uncovered!

Posted by admin On October - 4 - 2019

Relive the experience of The Amazing World of Kreskin with these recently uncovered episodes. In one episode, Star Wars and horror star Peter Cushing makes an appearance and in another Kreskin has tea with a chimp! How exciting! Both episodes were filmed in England.

Peter Cushing

Tea with a Chimp

Kreskin Attends The Comicbook Nostalgiacon 2019

Posted by admin On October - 1 - 2019
Lee Falk, the creator and author of the comic character Mandrake, stated that the person who has come closest to epitomizing the character and abilities of Mandrake is the Amazing Kreskin.  

Kreskin and Larry Storch

Kreskin on air with Steve Grillo of Grillo’s AftershockXL

Kreskin and Gianni Russo from The Godfather

Kreskin and Elizabeth Shepherd from The Tomb of Ligeia

Kreskin and Jordan Rhodes from All the Kings Men
Kreskin and Comedian actress Marilyn Michaels

Kreskin and Angelo Capone appearing as Jerry Lewis

(Photo by Steve Friedman)

Kreskin and Robert Cabella appearing as Dean Martin