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CBS 60 Minutes – Mind Reading

Posted by admin On November - 26 - 2019

With last night’s 60 Minutes broadcast dealing with the development of scientific machinery enabling mind reading in hospitals, I will shortly announce a special update on my motion picture life story, which I believe will result in a movie unlike any other film biography.

The Amazing Kreskin 

Kreskin in the Sports World

Posted by admin On November - 23 - 2019

Kreskin on ESPN 2 – U.S. Cable – 11/21/19

Karl Ravech: “Thank you. It’s the best call predicting the outcome is still 82-66 before the inbounds.”  

Seth Greenborg: “He’s Kreskin!”

Kreskin on Revolution Boston 1510 Boston – 11/11/19

“You nailed that one here, I don’t know how. I like how he’s playing the amazing Kreskin here.”

Kreskin on Fox Sports Radio 620 Portland – 11/9/19

“Yeah not bad at all now I heard you’re bringing up a trend that came crashing down last week.  It was doing well like the last week and last week it just fell apart what happened there?”

 “You’re on you’re like the Amazing Kreskin, you’re spot on.”

Kreskin on WDEL 101.7 – Philadelphia – 11/4/19

“Listen it doesn’t matter who you are if you had the bills with 10 wins this year then you’re related to Kreskin or you’re a liar.”

Kreskin on WMTR 11/03/19 @ 10:30am

Posted by admin On November - 2 - 2019

Kreskin will be on WMTR Radio with Jessie Frees, this Sunday, Nov 3rd at 10:30am. Don’t forget to tune in for ‘amazing’ topical discussion on today’s biggest stories.

Kreskin Attends Kleinfeld’s Red Party in New York City

Posted by admin On November - 1 - 2019