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Even Kreskin Didn’t Foresee This!

Posted by admin On December - 12 - 2017

Decades ago a Western Oil company booked Kreskin intermittently over a period of 5 ½ years in Saudi Arabia to entertain the vast number of its business representatives who lived in the country.  It was no secret that many Saudis including members of royalty quietly attended his performances.

The Amazing Kreskin did not predict this recent international communication.

Arabian Gazette / Dec 5 2017

 10 Cyber Security Predictions for 2018

In the 1970s, The Amazing Kreskin wowed audiences with his uncanny ability to see the future.  Using suggestions, he’d make predictions.  While Kreskin would stop short of calling himself a psychic - instead choosing to be considered an entertainer – his predictions often came true.

Today, we’re going to do our best Kreskin impression and attempt to predict the state of cybersecurity in 2018.  Using our experience and understanding of the market as guide.

Urgent…Regarding Dr. Jak’s Books – 8/25/17 Please understand, there is no reason on earth to come to my residence or business offices to exam the 54 volumes of Dr. Jaks. They are now stored in a highly secured vault, not even in the city in which yours truly resides. I felt this was the safest way to protect them. I will in a few months make a final decision. These hard bound volumes methodically put together by a now deceased performer, mainly deal with trickery and deception used in psychic acts etc. It’s the largest such personal collection in recorded history. The last bid to purchase them that I received is far beyond any amount I could have imagined. While bids are continuing to be sent to me, I am also now considering having all 54 volumes, stored away for 50 years, with a future date for them to be available to be established by yours truly.

In Memory of Emil Piel

Posted by admin On February - 14 - 2017
Yours truly was rewarded with a flood of wonderful memories this past Thursday, February 9th, 2017 when I visited with the family of a special teacher in my life, that being, Emil Piel. With his passing a viewing took place at the Paul Ippolito-Dancy Memorial Home in Caldwell, NJ. It was in Caldwell during my high school days Emil Piel was teaching Psychics and Science at Grover Cleveland High School. He never told us about his remarkable military career and how he had received in WWII the Distinguished Flying Cross while serving in the Marines as a dive bomber pilot. I had many riveting private moments with him after class and there was one occasion when he decided since I had recently learned chess to play a game of chess with me. What was dramatic for us is that neither of us won. It was a draw and he suggested I learn more about the game because he felt I showed potential. One of my special memories was his one day asking me if I could predict what mark he was going to give me. This was a special moment for me as it revealed, even in my early days that he was sharing an interest and an enthusiasm that showed support for my future.

You’re Not Kreskin!!!!

Posted by admin On September - 9 - 2016
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Rev's Forum: You're Not Kreskin; Stop Trying to Predict Market Moves

 | SEP 09, 2016 | 7:44 AM EDT
"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it." --Charles R. Swindoll Many market participants believe that the key to market success is the ability to predict the future. If they can figure out what is going to happen next week, then they can make the appropriate moves and produce huge gains. That sounds like simple logic, but it can be a major handicap to think that the market is about psychic ability. In fact, the inclination to focus on prediction can put you in a very deep hole if you are stubborn about a certain market scenario developing.

Friar’s Club Special Event

Posted by admin On April - 29 - 2014

Friar's Club Special Event

Hosting Kreskin and the Validity of Psychics in Crime Investigations

Jules Feiler, Kreskin, Erin Moriarty, Linda Kenny Baden & Michael Baden

A great evening was put together by Jules Feiler for those who solve crimes.

The question remains is there value in having psychics on the case?

The panel of experts tried to answer those questions or at least had a discussion about it.

Strange And Exciting New John Romero Book

Posted by admin On August - 27 - 2013
  July 29, 2013      Review of John Romero Book – The Eisenhower Enigma


              I just read your new novel The Eisenhower Enigma and I wanted to get to my commentary as soon as possible so I could share the enthusiasm I have for your book. I really mean what I say in my commentary. Feel free to use it in any way as I am so proud of your writing this piece and wish you much success.

All my best thoughts my friend.




Yours Truly has known John Romero for some 40 years and never suspected what was in store for me when I picked up this evening a new book by him titled.. The Eisenhower Enigma. First of all the book is a novel and little did I realize that somewhere stored in the mind of one of the outstanding authorities on the gaming  industry was resting a piece of fiction that left me surprised, delighted and eager to share it with one and all. The Eisenhower Enigma is an exciting science fiction novel that reaches a highly moving climax that yes..could bring tears to your eyes. You are going to find that John Romero has set the story during a period of history when the public was being more and more aware of mysterious happenings that today we describe as UFO phenomena. You are  going to find entering  this novel real life characters that become an integral part of the story. Yes, people like Dr. J.B. Rhine who created the term “extrasensory perception,” to Walter Winchell who in the forties and fifties was one of the highest rated and most listened to radio commentators as well as having an extraordinarily successful and powerful show business newspaper column. This is a dynamic period in US history and you will find as well the influences of Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon, and Secretary of State James Forrestal and on and on the figures continue all playing pivotal roles in this story.  I can’t overlook someone who would seem to be as historically real as the people I’ve mentioned, a unique character by the name of Oracle Alpha who is a psychic that plays a pivotal role in the novel.  As is historically true and is spotlighted in his novel the US Government is playing a major role in the investigation. UFO aficionados will be pleased on how accurately Romero has blended fact with fiction.

 I am going to warn you my dear reader, you may not be able to put down until you finish it in one sitting. To those in the area of movie making, let me alert you that the climax is powerful, riveting and deeply moving. Wow, this would make a powerful motion picture. 

You do not have to read my thought to know that I am deeply excited about The Eisenhower Enigma and the enthusiasm that I want to share with all of you.


The Amazing Kreskin

TV Celebrity Flip Wilson Fondly Remembered By Kreskin

Posted by admin On June - 6 - 2013

Kreskin's Reflections on… Flip

Flip –The Inside Story of TV’s First Black Super Star

By: Kevin Cook

I find it so heartwarming that finally someone has done a biography on Flip Wilson. He would be considered by many to be the first definitive black celebrity headliner celebrity in television and boy did he become the headliner.  Certainly he preceded Bill Cosby and so many others. I am pleased to be mentioned in this new book as I got to know Flip initially when we both appeared on the Mike Douglas Show which was a national daytime talk and entertainment program. In fact one of the poignant moments in my career was at the end of one of the Douglas shows that he and I were on, he turned to the staff and Mike specifically and said “we are going to dinner I know you are taking me out for a late lunch but, I want Kreskin to join us.” It was at that point when we sat Mike, Flip and myself that it became clear that Wilson was interested in the nature of my work and of what I was able to do. He had later on introduced me to an elderly psychic woman whom he had great faith in through the years. This was when I had visited with him while on tour. I believe it was in the Chicago area.

The highlight and special memory that showed the depth of his character came when I was booked as a headline guest on his Thursday night weekly hour.  I walked in the first day of rehearsal, after all the show was on during prime time and you had there the crew, the writers etc. But, I also hinted that I could not really “rehearse” my presentation, I could do a walk through but because of the legitimacy of my reading the thoughts of the audience I would simply explain what is going to be happening as they cover it on camera. Everyone seemed nod their head and understand and Flip was standing next to me during the discussion. I was given two special segments.. (1) where I was reading the thoughts of members of the audience and the other was a special test involving Flip Wilson himself. Suddenly everything stopped as Wilson walked away from me towards center stage and put his hands up and simply quietly said and in essence announced to his crew – writers and everyone .. he had made a decision, he was not going to do a monologue and the reason he explained was.. he did not want to precede my opening on the show with comedy.  He did not to risk taking away from the essence of what I was doing.  Yes, there was no discussion, there was no argument about such. I am sure the writers that prepared his opening understood this how he wanted it to be.. and so it was.

As is so clearly embraced in the new book Flip we see how in the latter days of his career Flip had become deeply troubled and built a wall between his personal life and his career.  As we read the story and the unfolding of drugs and other factors your heart will break as the book is written with great poignancy. Yet, those of us who not only knew but also those who watched him can never forget in the background of this commentary, the outrageous crying of Geraldine his wild and crazy character along with the Reverend Leroy as well. And those who saw him in his series will recognize phrases that became part of American’s every day remarks. Phrases that were instantly recognized such as .. “the devil made me do it” and “what you see is what you get.”

Kevin Cook’s biography of Flip is a beautiful piece of show business history.

                                                                                                        -The Amazing Kreskin

Save Your Money

Posted by admin On May - 29 - 2013

I don't want to waste your time...

but more importantly I don't want to waste your money. Though I suspect this warning to you readers is unnecessary.  Extraordinary Beliefs: A Historical Approach to a Psychological Problem authored by Peter Lamont purports to examine claims of extraordinary phenomena by mesmerists, mediums, and psychics. In my opinion what needs to be exposed is what publisher would have the “extraordinary belief “that a rational person would spend the list price of $85.00 for such a book. Anyone who would expend that much hard earned money for this book would need to have their head examined.

                                                                                                                        -The Amazing Kreskin

Principal – Practicing Hypnosis Amongst 75 School Students & Parents in Florida…. 2 students have committed suicide and one died in a car crash. A tragic story out of Florida hitting the headlines today suggests the possibility that school principal George Kenney may have had some causal effect in 2 students committing suicide and one dying in a car crash…because he had hypnotized these 3 and some 75 other students and parents in recent years. One thing Kreskin would state with certainty….the cause of this tragedy effecting the family and friends of each victim has nothing to do with anybody being put in a hypnotic trance. As Kreskin has stated for almost half a century, there is absolutely no proof or concrete evidence that hypnosis exists. Kreskin is offering $100,000 to any hypnotist, psychologist, psychic or what have you who can show conclusive proof of a hypnotic state, condition, or trance. He is prepared to demonstrate as he has in thousands of appearances with over one million subjects all over the world that hypnosis not only does not exist but is the power of suggestion.  


Posted by admin On October - 6 - 2010
The Amazing Kreskin, appearing at Shepherd Hills Dinner Theater in Wescosville, credits his audiences' receptiveness for his psychic ability to read minds. "Success depends on their willingness to open their imaginations and receive," Kreskin said. "I am helpless if they refuse. Basically, I apply the doctrine of the power of positive thinking, which may well be mankind's ultimate mental tool."