A real time classic Kreskin quotable.

Posted by admin On September - 10 - 2015
Today, the Amazing One, is attending the Malan Brenton fashion show during NYC's Fashion Week. Brenton is a world class designer showing his Spring and Summer 2016 collections. As Kreskin walked the Red Carpet this afternoon an international reporter wondered what Kreskin was doing at a fashion show? Here's how it went down! REPORTER:  'Kreskin, what is a Mentalist doing at a fashion show?' KRESKIN:  "I've spent my life reading thoughts and I wanted to find out how 'people' masked their own thoughts and feelings by disguising themselves with clothing. I'll be disrobing them to read what's really in their thoughts." Check out Malan Brenton at: http://www.malanbreton.com  
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