All The Wrong Reasons

Posted by admin On July - 24 - 2007
Yours Truly had the absolute delight of attending a one man performance of comedian, John Fugelsang at the Barrow Street Theatre in New York City, July 22, 2007. The title of his presentation was “ALL THE WRONG REASONS” the man has appeared over twenty times on the TV series, Politically Incorrect as well as in numerous other TV shows. His stand up performance is absolutely brilliant. He walks out without special props, without any equipment on the night I saw him, no special sound or lighting of any consequence and yet at the end of almost an hour and a half, his audience stands amass to a tremendous expression of enthusiasm. His commentary deals with an ongoing series of his life vignettes; consequently there are poignant, warm and yes, funny; but not at the expense of truly deep emotional feelings that come across in reflecting on these incidents. You know I could not really describe him as a comedian, he is truly a comedy raconteur and with a special talent intellectually, emotionally and with great humor at looking upon his life. (There is a touch of Bill Cosby within him.) Fugelsang told us after the show that the electronic or equipment for special lighting had broken down, depriving the show of some twenty five cue changes. You want to know something? Whatever they may have been, he needed none of it. The man had the audience in the palm of his hand with nothing but his presence and his absolutely riveting material. I repeat, John Fugelsang is a brilliant, comedic raconteur and a man who is truly inspirational. Even if I were not in the field in which I have spent my life - I would feel absolutely certain in predicting a continual, increasing, immense success for John Fugelsang.
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