On Sunday January 27, 2019 The Amazing Kreskin appeared on WMTR’s News Broadcast “Ask the Expert” featuring Jessie Frees.  He introduced a test/challenge unlike any he has ever attempted in a live broadcast.  A sealed lock box was left in the hands of Jessie Frees.

Days later while touring Canada on Feb 1st, Kreskin was interviewed by Freelance Photojournalist for CCTV, Harrison Perkins. After the completion of such, Kreskin invited him to participate in a mental test that would scan two countries. He directed Harrison to secretly chose a time of day and write it on a note that he would reveal to no one.  

Exactly two weeks later, on Sunday February 10th, Kreskin returned to the WMTR Studios for the conclusion of his mental test. While on air Jessie Frees was on the phone with Harrison in Canada.  Kreskin handed Jessie a pocket watch, instructing her to twist the dial but not look at the face of the watch at all.  Harrison was instructed to concentrate on the time he had written down without revealing it.  The moment he had an urge, he was to shout stop and Jessie was to stop turning the dial. Kreskin asked Harrison to reveal the time he had written down, it was 11:15.  Jessie Frees gasped in astonishment because she had blindly set the hands of the watch to 11:13.

Then Kreskin had fellow guest, newspaper man, Bill Westhoven of the Daily Record open the locked case.  Inside was an envelope containing a card, on which was written the time of 11:15, which Kreskin had written two weeks earlier.  

As if this wasn’t dramatic enough, also within the envelope was the prediction that the New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl. It is the 6thyear that Kreskin has predicted the outcome of the game, all successfully!

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