Kreskin’s Super Bowl prediction, was delivered Saturday afternoon, Feb. 3rd, to WABC Radio personality Tom Maoli, owner of the Lexus car dealership, in Whippany, NJ. It contained what Kreskin believed would be the winner of the 52nd Super Bowl. When the prediction was opened this morning, Monday, Feb 5th at approximately 9am, it was clear that Kreskin had successfully chosen the winning team, the Philadelphia Eagles. All the more dramatic was the success since the Eagles were not favored in the studies and ratings, and most sports aficionados had decided the Patriots would win. Kreskin had decided to risk $10,000.00 in this challenge and would have turned it over to a committee to set aside for the use in the local town activities, wherever the needs might be.

A very important factor came to fruition. In his prediction he added a footnote that he had a premonition that somehow the number 8 would be significant in this contest. When he wrote that out and sealed it Friday evening, Feb 2, he had no idea of the relevance of the number 8. Sunday night at the conclusion of the game it was obvious, the Eagles beat the Patriots and the score range was 8 points.

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