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Posted by admin On April - 8 - 2010 (Cedar Rapids, IA)

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CONTEST: Are you an Amazing Kreskin when it comes to baseball?
Posted on Apr 04, 2010 by Mike Hlas

I love contests that reward foresight. For instance, I thought it was pretty darn cool of me to have Butler playing Duke in the NCAA basketball national-title game.

Of course, I made that prediction after Butler beat Michigan State in the first game of Saturday’s national semifinals. Before the tourney started? I had, I don’t know, Kansas and some other teams. Who keeps track?

But with the major-league baseball season starting Sunday night — just like it has dating back to the days of the Chicago Black Sox — let’s see what you good people can predict about Baseball 2010.

The Amazing Kreskin says the Expos will win 97 games this year

Here are the three things I want from you:

1. New York Yankees’ number of wins

2. Chicago Cubs’ number of wins

Third, and please read this carefully …

3. The number of wins of any other team you want (you must specify the team)

What’s the prize for the best overall forecaster? I don’t know yet. But I get free stuff here and there, so I’ll have something tangy by October.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Dick Vitale just came on ESPN to talk about Duke, so I have to hurry off to hit the mute button.

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