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The Amazing Kreskin Tells of Something Even HE Couldn’t Foresee, Making the Most Important and Dramatic Statement of His Career On August 15, 2010 at a private luncheon arranged by The Amazing Kreskin, Kreskin announced what he considered the most dramatic statement of his entire career. To explain the bizarre sequence of events, Kreskin, needs to start by referring to the release of the Tom Hanks’ movie, The Great Buck Howard, in March of 2009. The movie was based on Kreskin, having been written by Sean McGinly, who was his Road Manager in the 1990’s. From opening night on he was experiencing a media frenzy. The morning after the opening, Kreskin had an appointment with his doctor regarding an earlier check-up. It was at this meeting he was told that he had prostate cancer. While treatment was urged as soon as possible, Kreskin, understandably, was excitedly beset with all the media built around the new movie. He had been expected to participate in it, this along with his regularly scheduled live concert appearances. To further complicate the matter, he was expected to open in Las Vegas within a month or so. The run was planned to last at least 3 or 4 months, although originally some 8 months were being considered. Kreskin, to the dismay of the medical team, decided to fill the media appearances and show engagements. In retrospect he has felt that this was an unwise decision. He did not use the best judgment. Ironically, the Vegas agreement fell through but in spite of that Kreskin had before him one night stands in different areas of Canada and the United States…plus, an extensive tour of Canada. He felt that he had to fulfill this multitude of appearances and this brought him into the late fall. Now Kreskin had Halloween promotions and appearances and the holidays were around the corner when medical staffs would be downsized. He completed the year which amounted to 303 appearances. In actuality, it was literally one year later that the decision was made to initiate treatment…one year later! At this point, a medical team of 3 top specialists plus their support people presented Kreskin with a decision to make. It was decided that instead of chemotherapy, the treatment would be radiation therapy. At this point, after a 12 month delay, he had to make a decision and the decision was to go through what he was confronted with, a therapy that would probably cover 44 treatments. They extended from mid-March 2010 to the end of May, some two and a half months later. During this time Kreskin did not lessen his work schedule, except for his not being able to travel outside the east coast during the specific days of the treatment. He worked within the states that could be accessible by driving in the latter part of the day and night. A remarkable fact is that he managed to keep this so confidential that not one single person of his staff or his range of friends and family had the foggiest idea of his illness or treatment. The 44th day was at the end of May. It was approximately 3 weeks ago on July 29th in a meeting with his personal physician, Dr. Aherne, that Kreskin was given the verdict... “KRESKIN, YOU ARE COMPLETELY CURED.” It was Kreskin’s decision to share before a private group of selected friends and associates the scenario that has taken place in the past year and a half with the extraordinarily exciting final conclusion.
* Special thanks to Janet Markman who photographed the entire event.
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