Candlelight Theatre

Posted by kreskin On October - 4 - 2011
Candlelight Theatre Anyone who has attended one of Kreskin’s public concerts knows that there are moments when he sits in a chair graced by a paneled screen, all with a touch of elegance. On September 29, 2011 Kreskin presented a full evening concert at The New Candlelight Theatre in Arden, Delaware. A furniture maker was doing some work at the theatre when a production was being prepared for the musical Gypsy. He offered to build a screen for certain moments in the musical. Obviously, he had never worked in show business. The screen had the classic quality of an expensive antique but could not be used, since its mobility by the stage crew would have been a great handicap. The three-panel screen weighs some 40 pounds and with Kreskin’s appearance, it is the first and only time it has been used. -------------------- All five of these lovely girls are part of the crew at The New Candlelight Theatre. From servicing the dinner guests to acting in various roles, they spread a spark of joy throughout the theatre. Oh, incidentally, Kreskin did read with some detail the thoughts of one of them.
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