The Amazing One returns to WMTR radio at 10:30 am Sunday February 11th to enhance and enlighten minds and hearts alike during this pre Valentines day broadcast. Kreskin, along with Tom Maoli of 77WABC radio will touch on Kreskin’s Super Bowl Prediction of the victorious Philadelphia Eagles along with the negative impact of cyber space and how it is affecting us as a whole. Tune in Sunday morning and “BE AMAZED!”. 


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  1. Eunicia S . says:

    Hello ! The guest of honor from the last day of the year 2017, Sunday Feb.11th
    2018 at 10:30am reapers on Air on the radio WMTR 1250 AM,with the most impor-
    tant three things :- almost in the eve, warm greetings “Happy Valentine’s Day!
    – Suepr Bowl 2018,amazing prediction of the clear result,for which do not
    cease, Congratulations ! – as well as a warning about space “disorder”.
    Success in the Air show, beautiful Sunday to the host,guests and
    listeners !

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