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Kreskin Supports Wounded Warriors At Rita Cosby B’day Bash

Posted by admin On November - 18 - 2014

A Wonderful Time Was Had By All When

TV News Anchor, Author, and Activist

Rita Cosby

Dionne Warwick & Kreskin

Rita Cosby celebrated turning fifty last night by hosting a benefit for the

Wounded Warrior Project

Brian Haley & Kreskin


The Hotel Edison.

Stephen Baldwin & Kreskin

Kreskin & Stephen Baldwin

Kreskin & Curts Sliwa

Kreskin On Live 11/18/14. The 25th Hour.

Posted by admin On November - 17 - 2014
DON'T MISS KRESKIN ON LIVE RADIO!  “The 25th Hour Radio Show” 10624599_729265447120953_4808158625158175418_n A popular Midwestern US (Southern IL & St. Louis region) radio show that features celebrities ranging from Grammy winners to Nobel prize recipients and more. WHEN: LIVE! NOVEMBER 18th at 6:30PM EST, 3:30 PM PST.  BE SURE TO TUNE IN... 

Kreskin Addressing the NY Jets Management

Posted by admin On November - 3 - 2014
November 3, 2014 For immediate release NYC  Rex Kreskin addressing the NY Jets management After the NY Jets 24-10 loss the Kansas City They are now 1 and 8… Time for change?   “Would you like me to predict how many more games you are going to lose…? I can do that.”   “I “see” a reoccurring mistake Coach Ryan is making leading to loss.. after loss… after loss.. after loss.  Do you want to know what it is?”   See Kreskin’s offers    

IMG_3423       IMG_3429   

Kreskin Seance On Stern

Posted by admin On October - 31 - 2014
Coincidence? I'm performing a special Halloween seance tonight @ Valley Forge casino. I will also be performing a seance on the Howard Stern show.  Tune in starting @ 5pm on Howard 101.        

Kreskin on Jesse Frees LIVE

Posted by admin On October - 29 - 2014
Kreskin Will be on the Air LIVE: Sunday @ 10:30am - November 2, 2014.  with Jesse Frees  Your New Jersey Connection WMTR-RADIO Morristown, NJ

Kreskin Offers To NY Jets

Posted by admin On October - 17 - 2014
Amazing Kreskin offers his mental skills to halt New York Jets 6 game skid. Says he can cleanse negativity from perception of themselves. CONFIDENT KRESKIN IS FRESH OFF SUCCESS WITH WEDNESDAY NIGHT WIN BY FEMALE FEATHERWEIGHT BOXER HEATHER THE HEAT HARDY. Said Kreskin, “What I achieved with Heather, I can duplicate with other athletes. Admittedly, the New York Jets will be much more difficult, but I definitely can evoke greater self-confidence in their skills”. No one has heard from Jet coach Rex Ryan over this possibility. But frankly, his back is up against the wall and with a 1and 6 won, loss record, what does he have to lose? According to Kreskin, I stand ready to alter my schedule to work with the team. All I need is a go ahead. The question remains, will that go ahead be forthcoming. Stay tuned. ALL IS NOT LOST FOR NEW YORK JET HOPES THIS SEASON, SUPERNATURAL HELP MIGHT BE STANDING IN THE WINGS. World famed mentalist Amazing Kreskin is offering his skills to reverse losing string of hapless Big Apple team. Kreskin indicates he is a fan and ready to help the floundering Jets.

Congrats To Heather “The Heat” Hardy

Posted by admin On October - 16 - 2014

Congrats to

Heather “The Heat” Hardy On Winning

The Amazing Kreskin in the ring at BB Kings with The new WBC Int'l Junior Featherweight Champion Heather "The Heat" Hardy

The WBC International

Junior Featherweight Championship

It was pleasure working with you in preparation for this bout and look forward to doing it again soon. 

I predict that you will become a legend in female boxing.

Kreskin To Mentally Condition Hardy For Upcoming Fight

Posted by admin On October - 2 - 2014
October 2, 2014

Amazing Kreskin About To Prove To

World Of Professional Boxing

The Power Of The Human Mind.

Heather Hardy

Heather "The Heat" Hardy

Kreskin will meet with female boxer,

 Heather “The Heat” Hardy

On October 8, 2014 at

Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn.



This is an intensification session preliminary to her upcoming bout on 

October 15. 2014 Kreskin has been commissioned to mentally condition

Hardy for total alertness and response anticipating her opponents moves.


Jeter and Hardy

Posted by admin On September - 19 - 2014



Heather Hardy

It’s official!  Kreskin has been commissioned to mentally condition top rated boxer Heather “The Heat” Hardy.  She will be in a major bout in NYC on October 15, 2014. Kreskin will meeting with her sometime before the match to condition her mentally for a total alertness and response anticipating her opponent’s moves.



jeter_Sports-propagandaIn the 7th inning of last Thursday’s Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays game the Yankees were

hitless.  In the 7th inning Derek Jeter predicted to Joe Girardi they would score 2 runs in the

8th and 3 in the 9th. When Jeter’s prediction came to pass,

Manager Joe Girardi Anointed

                  Jeter With The Title…



Kreskin’s ‘Ultimate Fear’ Coming Soon

Posted by admin On September - 12 - 2014

The World’s Greatest Mentalist The Amazing Kreskin in New Documentary, “The Amazing Kreskin on Ultimate Fear”

NEW YORK, September, 2014 With his well-known capacities as a Mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin has, for some six decades, dramatized the unique facets of the human mind. With an abiding passion for the subject of horror films and respect for the power of suggestion they hold in their icy grip, The Amazing Kreskin makes his first foray in a whole new direction, taking on the horror genre in “The Amazing Kreskin on Ultimate Fear.” Recorded live at Bill Diamond Studios, “The Amazing Kreskin on Ultimate Fear” is directed by Kevin Sean Michaels (“Vampira: The Movie”) and produced by Ben Parris (“Supernaturalz: Weird, Creepy & Random”). Diamond began his career working on the Muppets under the wing of Jim Henson, and his studio for 37 years has been the home of Bill Diamond’s Monster TV Network and other original shows. alexiabenkreskincourtney Populated by wax museum figures such as Dracula, the Lodger, and the Hunchback of Notre Dame, (courtesy of Cortlandt Hull’s world-famous The Witch’s Dungeon) The Amazing Kreskin faced a live studio audience and used his power of suggestion to induce fear. In just a few minutes, some volunteers attempt to run out of the studio for their lives. “I was dropped into a maelstrom of the study of human fears,” Alexia Anastasio (“Adventures in Plymptoons”) said. “There I was, standing next to The Amazing Kreskin who made the studio audience think I was actually invisible.” Veteran performer Johnny Fox is one of the few people in the world that can swallow a fragile, lit neon sword. In “The Amazing Kreskin on Ultimate Fear,” Johnny brings us this stunt of astonishment and wonder. “We are all fascinated by fear,” Producer Ben Parris said. “Fear’s range of real and perceived danger in this documentary includes plenty of childlike fun, which is essential because childhood is where we acquire our taste for the mysterious.” “The Amazing Kreskin on Ultimate Fear” will be available on Amazon Instant Video and DVD, ready for Halloween, October, 2014.