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Kreskin receives the key to city!

Posted by kreskin On January - 14 - 2010

W. Caldwell Mayor Joseph Tempesta, Jr., Kreskin, Caldwell Mayor Susan Gartland.

Kreskin with his gold key to the borough and his proclamation.


Kreskin’s 75th Birthday Celebration Bash

Posted by kreskin On January - 13 - 2010

Thanks to everyone who sent all those wonderful birthday wishes honoring my 75th birthday on Tuesday, January 12th. Thank you to the over 300 people from across the metropolitan region who showed up to help me celebrate the special presentation I received from my hometown, the borough of Caldwell, NJ: a key to the city and favorite son proclamation.

Special thanks to David Letterman for your on air wishes:
“The Late Show wishes a happy 75th birthday to The Amazing Kreskin. Kreskin, you should totally sue those jerks who ripped you off to create The Mentalist!”

THE Mentalist, Kreskin saturates the airwaves across North America

Posted by kreskin On December - 29 - 2009

Sun, Dec 27
8:45 am CBS 2 Television News Sunday Morning
11:00 am Jesse Frees & Julie Briggs, Radio, WMTR-1250AM / WDHA105.5 FM
4:00 pm Arlene Bynon Radio AM640 Toronto, ON

Tues, Dec 29
9:00 am WFUS, US Radio 103.5 Tampa, FL Catfish Morning Show
9:10 am WPCV-FM Radio, Tampa/Orlando, FL 97 Country Morning Show
10:00am Kiki Ryan –
1:15 pm WFMG Radio G1013, Richmond, IN, Dave Snow Show
5:35 pm WPMH 670AM Radio Claremont, VA, JP Godsey Show

Wed, Dec 30
9:40 am WJJO-FM Radio Madison, Wisconsin, JJO Morning Show

Thurs, Dec 31
11AM Featured on THE VIEW
3:45 pm Studio B with Shephard Smith. FOX News Television
6:16 pm “CAVUTO” with Charles Payne – Fox Television Business Network

Saturday, Jan 2
8:00 pm Huckabee – New Year’s Special – Fox News

Sunday, Jan 3
8:00 pm & 11:00 pm Huckabee – New Year’s Special – Fox News

Mon, Jan 4
6:40 am WMRN-AM Radio, Marion OH, Scott Spears Show
11:00 am The Star Ledger – Feature Interview
3:35 pm WRXK K-Rock Radio, Ft. Meyers, FL
4:30 pm Jay Thomas – SIRIUS/XM Radio

Tues, Jan 5
12:35 pm Niagara at Noon – Newstalk 610 CKTB Radio St. Catharine’s, ON -
3:15 pm The Daily – Feature Interview

Kreskin talks candidly

Posted by kreskin On December - 11 - 2009

It has come to my attention; an internet offer suggests I could help an individual pick winning lottery numbers. I wish to make it clear that I cannot do such a thing. I cannot provide anyone with any technique for winning the lottery. I would never give anyone false hope! Kreskin

Kreskin appearing with Christy Clark on her CKNW-AM radio show

Posted by kreskin On October - 30 - 2009

The ideal mind to tune in to regarding the controversial political scene in Canada…Kreskin appearing with Christy Clark on her CKNW-AM radio show in Vancouver, BC.


Kreskin with Olympia Dukakis and husband actor Louis Zorich

Posted by kreskin On October - 30 - 2009

The Mentalist Kreskin joining with the thoughts of Oscar winning actress Olympia Dukakis and husband actor Louis Zorich, as all three appeared at the AARP Convention in Las Vegas.101_0106.JPG

The Mentalist, Kreskin, featured on Jeopardy®

Posted by kreskin On September - 24 - 2009

Jeopardy! America’s Favorite Quiz Show ®
Tuesday, September 22nd: Wild Card question.

Contestant bets $2000. and wins!
And the answer is: The Amazing Kreskin!

This Saturday and Sunday, September 19th at 8pm and September 20th at 8pm and 11pm; Mike Huckabee invites Kreskin to reveal the content of his letter to President Obama. Will Kreskin help Obama in some special way? Tune in and find out!

Check it out: The Huckabee Show and Kreskin on Fox News!

Kreskin shares thoughts with Dr. Judy

Posted by kreskin On September - 3 - 2009

Kreskin shares thoughts with prominent radio psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky at WOR Radio Joey Reynolds Show. Joining the renowned behaviorist are her interns from Smith College, Ryan Rasdall on the left and Julianne Casey on the right.


Video from Kreskin’s appearance on the Huckabee show!

Posted by kreskin On August - 19 - 2009