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Kreskin Plans The Return Of The Shadow

Posted by admin On June - 24 - 2013


In the days when radio was king one of the top mysteries shows was The Shadow.  Orson Wells was the first major star to play The Shadow.

The Shadow had a strange gift that enabled him to fight criminals of all kinds by making himself invisible. In essence he had learned the power to “cloud men’s minds so they could not see him”.

When Alec Baldwin played The Shadow in the major motion picture in 1994 the movie was dedicated to Kreskin’s late friend and author Walter B Gibson who created The Shadow.

Kreskin plans to create in the minds of volunteers the invisibility of one person standing and moving in front of them.

This will be seen in Kreskin’s concert at

The State Theater in Easton, PA

 Friday June 28th at 8:00PM

You MUST See It For Yourself!!!

Nothing compares with seeing it live and in person as this is not a magic act.

No professional actors.

Experience this unnerving phenomenon.

Only volunteers from the audience will.

Kreskin – Book Review of The Alien Abdution Files

Posted by admin On June - 17 - 2013

Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner’s new volume The Alien Abduction Files has had a special appeal and interest to Yours Truly since over a half a century ago when I became embroiled in the UFO phenomena. Famous UFO  researcher the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek  wanted me to become a partner in his research organization, an invitation I declined.  Furthermore, I spent scores of hours on WOR Radio with Long John Nebel who interviewed many individuals involved in UFO experiences. As far as sightings of UFO’s are concerned there is no doubt in my mind that some small percentage is legitimate. I have spoken to many pilots who insist that they have sighted vehicles that they have never seen before and were unable to explain. As I said before, “God forbid we are the only intelligence in the universe.”

Martin and Stoner’s volume deals with a special offshoot of UFO sightings and that is the alien abduction phenomena. They recount the famous story about Betty and Barney Hill.  As the authors point out what brought this to light was that were being treated by a prominent psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon who specialized in “deep trance hypnosis” whatever that means

 For intriguing reasons the authors have built on this and gathered the experiences and memories surrounding  two special cases that have been confirmed or in some way supported by many witnesses. They seem to have substantial evidence of a alien abduction UFO type experience.  The book is written in great detail and will hold your interest throughout.

The book is a well written text however,the reader will realize that hypnosis has played but the major role in extracting and clarifying the memories. Fortunately, the authors stress that these memories may not be accurate. This is an important key since a majority of UFO “experts” have for years relied on hypnosis as their tool.   

My position on hypnosis has been pretty well established since the 1970’s.  Over 50 years Yours Truly was one of the founding members of the Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis which had at that time the largest membership of any hypnosis organization in the Western world. When Yours Truly left the organization he had come to the conclusion since supported by many behaviorists hypnosis does not exist, it is pure suggestion. That being the case, the idea those memories can be pulled out of the unconscious while under hypnosis becomes ludicrous.

Incidentally, the public a few decades a ago was saturated not only with alien abduction memories being uncovered but also, the uncovering of multiple personalities ala, The Three Faces of Eve and Sybil. Apparently, under hypnosis in demonstrations a prominent psychiatrist was able to awaken in Sybil dozens of personalities. Thank goodness in 2011 in a book by Debbie Nathan titled Sybil Exposed it was realized that the whole scenario was fraudulent.  There were no personalities. Sybil admitted that she with encouragement and persuasion of certain experts had crafted an absolutely false story. Has the Alien Abduction Files convinced me that some individuals have been abducted? No, not in the slightest.   “Yes, I strongly suggest you read the book, but when you are finished remember this… It is a wise hypnotist who knows who is hypnotizing whom”

Met’s Demote Davis

Posted by admin On June - 10 - 2013

When I made an offer on May 23rd of this year to work with Ike Davis

it was done because of my conviction that it would be possible to condition Ike’s mind and enable him to function at a maximum level of his proficiency.  As a number of reporters have said to me ..”Kreskin, what the hell do the Mets have to lose, nothing so far has worked.” 

Considering the mindset of the Mets decision makers and when I say “mindset”  it is meant  in a very limited way.

I am tempted to predict how this season for the Mets will finally turn out… but as a fan myself, I’d rather save myself the disappointment.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Kreskin Cited Four Times

Posted by admin On May - 17 - 2013

Mark Geragos, Criminal Defense Attorney

who appeared on

CNN’s  Anderson Cooper 360

   Made the following comment

   which aired 4 times in 8 hours.


5/16/13.. 8:44pm

5/16/13.. 10:44pm

5/17/13.. 1:44am

5/17/13.. 4:44am


“… I don’t think it takes the Amazing Kreskin to predict she’s going to ask for death”



The Most Dramatic Predictions Of My Career!

Posted by admin On May - 2 - 2013

The Amazing Kreskin

Express Concerns on Today’s Social Habits and Makes New Prediction

My Prediction: A Nation at War; Return of the Draft


Last night May 1st Yours Truly saw at St.Lukes Theater in NYC an Off Broadway Tour De Force by the brilliant comedian Dave Konig. I have to tell you I was swept off my feet because Konig is not only refreshingly funny but he is a real raconteur. His comedy show “Addicted to Show Business” is an intriguing trip of reflections and stories through his life with both tragic and comedic content.  Anyone like Yours Truly who has made show business it their livelihood will be surprising enthralled by the comedic tragedy of a performer’s life. Anyone who has ever aspired to be in the business and that includes practically every civilized person will find this show most revealing and an absolute delight.  I had a ball!


The Amazing Kreskin

“Levoy ‘Ya Troubles Behind”

Posted by admin On April - 30 - 2013

A Great Crowd Turned Out To See

The Amazing Kreskin


The Levoy Theatre

in Millville, NJ

KreskinLevoyApril27th2013BowingThis photo was taken by Don Hurley the night of the show, where he and his brother
Harry Hurley (Host of “Hurley in the Morning”) enjoyed the evening in the front row.

You can listen to Harry Hurley live by clicking on the link below: Hurley logo


Posted by admin On April - 30 - 2013

I’m about to make the most dramatic long-range prediction of my entire career. It will greatly impact the future of mankind.

Kreskin Long Range Prediction


We Will… “See You At The Movies”

Posted by admin On April - 5 - 2013
Photo by: AP

One of the joys in the life is in reminiscing of the conversations that I had with Roger Ebert. I met him at a convention and was impressed with the man.

We were reflecting upon a few decades ago when movie reviewers looked down upon horror movies. They did not feel they were the highest level of movie making. But Roger Ebert waxed with much enthusiasm on the great gothic movies. Beyond that I revered the handwritten postcards I would receive from Ebert while he was traveling on vacation or saw something that he thought I would be interested in his commentary about. I don’t believe I ever saw in my lifetime a more riveting, enchanting and romantic commentary on movies than Ebert’s television shows with Gene Siskel and then others to follow.

Talk about a figure we will all seriously miss. I can perceive at the Pearly Gates he was given “two thumbs up”


    “Highly Recommended”

Yours Truly has read over 1000 biographies through the years. I have been intrigued and fascinated with the thinking, trials, and tribulations that have resulted in the success of great figures. I highly recommend a new book titles “Roger Ailes Off Camera” by Zev Chafets. Of course in the western world  a person would be remiss in communications if they did not realize that Roger Ailes is probably the most powerful figure in television broadcasting today.  What a revelation it is to see a picture of a man who has made deep inroads competing with other networks including  NBC, ABC and  CBS resulting in success in the cable television field unparalleled. This will be inspiration to anyone  who aspires to  giant accomplishments in life.  To see the voyage of a man whose career began with the The Mike Douglas Show to working with Presidents Richard Nixon, Reagan and Bush and then the creation of FOX television is mind boggling.


ailes book