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Kreskin’s Exclusive AOL Interview!

Posted by admin On May - 26 - 2011

The Amazing Kreskin On UFOs, Doomsday And His Own Mysterious Future… the interview is up now! Here’s the link:

Kreskin on ‘You Got’ AOL

Posted by admin On May - 9 - 2011

Kreskin on AOL’s ‘You Got’ campaign. Stay tuned for Kreskin’s

latest interview with AOL coming to the homepage shortly.

Kreskin Book Translated Into Russian

Posted by admin On April - 12 - 2011

EKSMO Publishing House, Moscow, Russia

Kreskin is excited to announce that a new addition of one of his favorite books has now been made available in Russia and has been translated into the Russian language. The book was originally written in 1984 and then reprinted in 1991. The title is Kreskin’s Fun Way to Mind Expansion, and it encompasses mental techniques that most people could master. This is a delight, as so many requests for autographs and pictures in recent years have come from the Soviet Union, and this translation into Russian is a first for Kreskin.


Roanoke Tea Party & Kreskin

Posted by admin On February - 8 - 2011

Protest The Amazing Kreskin…er Senator Edwards Tuesday at Noon
By Chip
If you think you have to look to Washington DC for politicians who vote for bills they haven’t read…think again. We have one right here. Our very own.
Roanoke Tea Party –

Kreskin referenced on ‘Fringe’

Posted by admin On February - 2 - 2011

The Pit That Threatened Congressional Stability

Posted by admin On January - 27 - 2011

The Pit That Threatened Congressional Stability

In looking into the background of the esteemed, “highly qualified” State of Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who at one time had the colossal courage coupled with monumental nerve to run for President of the United States….

His biggest contribution as a congressional representative in the United States is his suing the company that runs the cafeteria at the U.S. House of Representatives for $150,000. The reason is because a few years ago one of the olives when he was eating had an olive pit in it, and the olives were supposed to be pitted. His claim is that in biting into the olive, it caused him oral and emotional damage.

I predict that within the next couple of months, 982,476 people will sue grocery stores, etc. because in chewing seedless grapes, a seed turned up.

This man is reflecting an image not only to adult Americans, but young people who could aspire to go into public life and serve the country. In the rest of the world, I don’t think we need to worry about the image that this character is presenting, as he’s given some of the most dismal and crises-ridden countries, including Haiti, Greece, etc., an opportunity to laugh hysterically.

World-famous mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin, would like to issue this offer: He will offer to sit at a nearby table whenever Kucinich opts to have olives and pinpoint on the plate which olives have a pit in them. He’d like to give the Congressman a discount, because of the financial stress of our government representatives and their salaries, and would simply ask the fee of $1,000 per dinner.

Seriously, God forbid a cup of hot tea spilled, or perhaps a glass of wine as well, onto his clean jacket, let alone other terrifying calamities. Who in their right mind would feel comfortable inviting him to their home, where he might stub his toe on a door or trip over a terrorist device such as a pet cat or dog? It wouldn’t be worth the risk.


The Amazing Kreskin

Upcoming Kreskin Appearance

Posted by admin On January - 27 - 2011

Friday February 4th @ The Emelin Theatre.
153 Library Lane
Mamaroneck, NY
(914) 698-0098 for Tix and information.
Hope to see you there.

Schedule Change For Boston Shows

Posted by admin On January - 12 - 2011

The Boston Shows have be re-scheduled for Feb 23rd-26th. Check for new posts on exact showtimes and ticket information.

Feb. 2011 Live Show Schedule

Posted by admin On January - 11 - 2011

Jan 13-15: Jukebox Comedy. Club Peoria, IL

Jan 19-23: Nick’s Comedy Stop. Boston, MA

Feb. 4th: Emelin Theater. Mamaroneck, NY

Feb 5th: NYC, NY. Corporate

Feb 13th: Hamilton, ON. Canada

Feb 15th: London, ON. Canada

Feb. 17th: 18 Haliburton, ON, Canada

Feb. 19th: Rochester, NY. Coroporate

March 4th: Bangor Civil Center. Bangor, ME

March 5th: NJ Corporate

Kreskin’s response to ESP Outrage

Posted by admin On January - 7 - 2011

Today’s tremendous coverage, including the front page of The New York Times, being given to a paper about to be published by Professor Daryl J. Bem, retired from Cornell University, appears to be on a specific area of Extra Sensory Perception, particularly seeing if an individual is able to sense or repeat accurately random events that were to be then brought up on a computer. This area of quasi -precognitive ESP is to be reported in a paper.
I want to respond to the “outrage” that “some psychologists sense” about the oncoming paper. The apparent precognitive “abilities” of these critics amuses me immensely. They are sensing and predicting outrage before the report appears. Included amongst this array are some long-lasting critics of ESP who are coming out of the woodwork, and some have been retired, but they are reawakening their criticism of the possibility or improbability of ESP phenomena in a scientific way. The position of these has-beens remains stoical, limited, and narrow-minded, retaining their ability to remain immovable. What is remarkable about these so-called “scientific critics” is that they’re criticizing the article before it appears. Obviously, they are implying that they have some paranormal or cognitive ability in the area that they claim such abilities do not exist, since they’re already predicting and evaluating the report. Come on, gentlemen, grow up. Act a little bit more mature. Maybe science needs a shot in the arm. This is not criticizing the ability of professionals to think realistically, but it also shows that they are human beings, or at least quasi-human beings. It would be revolutionary and exciting if paranormal or ESP was substantiated in a scientific setting. I have a feeling Dr. J.B. Rhine, who was doing pioneering research at Duke University in the 30’s and 40’s and receiving scathing criticism is not turning over in his grave, but at least showing a smile on his face.
By the way, let me again make it clear, as I’ve stated throughout my career , that I do not claim all of my presentations are pure ESP, because as an entertainer, I feel the right to embellish what I do with showmanship.

The Amazing Kreskin
World Renowned Mentalist