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Kreskin Correctly Predicted Obama!

Posted by kreskin On November - 6 - 2008

In a Press Conference at the famous Trump World Bar next to the United Nations, held at l:00 pm on November 6, Kreskin’s Presidential prediction, made 11 months earlier was revealed. To reinforce and secure the integrity of the entire experiment, World Bar Genral Manager, Kenneth McClure, opened the strong box kept on display at The World Bar since December, 2007 while Joey Reynolds opened the strong box kept in the WOR safe, in the presence of New York media and press: both clearly confirmed Kreskin’s successful prediction that Barack Obama would win the election.


Posted by kreskin On November - 3 - 2008
NYC, NY: The World Bar. The Amazing Kreskin sealed his prediction as to who will be our next President on December 6, 2007 in front of New York Press and an esteemed Rabbi. November 6th, 2008 is the date we all will know if his prediction was correct. When he made his prediction there were almost a dozen candidates. Is it McCain, Obama or someone else who is no longer in the race? Stay tuned to find out: did Kreskin make the correct prediction?

Have you seen ghosts?

Posted by kreskin On October - 30 - 2008

In celebration of Halloween, Kreskin’s concerts of the past few weeks have included a ghostly experience for random members of the audience who dared to step on stage. What did they see?

Regis & Kelly and Kreskin

Posted by kreskin On August - 14 - 2008

On Thursday’s show, 8/14/08, Regis and Kelly discussed Presidential candidate McCain’s wife, Cindy, who had injured her hand. Speculation centered around a handshake as the culprit. Regis asked his producer Gelman who had the most dramatic handshake they could think of…The Amazing Kreskin was the resounding answer.

Kreskin e-mailed Regis: “Yes, Regis, my handshake has become my career signature. As odd as it may sound, a new motion picture being released soon will feature my handshake and other signature nuances of mine.”

Kreskin on Bloomberg TV

Posted by kreskin On July - 28 - 2008

Kreskin was special guest on Bloomberg TV's "Night Talk." Tune in to listen to Kreskin’s amazing insight into current states of crime, law enforcement and possibilities, links of each segment of the show are below:


Video: Night Talk: Interview With The Amazing Kreskin (part 1)

Video: Night Talk: Interview With The Amazing Kreskin (part 2)

Video: Night Talk: Interview With The Amazing Kreskin (part 3)


Kreskin, still amazing, June 2008

Posted by kreskin On July - 9 - 2008

National Post, Published: Saturday, June 07, 2008

COBOURG - ...A former road manager for The Amazing Kreskin wrote a movie script called The Great Buck Howard, about a celebrity mentalist who got his big break on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, but whose life later sank into bitter anonymity. From the oversized glasses to the corny catchphrases, the character played by John Malkovitch is Kreskin to a tee, except spiteful, mean and a drunk. Both have flirted with celebrity greatness…although only the real one has a habit of offering his mentalist services to the police. The Times of London, in its review of the premiere at Sundance in January, said the movie tells the tale of an "ageing 'sacred monster' with pretensions and demands far in advance of his current status," and that Mr. Malkovitch "ladles on the cheese to entertaining effect..." Lesser men might have been angry, but when it opens later this year, The Amazing Kreskin will be The Great Buck Howard's primary booster. "Who would have ever dreamt it in one lifetime?" Mr. Kreskin, 72, said in an interview before a show this week on his tour of southern Ontario. The interview began with the famously vigorous handshake, in which he squats to protect his back and delivers a half-dozen solid pumps from knee to chest, but very soon became calm and serious, so much so that it was unclear where the schtick ends and the man begins. "Something's happened to conjuring, or the art of magic," he said. "It's very, very sad, and Carson -- whom of course I knew well because I did 88 shows with him, which is more than any guest -- would have been despondent. He used to say to me, 'Kreskin, if this ever happens it'll become movie making.' Who'd have ever dreamt that magic on TV now would be replete with trick photography, use of stooges, altered situations, and groups watching the magic that are actually paid actors and actresses? I have not seen a magic show on television in the last one year that did not have trick photography involved. It's going to ruin it for the public. You know what the feeling is, behind the scenes in Hollywood now? That they are really betraying the public. Because you have never had Carson doing that, or Letterman doing that, or Ed Sullivan doing that.... And I warn people. I warn everybody going into the field: Don't stoop to that level, because you could jeopardize your future…" He had already guessed people's birthdays and wedding dates…inconceivably pulled a glass of water from an empty sack, and was halfway through the "hidden cheque" trick, in which he invites a select group of audience members to hide his paycheque for the show anywhere in the auditorium, and he then finds it by reading the thoughts of a person he chooses to guide him around, whom he leads by a handkerchief they are both holding… “All through the years, only those who know me well have the remotest idea what I go through doing the cheque test. I mask how I feel about it. When it's over, it's not that I need an intermission, but if I were drinking, I'd be an alcoholic..." How does he do it? Who knows? He obviously did not see where they put it; he was backstage with three others as witnesses. It is not inconceivable that the audience contained an associate, but he has a standing offer of $50,000 for proof of such -- a promise that was even once unsuccessfully tested by a civil court. Maybe he can sense the location from the body language of his chosen subjects. Or maybe he is watching the audience, studying their eyes, although surely everyone is trying to be discreet. Whichever way, it is pretty cool to see, and perhaps the mechanics do not matter. As he puts it: "For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible."

Kreskin on Fox Business News: America’s Nightly ScoreBoard

Posted by admin On February - 12 - 2008
0052.JPG On Februrary 1, 2008 Kreskin went on Fox Business News: America's Nightly ScoreBoard and predicted the super bowl. He put it in a chest, inside a box and locked it in the office of the station. Then on Tuesday Februray 5, 2008 Keskin went back to the show and had the host David Asman open the box with a knife and key. Inside was the prediction which consisted of the statements: Kreskin predicted that the Giants would win That the Giants would win by 3 (Final Score 17-14) Kreskin further stated that if he failed in his prediction he would turn over $10,000 of his own money to charity.

Scott Javins, Murder Victim Found

Posted by admin On October - 18 - 2007
In one of the most bizarre experiences in Kreskin’s career, a breakthrough in a murder case took place this weekend, October 12th in Terre Haute, Indiana. The background is that on May 24, 2002, a young college gentleman by the name of Scott Javin disappeared soon after he had called his parents from a location not far from their home, letting them know he was coming home soon. All traces of him and his car disappeared and no clue of any kind has been uncovered in the past five years. In a desperate cry for help, a group brought Kreskin in on May 14 with the hope of raising interest in a case that had gone cold. Obviously police could not sustain all these years an investigation when no significant clues arose. In television and radio interviews as well as in a part of Kreskin’s concert, he alluded to the case and that somebody out there, hearing or seeing him, may have re-awakened within themselves, some memories that were significant. Within a day or so, after the performance, a gentleman came forward who contacted one of Kreskin’s representatives in Indiana and then the police. With a conviction he had heard in the past somewhere, remarks that he felt were now credible as to where the car was. It was almost as if Kreskin’s presence and appearance had re-awakened this memory. The police had taken this information but were not eager to move with it, since he no further evidence to back up the statements. The place that he described in a river reservoir area was never really thoroughly searched; in spite of his personal, absolute conviction. Now almost a half a year later, an elderly fisherman with some friends saw an item dropped in the water, including a motor off of some boat or what have you. He dove under water to locate that and came upon three cars. He became suspicious of one of them because he found a shirt when he reached into the car. When the police had their experts remove the car from the water, there was the body of Scott Javin, murdered. Live 10THI Television News in Terre Haute reminded the viewer that Kreskin had created national interest in the story. Needless to say, Scott’s parents have frequently expressed a bitterness that the police did not listen.

The Amazing Kreskin Achieves Official Iconic Pop Culture Status

Posted by admin On September - 26 - 2007
New York, NY –The name “The Amazing Kreskin” has officially achieved iconic pop culture status, reaching a level few famous or infamous names have ever reached in the English language. The moniker of the World’s Foremost Mentalist has been steadily and readily used in the American media over the years to signify one’s ability to foresee an outcome or to possess a highly attuned level of mental sensitivity. The name has become a phrase commonly used in the sports and poker worlds, as well as when discussing the paranormal or supernatural. And when the media looks into the future, they inevitably reference Kreskin as though only he knows what would be coming next. Read the rest of this entry »

Kreskin Makes an Offer

Posted by admin On June - 23 - 2007
This Is What It's Come To For The Mets Posted by Don Burke NEW YORK, NY - The World's Foremost Mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin, has offered his unparalleled mental abilities to the struggling New York Mets in an effort to help them break out of their current slump. In a letter to Jay Horwitz, the Mets' Vice President of Media Relations, Kreskin offered to meet with the team as a group, where he would train and condition them mentally using a technique that would relieve them of the negative impacts the losses have exacted, thereby improving their playing and leading to success on the field. The Amazing Kreskin claims to be the World's Foremost Mentalist and he's willing to help to the Mets break their slump. Although Mr. Horwitz has not indicated whether or not the team requires his assistance, Kreskin, a life-long baseball fan, insists his offer remains open so long as The Mets continue their losing ways. Read the rest of this entry »