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Principal – Practicing Hypnosis Amongst 75 School Students & Parents in Florida…. 2 students have committed suicide and one died in a car crash. A tragic story out of Florida hitting the headlines today suggests the possibility that school principal George Kenney may have had some causal effect in 2 students committing suicide and one dying in a car crash…because he had hypnotized these 3 and some 75 other students and parents in recent years. One thing Kreskin would state with certainty….the cause of this tragedy effecting the family and friends of each victim has nothing to do with anybody being put in a hypnotic trance. As Kreskin has stated for almost half a century, there is absolutely no proof or concrete evidence that hypnosis exists. Kreskin is offering $100,000 to any hypnotist, psychologist, psychic or what have you who can show conclusive proof of a hypnotic state, condition, or trance. He is prepared to demonstrate as he has in thousands of appearances with over one million subjects all over the world that hypnosis not only does not exist but is the power of suggestion.  

Kreskin’s Exclusive AOL Interview!

Posted by kreskin On May - 26 - 2011
The Amazing Kreskin On UFOs, Doomsday And His Own Mysterious Future... the interview is up now! Here's the link:

Kreskin on ‘You Got’ AOL

Posted by kreskin On May - 9 - 2011
Kreskin on AOL's 'You Got' campaign. Stay tuned for Kreskin's latest interview with AOL coming to the homepage shortly.

Kreskin Book Translated Into Russian

Posted by kreskin On April - 12 - 2011
EKSMO Publishing House, Moscow, Russia Kreskin is excited to announce that a new addition of one of his favorite books has now been made available in Russia and has been translated into the Russian language. The book was originally written in 1984 and then reprinted in 1991. The title is Kreskin’s Fun Way to Mind Expansion, and it encompasses mental techniques that most people could master. This is a delight, as so many requests for autographs and pictures in recent years have come from the Soviet Union, and this translation into Russian is a first for Kreskin.  

Kreskin referenced on ‘Fringe’

Posted by kreskin On February - 2 - 2011

Upcoming Kreskin Appearance

Posted by kreskin On January - 27 - 2011
Friday February 4th @ The Emelin Theatre. 153 Library Lane Mamaroneck, NY (914) 698-0098 for Tix and information. Hope to see you there.

Schedule Change For Boston Shows

Posted by kreskin On January - 12 - 2011
The Boston Shows have be re-scheduled for Feb 23rd-26th. Check for new posts on exact showtimes and ticket information.

Feb. 2011 Live Show Schedule

Posted by kreskin On January - 11 - 2011
Jan 13-15: Jukebox Comedy. Club Peoria, IL Jan 19-23: Nick's Comedy Stop. Boston, MA Feb. 4th: Emelin Theater. Mamaroneck, NY Feb 5th: NYC, NY. Corporate Feb 13th: Hamilton, ON. Canada Feb 15th: London, ON. Canada Feb. 17th: 18 Haliburton, ON, Canada Feb. 19th: Rochester, NY. Coroporate March 4th: Bangor Civil Center. Bangor, ME March 5th: NJ Corporate

Prediction Schedule Additions

Posted by kreskin On December - 23 - 2010
Sunday Dec. 26th - 7:55am - CBS Morning News Tuesday Dec. 28th - 8:10am WDUN Talk 550 - Georgia 9:10am - WZTK-FM Greensboro, NC 9:20am - KFAB-FM Omaha, NE 10:30am - WILM-AM, Wilmington, DE 11:40am - Mel Robbins - WTKK-FM Boston WED DEC 29th - 8:45am KLPW 9:35am - KKLN-FM Rock Rise & Shine 2:00pm - WXLM 980AM CT 11:00pm - Alan Colmes - live in Studio THURS. DEC 30th 8:20am WPIX TV - Live in Studio MON, JAN 3rd - 4:00pm - Jay Thomas Show TUES. JAN 4th 11:35am - WBAP 820am TX SAT. JAN 8th 12:45PM Oprah Radio - Derek Ashong

Please ‘Like’ Kreskin’s New Facebook fan page

Posted by kreskin On December - 22 - 2010
The Amazing Kreskin has an all new Facebook fan page. Please go to Facebook and find 'The Amazing Kreskin'. It's the fan site with Kreskin's picture. Once on the page, hit the 'like us' button. All updates will be on that Facebook page only beginning Jan. 15th, 2011. And of course updates always here .