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Candlelight Theatre

Posted by kreskin On October - 4 - 2011

Candlelight Theatre
Anyone who has attended one of Kreskin’s public concerts knows that there are moments when he sits in a chair graced by a paneled screen, all with a touch of elegance. On September 29, 2011 Kreskin presented a full evening concert at The New Candlelight Theatre in Arden, Delaware. A furniture maker was doing some work at the theatre when a production was being prepared for the musical Gypsy. He offered to build a screen for certain moments in the musical. Obviously, he had never worked in show business. The screen had the classic quality of an expensive antique but could not be used, since its mobility by the stage crew would have been a great handicap. The three-panel screen weighs some 40 pounds and with Kreskin’s appearance, it is the first and only time it has been used.

All five of these lovely girls are part of the crew at The New Candlelight Theatre. From servicing the dinner guests to acting in various roles, they spread a spark of joy throughout the theatre. Oh, incidentally, Kreskin did read with some detail the thoughts of one of them.

Modesto JC (Kreskin Mention)

Posted by kreskin On October - 3 - 2011

The karma gods must have honored the Modesto Junior College Pirates and their cornerback from Gilroy who pilfered the Gavilan Rams … from Gilroy.

His name is Kris Dipko, a freshman safety forced to man a new position. From there, he intercepted three passes before halftime Saturday night when the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars.

While Dipko’s teammates pounded his back in celebration, the Pirates raced to a 47-0 lead at the half and moonwalked to a 60-20 victory at MJC Stadium. Anyone who could have predicted this scenario gets two tickets to an Amazing Kreskin show.

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Conversations with Kreskin

Posted by kreskin On September - 21 - 2011

Conversations with Kreskin

Although he hasn’t yet publicly spoken about it, The Amazing Kreskin’s new book will be released in the coming weeks. Entitled “Conversations with Kreskin,” it was penned by both Kreskin and writer Michael McCarty and it is the world renowned mentalist’s 19th book.

Kreskin hints that there could be many surprises in store.

“I have a strong intuitive feeling that many people will purchase my forthcoming book, even if they don’t intend to read it.”

Stay tuned…


911 London Play & Kreskin

Posted by kreskin On September - 12 - 2011

The play The Mercy Seat by Neil Labute, written as a response to 911, has opened recently on the London stage starring Janine Ingrid Ulfane. She has contacted Kreskin, as a pivotal scene in the play discusses Kreskin. The Mercy Seat takes place in New York City a day or so after the 911 attack. This is the play that opened in 2002 on Broadway starring Sigourney Weaver. Her role is taken in London by Janine Ingrid Ulfane. It is the first London presentation that acknowledged 911 and there is a dramatic discussion of Kreskin as part of the play.


MIDNIGHT SNACK by Michael McCarty

Posted by kreskin On September - 12 - 2011

Horror story writer Michael McCarty has done it again. This time he has released a satirical new novel dealing with vampires titled appropriately Midnight Snack. And don’t you know, one of the pivotal figures in the story is The Amazing Kreskin. Indeed, aside from attempting to protect and warn people of the impending dangers surrounding vampirism, Kreskin is ordained by the Gothic Vampire Church to marry a couple.

The irony of the wedding scenario is that some years ago, a prominent photographer, whose dad was a noted author in the area of psychology and hypnosis, approached and convinced Kreskin to perform his wedding ceremony. Kreskin was given special permission so that inevitably he was able to legitimately and legally marry the photographer and his fiancé.

Midnight Snack is available on the following website:


Furry Kreskins? Do cats and dogs possess ESP?

Posted by kreskin On September - 9 - 2011
Furry Kreskins? Do cats and dogs possess ESP? -JO EDWARDS Jos Doggy Talk Dear Jo: I once read an article about our cuts and dogs possessing ESP, better known as extra sensory perception. I have never tried any experiments but I have noticed that our cat named Peakaboo seems to be able to read my mind at times. Just wondering what you think about the subject. Dear reader: Even though I have never run an experiment on my own, plenty of research clinics have. To their amazement cats and dogs really do know things, but there is little proof because ESP is hard to prove. Yet, it is hard to disprove it either, as the following amazing stories are real life events: Cats and dogs have been videotaped to study their behavior while their owners have driven far away from home, then take a taxi back home to discard the notion that the animals could recognize the sound ofthe owner’s car. The owners would also arrive home at different times ofthe day, not to adhering to a specific routine. While the owners were gone the cats and dogs spent very little time at the windows, but once the owners would start toward home the animals would sit at the windows waiting for the owner’s arrival every time. In this same experiment, they noticed that cats seem to have special powers in knowing when their owners were calling on the phone even before the phone was answered. Cats came out ahead of dogs on this one. Researchers believe, one way or another, this all has to do with “morph fields,” which has to do with self-organizing systems that some animals possess such as birds and fish; such as, animals that return to their birthplace to mate and reproduce. Have you ever heard of how cats can find their way back home? This seems to be how they do it. When I first got married, my new husband and I moved three miles from my family’s home. Of course I took my cat to my new home. One afternoon I allowed my cat to go outside. He never stopped until two days later he showed back up at my family’s homo. I could not believe it. Then six months ago we had an individual in our neighbor that was hauling off every cat that came into his yard be¬ cause he did not like cats. He happened to get one of my neighbor’s cats and to our amazement, that cat found his way back home. It took him six months, and he was pure muscle, but it was him and he will not leave his owner’s side for one minute at this writing. If animals could talk, I would love to hear that cat’s story. But dogs, bless their hearts, seem to have lost this ability during their process of becoming domesticated, or have they? . Then one for the dogs side; they have always been used for their weather predictions, along with horses and cows. And, dogs have become front page news in their ability of search ” and rescue during all of our disasters in the last few years. The researchers know this is not only done by their hearing and sense of smell, but by a sense of knowing. Cats were also in stories for predicting the latest earthquakes. Is this luck or do our pets really have ESP? An scientists continue their research, we learn more ofthe special powers our sweet pets possess and the strength of our bonds with them. I feel our pets could tell us more if we would just take the time to listen and watch instead of doing all ofthe teaching we seem to be so obsessed with. It seems they are smarter that we know. I would be delighted to hear some of your pets amazing stories, if you care to share them with us. You can send them to m and we will have this discussion again with a little bit more perception. Printing imperfections present during scanning
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David Letterman

Posted by kreskin On August - 23 - 2011
I just want everyone to know that I felt it important to watch David Letterman, especially last night August 22, 2011. He was coming back from a vacation. During the time he was off, it was publicized that a serious terrorist threat was issued against him because of some humorous remarks he made not long ago. Yours truly has never been more proud of an entertainer. Those of you who saw the hour must have marveled along with me at the class, professionalism, and courage with which he dealt with the threat, all replete with great humor. To my way of thinking, he has risen in this communication business with greater stature than ever before. Talk about a true American who refuses to let himself be intimidated.
The Amazing Kreskin

Dallas Morning News

Posted by kreskin On August - 20 - 2011

Dallas Morning News

The Washington Scene

Posted by kreskin On August - 19 - 2011

Kreskin 2012 Presidential Prediction. Great Article

Regis and Kelly Talking Kreskin Prediction

Posted by kreskin On August - 19 - 2011