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Posted by admin On April - 30 - 2013

I’m about to make the most dramatic long-range prediction of my entire career. It will greatly impact the future of mankind.

Kreskin Long Range Prediction


daily news

Kreskin is quick to sing the praises of several late-night greats, including  Carson,Jack Paar, Joey Bishop and David Letterman, though he  says comparing Fallon to those guys is trickier that it may seem.


“There will be others standing in the wings, but Fallon, like Carson, will  figure out how to bring [rivals] into the fold and not see them as enemies,” he  predicts.

Kreskin is quick to sing the praises of several late-night greats, including  Carson,Jack Paar, Joey Bishop and David Letterman, though he  says comparing Fallon to those guys is trickier that it may seem.


“We all know the terrain is different now, because we have an overcrowded  late night,” said Kreskin.


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Kreskin To Solve The Washington Stalemate?

Posted by admin On April - 5 - 2013

The Palm Beach Post


Cerabino: Getting Kreskin to solve the Washington stalemate? Now that would be amazing

 Sunday, March 17, 2013  

I think it’s time we bring in The Amazing Kreskin.

I’m talking about finding a solution to the political stalemate in Washington. The mutually despised “sequestration” cuts were supposed to lead to compromise between the two political parties. But that hasn’t worked.

So maybe this calls for something more drastic: like giving a 78-year-old thought reader from New Jersey a crack at saving the country.

“I would need to gather four or five of the party leaders on both sides and put them in a room for hours with no phones, no Internet, no contact with the outside world,” Kreskin told me.

Kreskin, the mentalist whose fame grew during dozens of appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, said he’d be more than happy to save the country. If only somebody would ask.

“I need to set a psychological mind-set,” he said, further explaining his idea of locking himself in a quiet room for hours with Congressional leaders. “I won’t put them in a hypnotic trance.”

But it would be a state that more resembles love, he said.

“When people are in love, they are able to adapt,” he said. “That’s the problem now. Nobody wants to adapt. The way things are now, most of them should be on the Titanic, because they’ve been such titanic failures.”

Kreskin says he’s politically independent. His involvement wouldn’t have any ideological baggage.

“I think I could get them to start thinking in harmony with each other,” he said. “They’re not willing to put themselves in the shoes of other people.”

This month, President Barack Obama quipped that he wasn’t able to do a “Jedi mind meld” with the GOP congressional leadership to break the political stalemate. Most of the commentary over that remark centered on Obama’s science-fiction blunder of combining the Jedi mind trick from Star Wars with the Vulcan mind meld from Star Trek.

But for Kreskin, this was more than a botched joke. He offered his services to Obama.

“All right Mr. President let’s take a giant step beyond science fiction,” Kreskin wrote on his website. “I know what I’m talking about because on television, I have both read and influenced the thoughts of Star Trek’s Bill Shatner.”

The Jedi mind trick, Kreskin said, is not a trick at all, “but done legitimately by yours truly.”

Obama hasn’t called yet, Kreskin told me.

I was talking to Kreskin because he will be appearing in Palm Beach Gardens on Friday night, where he will do a show at the Eissey Campus Theatre at Palm Beach State College, a show that involves him reading the thoughts of the audience.

And he will be doing one of his favorite bits during the show to prove that he’s willing to gamble on his abilities.

“I will gather six or so people from the audience who do not know each other, and I will hand them my check,” he said.

The check is his fee for that night. While two of those audience members escort him out of the building and keep an eye on him, the other four pick a spot inside the auditorium to to hide the check.

Then Kreskin is brought back inside. If he can’t find the check, he forfeits the fee.

“You’ve got admit — that’s a hell of a way to make a living,” he said.

Kreskin estimates that he has done that bit about 6,000 times, and by his counting, he has only failed to find the check nine times.

A guy with this kind of magical power might be just what’s needed to solve the gridlock in Washington.

And maybe for an extra incentive, after he corrals the congressional leaders in that room, he can hide all of their checks.

That may be the most magical move of all.

Frank Cerabino
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer


American Icon & Master Mind

Posted by admin On March - 29 - 2013

Master Mind

by Kathleen Parrish

Image about article-37467Ian Allen

We’re thinking of a man who has been wowing audiences for decades and, even at 77, shows no signs of stopping. (If you had his mentalist abilities, you’d know we were talking about George Kresge, better known as The Amazing Kreskin.)

The Jackson Citizen Patriot

By Zeke Jennings

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Buck Howard TKO’s Burt Wonderstone

Posted by admin On March - 18 - 2013



In New Jersey’s Newark Star Ledger review by syndicated reviewer Stephan Whittey comments about the movie the Incredible Burt Wonderstone… and his commentary …

“You don’t have to be Kreskin to predict that one… Actually, Kreskin already inspired a much better comedy, The Great Buck Howard which had John Malkovich crisscrossing the country…”

Philadelphia Daily News movie reviewer Gary Thompson commented…

“by the way, this movie was much better, a few years ago, as “The Great BuckHoward“, featuring the great John Malkovich as a Kreskin-like figure…”

The Great Buck Howard still getting well reviewed several years after its release, great opportunity to revisit the film or see it for the 1st time, even better read Kreskin’s new book Conversations with Kreskin and gain insight into the legendary entertainer and to top it off you can see Kreskin over 200 dates per year and prepare to be blown away by his live performances.



Amazing Offer To The White House By Kreskin

Posted by admin On March - 1 - 2013

A couple of months ago yours truly offered to meet with a small group that would include both sides of the national  political spectrum.  I believed that there was a good chance that  by my meeting with these antagonistics in a sealed room with no television, radio or electronic devices to escape to I could influence their thinking. Bring about elements of a common bond in thought that could result in a compromise of some kind. Though they were able to take a vacation none of them had the time to join for such a project .After all a couple of hours can’t be wasted. Ironically, a number of political writers said to me “what do they have to lose everything else has failed so far”.

Now we come to today’s news conference by President Obama. In which he spoke of achieving a “Jedi mind meld”.

Alright Mr. President let’s take a giant step beyond Science fiction and I ad I know what I’m talking about because on television I have both read and influenced the thoughts of Star Trek’s Bill Shatner. Don’t you think it makes sense in which “Jedi mind trick” is not a trick but is done legitimaly by yours truly. I’m ready to move with it. Hey, you’re the one who suggested it.  And since I have the ability I’ve made my announcement “available for the good of this country”


The Amazing Kreskin

The Amazing Kreskin predicts best travel destination for 2013

Posted by admin On January - 16 - 2013

Don’t call the Amazing Kreskin a fortune teller.  The 77-year old  veteran mentalist reads people’s thoughts.

Using his experience as an avid traveler and student of the human condition,  Kreskin has for decades been predicting the future, first most notably as a  regular guest on the Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show,” and more recently on the  late night shows of David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon.

The Amazing Kreskin, who legally changed his name from George Kresge, said  Americans are going to see a shift in travel this year.

“In the economy becoming tighter, people are going to do something that’s  unknown in the United States today.  They’re going to sit home and touch  each other, and families are going to talk to each other again,” said  Kreskin.

We sought the wisdom of the world-renowned mentalist to find out the hottest  destination for 2013.  Among his picks were San Francisco and New  England.  Watch the video to see why.

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Watch Laura Ingle with Kreskin on

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