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Posted by admin On October - 1 - 2013

Prepare to be frightened out of your wits… You will dare to attend Kreskin’s show with a Halloween experience and be confronted by a ghost but.. how do you think your girlfriend will react if she sees a ghost during Kreskin’s concert? Get ready for a once in a lifetime experience, and a great way to get ready for Halloween.


Kreskin speaks to Holloway party kids.

Posted by admin On September - 26 - 2013

Kreskin has some serious advice for those kids who broke into ex-NFL’er Brian Holloway’s home. They should think twice about repeating their previous shenanigans.

The Pitching Staff Throwing Fast & Inside for Kreskin

Posted by admin On September - 11 - 2013


The Amazing Kreskin

  is pleased to announce

             “The Pitching Staff” Public Relations

based in NYC, will now be representing Kreskin Inc.  

Mr. Jules Feiler 

President of ‘The Pitching Staff

will be handling all affairs.

It’s all over but the crying for Mr. Anthony Weiner. However, The Amazing Kreskin has a prediction that may just lift the dejected Weiner’s morale. Check it out on the Daily News link below.

David Frost Was a Newsman With a Flair For Show Business

Posted by admin On September - 4 - 2013

In Memory of David Frost

 Everyone who worked with David Frost found his image stamped on one’s memory forever. The passing  of this British television journalist just a few days ago brings to memory the times that I appeared on his television show years ago when it was recorded in NYC. He was remarkable in that we would be in the studio and the taping of the show would be delayed sometimes thirty or forty minutes. As it turned out that he had just flown in from London and was discussing with the staff who the guests were. I found it all the more remarkable and refreshing that Frost was able to understand and have a clear concept to share with his viewers his take on the person he was interviewing or showcasing. And boy, did I showcase with Frost. In one program in which groups of people were sitting around card tables with their hands on the tables and Frost and I talked about séances which of course were the rage in London for many decades. Lo and behold the card tables started dancing all over the place, wobbling here and there and at times tipping over. Frost covered it like he was covering a news event.

How I shall miss him.

My deepest condolences to his family.




Kreskin’s Heart is in Australia

Posted by admin On August - 26 - 2013



August 21, 2013

The Honorable Kevin Rudd

Prime Minister of Australia

PO Box 476

Morningside, QLD  4170


Dear Prime Minister Rudd,

                Please understand as a US citizen that my heart goes out to the family of Christopher Lane of Melbourne and everyone of your wonderful nation on the tragic and senseless loss of one of your citizens. Clearly he was a fine young man. I am deeply moved. I feel a close bond with your people because of the wonderful treatment I was given during my professional performances in your country. From the first day I arrived at Sydney Airport and the wonderful treatment your press gave me I was given in the weeks to follow given the utmost care and attention by your people.

                With this tragic incident in mind I can fully understand former Prime Minister Tim Fisher’s advice that tourists should think twice about going to the USA. If I were living in Australia or any other civilized country of the world I would express the same feelings. But let me explain to you that while your country is clearly safer thanks to your recent gun legislation, it is still quite feasible to enjoy the people and the features that our country has to offer and to do so with relative safety. I have advised people, and thousands in my country are following such, namely to no longer jog or stroll at night, and if during the day not alone. It isn’t that we have a higher percentage of violent people than in the past … that’s bunk… we have more guns. I have advised joggers to exercise indoors.  Your collegiate son Christopher Lane is not alone in the disaster that took place. Every single day in this country as your representatives have stated there are scores and scores of innocent individuals shot to death or injured by gunfire. At another time in our country’s history there would have been Congressional hearings day after day, week after week until the final solution was resolved. Our politicians are in a quagmire of pressures. Understand that there are thousands upon thousands of lobbyists and special interest groups in our Capital that are controlling the minds of representatives who proclaim their interest in public welfare.  Their wisdom is limited and stifled by special money interest pressures.  It would be common sense to anyone that increasing the severity of punishment of those who are found guilty of gun violence would be a worthless deterrent when we consider the hundreds of senseless killings including these three thugs who weren’t concerned about any penalties, just having a good time killing an innocent young man.





Again my heart and prayers go out to you and your nation. We all love Australia and welcome seeing you folks.







The Amazing Kreskin



Sean “The Pen” Garrett and “The Amazing Kreskin”

Posted by admin On August - 16 - 2013

Sean “The Pen” Garrett – Award Winning Songwriter / Music Producer with Kreskin

Hitmaker Sean Garrett’s work runs the gamut of performers from

Usher to Janet Jackson and Jay-Z to Beyonce

This photo was taken  in studio prior to an interview of Kreskin with Mickey Burns from PROFILES to air sometime in September

A Breath Of Fresh Air And A True American Spirit

Posted by admin On July - 22 - 2013

 Kreskin & Steve Woods

I know Steve Woods extremely well..

    Certainly I should since he worked for me some years ago as my Road Manager and toured with me. He is a remarkable man and I can understand his great success in his home state of Maine.  If I were teaching US Government I would invite my students to study his outlook and his hopes as a responsible member of the state. Some of his remarks in his recent article that appeared in July 18th ‘s edition of Portland Press Herald  titled…Maine Voices Campaign Coverage… could be applied to a larger area than the state of Maine and certainly would be worthy of reflecting our national political scenarios. 

What sage advice he gives when he suggests that every single Mainer would be wise to invest 5 minutes and visit the database that lists in detail contributions made to candidates. Wow, wouldn’t that be even more revealing if people could possibly do the same with our national representatives. It would be quite a revelation, and I think for many rather shocking, since as he points out aside from the personal contributions in support of a campaign, a majority of donations come from “companies, consultants, political allies..etc.”  as he goes on to say “all paying in some manner a politician tax” in the hope of receiving…  One can only speculate what each expects to receive in return for the payment they have administrated the candidate.

I wonder if many political students or those studying government could believe the fact that Steve Woods is a candidate and I can see in Maine the only candidate who has refused campaign contributions. As he says I am “in favor of contributing $50,000 of my own money to my gubernatorial campaign.” He goes on to state that the total monies he is contributing is more than of all that of the other candidates combined.  Wow, what does that say about this man? Certainly it raises him far and above and has him stand out as I think a singularly remarkable candidate who points out that he doesn’t know “66” attorneys in Maine and Washington who want to become friends with me by making sizable donations. 

I think that the actions and public statements of Steve Woods warrant the attention of every Maine voter, but also professors in universities and newsmen who are critically examining the state of government affairs and their candidates.

With all due respect. 


The Amazing Kreskin

Click on the link below to Read the Article… an Op-Ed piece in today’s Portland Press Herald   By Stephen M. Woods



Kreskin Plans The Return Of The Shadow

Posted by admin On June - 24 - 2013


In the days when radio was king one of the top mysteries shows was The Shadow.  Orson Wells was the first major star to play The Shadow.

The Shadow had a strange gift that enabled him to fight criminals of all kinds by making himself invisible. In essence he had learned the power to “cloud men’s minds so they could not see him”.

When Alec Baldwin played The Shadow in the major motion picture in 1994 the movie was dedicated to Kreskin’s late friend and author Walter B Gibson who created The Shadow.

Kreskin plans to create in the minds of volunteers the invisibility of one person standing and moving in front of them.

This will be seen in Kreskin’s concert at

The State Theater in Easton, PA

 Friday June 28th at 8:00PM

You MUST See It For Yourself!!!

Nothing compares with seeing it live and in person as this is not a magic act.

No professional actors.

Experience this unnerving phenomenon.

Only volunteers from the audience will.

Kreskin – Book Review of The Alien Abdution Files

Posted by admin On June - 17 - 2013

Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner’s new volume The Alien Abduction Files has had a special appeal and interest to Yours Truly since over a half a century ago when I became embroiled in the UFO phenomena. Famous UFO  researcher the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek  wanted me to become a partner in his research organization, an invitation I declined.  Furthermore, I spent scores of hours on WOR Radio with Long John Nebel who interviewed many individuals involved in UFO experiences. As far as sightings of UFO’s are concerned there is no doubt in my mind that some small percentage is legitimate. I have spoken to many pilots who insist that they have sighted vehicles that they have never seen before and were unable to explain. As I said before, “God forbid we are the only intelligence in the universe.”

Martin and Stoner’s volume deals with a special offshoot of UFO sightings and that is the alien abduction phenomena. They recount the famous story about Betty and Barney Hill.  As the authors point out what brought this to light was that were being treated by a prominent psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon who specialized in “deep trance hypnosis” whatever that means

 For intriguing reasons the authors have built on this and gathered the experiences and memories surrounding  two special cases that have been confirmed or in some way supported by many witnesses. They seem to have substantial evidence of a alien abduction UFO type experience.  The book is written in great detail and will hold your interest throughout.

The book is a well written text however,the reader will realize that hypnosis has played but the major role in extracting and clarifying the memories. Fortunately, the authors stress that these memories may not be accurate. This is an important key since a majority of UFO “experts” have for years relied on hypnosis as their tool.   

My position on hypnosis has been pretty well established since the 1970’s.  Over 50 years Yours Truly was one of the founding members of the Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis which had at that time the largest membership of any hypnosis organization in the Western world. When Yours Truly left the organization he had come to the conclusion since supported by many behaviorists hypnosis does not exist, it is pure suggestion. That being the case, the idea those memories can be pulled out of the unconscious while under hypnosis becomes ludicrous.

Incidentally, the public a few decades a ago was saturated not only with alien abduction memories being uncovered but also, the uncovering of multiple personalities ala, The Three Faces of Eve and Sybil. Apparently, under hypnosis in demonstrations a prominent psychiatrist was able to awaken in Sybil dozens of personalities. Thank goodness in 2011 in a book by Debbie Nathan titled Sybil Exposed it was realized that the whole scenario was fraudulent.  There were no personalities. Sybil admitted that she with encouragement and persuasion of certain experts had crafted an absolutely false story. Has the Alien Abduction Files convinced me that some individuals have been abducted? No, not in the slightest.   “Yes, I strongly suggest you read the book, but when you are finished remember this… It is a wise hypnotist who knows who is hypnotizing whom”