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Kreskin on WOR710 Joey Reynold’s Show Sept. 11 and 18

Posted by admin On September - 10 - 2009

RadioFlash: WOR710 (NYC), Nationally Syndicated talk show host, Joey Reynold’s has again invited The Amazing KRESKIN to appear live, in studio to discuss the many aspects and feelings related to 9/11 Kreskin has discussed with people as he traveled across North America.

The Real mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin will again appear on The Joey Reynold’s Show, to discuss Kreskin’s offer to Vice-President Biden, as seen on the Mike Huckabee Show. Huckabee and his audience wanted to know if Kreskin shouldn’t join the Obama team. Hear it all on Joey Reynolds nationally syndicated radio show. Check it out!

Thursday night/Friday morning at 1am, Aug. 13/14.

The Amazing Kreskin will discuss his new book, new happenings and his “reel” experinece at NYU Film School with Barry Farber on The Barry Show, CRN (Cable Radio Network) on Friday night, May 15 between 8-9:00 pm.

The Real Mentalist

Posted by admin On February - 18 - 2009

There is only one person in the entire world who can be called:

The Real Mentalist

The Real Buck Howard

and that person is none other than

The Amazing Kreskin!

RadioFlash: WOR710 (NYC), Nationally syndicated talk show host, Joey Reynold’s features legendary NY newscaster Ernie Anastos with The Amazing Kreskin on Wednesday, Nov. 26th at the bewitching hour of midnight. Join them for reflections of New York City news and history and a special Thanksgiving treat!

Scott Javins, Murder Victim Found

Posted by admin On October - 18 - 2007

In one of the most bizarre experiences in Kreskin’s career, a breakthrough in a murder case took place this weekend, October 12th in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The background is that on May 24, 2002, a young college gentleman by the name of Scott Javin disappeared soon after he had called his parents from a location not far from their home, letting them know he was coming home soon. All traces of him and his car disappeared and no clue of any kind has been uncovered in the past five years. In a desperate cry for help, a group brought Kreskin in on May 14 with the hope of raising interest in a case that had gone cold. Obviously police could not sustain all these years an investigation when no significant clues arose.

In television and radio interviews as well as in a part of Kreskin’s concert, he alluded to the case and that somebody out there, hearing or seeing him, may have re-awakened within themselves, some memories that were significant. Within a day or so, after the performance, a gentleman came forward who contacted one of Kreskin’s representatives in Indiana and then the police. With a conviction he had heard in the past somewhere, remarks that he felt were now credible as to where the car was. It was almost as if Kreskin’s presence and appearance had re-awakened this memory. The police had taken this information but were not eager to move with it, since he no further evidence to back up the statements. The place that he described in a river reservoir area was never really thoroughly searched; in spite of his personal, absolute conviction. Now almost a half a year later, an elderly fisherman with some friends saw an item dropped in the water, including a motor off of some boat or what have you. He dove under water to locate that and came upon three cars. He became suspicious of one of them because he found a shirt when he reached into the car. When the police had their experts remove the car from the water, there was the body of Scott Javin, murdered.

Live 10THI Television News in Terre Haute reminded the viewer that Kreskin had created national interest in the story. Needless to say, Scott’s parents have frequently expressed a bitterness that the police did not listen.

Salute to Joey Bishop

Posted by admin On October - 18 - 2007

With the passing Joey Bishop, I feel that I have lost the final pivotal figure early in my career that helped shape my success.

While Mike Douglas set the stage for early afternoon audiences to be aware of Yours Truly; Merv Griffin on early evening shows; and Steve Allen gave me my first appearance in late night television from which Carson designed his “Karnac” character; uniquely enough, Joey Bishop – who began the role of establishing me in late night television.

Yours Truly reached the point that on one unexpected night, Joey turned to me and said “Kreskin, I’m having you on as soon as we can arrange it for an entire week.” Scores upon scores of shows were done by Yours Truly with him and oddly enough, his announcer those two years was someone whom I came to know first through Joey’s show: Regis Philbin. He was on Joey’s show that I predicted one week ahead of time, when I felt would be the major story in the Los Angeles Times. It drove Joey crazy because day after day he kept calling me into his office and asking me did I think I was going to become close to successful. Milton Berle drove him up a tree asking him did I share how my prediction would pan out and it was correct. The story was accurate that I predicted.

When Joey left the airways, I became aware of an unexpected situation. One of Johnny Carson’s representatives, his secretary, who was a fan of mine called me on the phone and said “you are going to receive a call from Johnny.” I said, “I am excited about this.” “Actually it will be one of his representatives, but I want you to know that Johnny saw practically every Joey Bishop’s show you ever did,” even though their shows were on back to back. Carson made it a point to see kinescopes of my appearances; within a week, I began my voyage of 88 appearances with Johnny Carson.

Needless to say, I owe a very fond, thankful memory of Joey Bishop for what he saw in me and like Carson, with all the appearances, he never particularly asked me what I was going to do, just “Come on Kreskin and run with it.”

The Passing of Chet Collier

Posted by admin On August - 16 - 2007

Whenever I met with Chet Collier I reminded him of a pivotal role he played in my career.

During my earlier appearances on the Mike Douglas Show, an issue arose with a government broadcast agency as to whether or not my work was in conflict with then existing regulations against psychics, spiritualist, etc. Representing the Mike Douglas show, Chet Collier met with key officials and championed my right to appear on television. I will never forget his action and will continue to remember him as one of the kindest and astute leaders in the broadcast industry.

My sympathy and thoughts are with his family.

The Amazing Kreskin

The Passing of Merv Griffin

Posted by admin On August - 15 - 2007

merv.jpg The passing of Merv Griffin has been a particularly sad moment in my life. There were three prominent broadcasters early in my career, that is in the sixties and seventies who played pivotal roles of support to my work and the development of my success.

One was Mike Douglas, with whom I did approximately 118 television shows. The second was Johnny Carson with whom I did 88 shows. Now there is Merv Griffin. My last show with him not long before his series, “The Merv Griffin Show” had ended was my 99th show with him and it is hard to believe that all three talk show giants have left us in approximately a year and a half.

There was an excitement in working with him; he was able to handle almost any situation with ease and nonchalance. He was quite conscious of the impact a performer was having on his viewers. In conversations I had with him at Sardis restaurant and in private performances that I did for him off television, became clear that he was a brilliant and astute businessman and a visionary as far as talent as the broadcast field was evolving. He could place anybody at ease. Unlike Johnny Carson who said he would like on his tombstone “I’ll be right back,” Merv quietly said that what he wanted on his in effect was “I will not be right back.”

Mika Brzezinski – MSNBC News Anchor Woman

Posted by admin On July - 29 - 2007

“One of the wonderful moments in news last week is the “refusal” of Mika Brzezinski to read as a lead story, a piece about Paris Hilton. What I got a kick out of was, her attempting to burn the news release and then finally, her wise choice of just shredding it on camera and insisting on going onto a more meaningful story such as Iraq, etc.

The late Johnny Carson and Steve Allen would have relished this moment and referred to it on their Tonight’ shows the very day this happened. But let’s give her credit for while I still hold with a prediction I made about Paris Hilton, her reaction is a genuinely responsible one for any news person has to realize that the tabloid degree that our television, radio and newspaper reporting has dropped into; has lowered the level and quality of news in the United States. The question is: could it deteriorate even further? And my answer is very simple – yes it could, it will and it will be much, much less lower in quality.

I still abide by a prediction that I made a few years ago, and I still stand by it, namely that Paris Hilton will not win an academy award in the next 72 years!”