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Kreskin Overcomes Blindness !!!

Posted by admin On December - 27 - 2016


Yours truly would never keep his audiences and followers in darkness, but it’s time I shared the lack of light that was experienced by me for a number of weeks.

There was much excitement after Election Day, when Fox TV discovered I had predicted on a live broadcast on Dec. 9, 2015, on their affiliate in Washington, DC, WTTG, who would be the next President.

The next day that my life changed. I saw for a second time an Ophthalmologist who was treating my right eye. Within hours after the treatment I found myself losing clarity and vision, and the loss of eyesight rapidly continued, and within days I was totally blind in my right eye. I urgently sought and was referred to a new eye surgeon, as it was clear I needed care as soon as possible. The surgeon diagnosed that as a result of that earlier treatment that the retina of my right eye was almost completely detached. This surgeon treated me for the detached retina. However, the loss of eyesight was continuing and for the next 10 days or more, I was totally blind in my right eye. For a week my performances were cancelled without explanation and I have not been allowed to travel by plane until after the first of the year because of pressure. Just a little over a week ago, I began perceiving light with my right eye, followed by images which my medical team tell me is revealing the gradual return of my eyesight. Just so you know that after the first week of the blindness, I reinstated my performance schedule which included a theater appearance and private program. No one had any idea that I was functioning with only my left eye. I had planned to continue to perform and would not let the eye crisis hold me back.

With the return of my vision taking place, this is a time of great excitement. My Christmas has been very special this year and I promise you my coming year will be as busy and energetic a time of performing as I’ve ever experienced. I am sure that I will be able to “see” into the future with great clarity and if I debate on television or with the media on any issue, there’s no doubt that in many ways we will see “eye to eye”.


2017 Prediction Schedule Is Coming Soon!

Posted by admin On November - 30 - 2016

Be sure to check out Kreskin’s Facebook page at Kreskin’s Facebook for his complete interview schedule for his 2017 predictions. We will have all the news fit to print here on the website along with some links to interviews and video too. Stay tuned….


Presidential Prediction Is Locked Up Until Wednesday!

Posted by admin On November - 7 - 2016

Great day today as I locked my prediction for the next POTUS away in a safe that will be on display at Madam Paulette in NYC. I look forward to revealing my prediction on Wednesday @ 9:05pm on the David Webb Show on Patriot Channel 125 on SiriusXM.

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Kreskin’s Presidential Prediction Reveal

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Posted by admin On November - 4 - 2016



Joey Reynolds

The Amazing Kreskin

will be on

The Joey Reynolds Radio Show

Sunday Night

Nov. 6th



Kreskin in NYC for special Halloween Seance with Daily Mail

Posted by admin On October - 27 - 2016

Kreskin celebrated Halloween with a Table Tilting Séance

Live on the

Daily Mail Facebook live stream.

The big event was held at

Buffalo Wild Wings (Times Square)

img_6762           ROLL OVER PICTURES TO VIEW SEANCE      

Happy Cat Day!

Posted by admin On October - 26 - 2016

HAPPY CAT DAY! And Halloween of course…

Kreskin was delighted to attend the

100 Anniversary Show


The WiseGuyz Radio and be back with the gang!


The WiseGuyz Crew & much, much more…

Kreskin Attends Eraldo’s Salon Room Soiree

Posted by admin On October - 20 - 2016

Salon Room

Hudson Terrace

Farrah Krenek (Orange is the New Black), Kreskin, and Eraldo! at Hudson Terrace on October 19, 2016 in New York Hudson Terrace on October 19, 2016 in New York City.

Looks like Kreskin is picking up some good vibrations from Eraldo

Trump,Carson & Kreskin

Posted by admin On October - 17 - 2016