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KDKA-TV CBS Pittsburgh

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Fantastic Interview


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Dave Crawley

KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh

Kreskin Appears on WPXI-TV in Pennsylvania

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RUE MORGUE…Horror in Culture & Entertainment


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125 Years of the Ouija Board


80 Years of The Amazing Kreskin


Amazing Kreskin says ‘hypnosis is BS,’

Posted by admin On October - 12 - 2015
78308126            ...Bashes Florida principal trance scandal


The Amazing Kreskin wants you to snap out of it.

The famed mentalist on Friday bashed believers of hypnosis, saying a Florida school district got fleeced into paying the families of three students who died after allegedly being put in a trance by their principal.

“Talk about a disgraceful abuse of scientific mumbo jumbo,” Kreskin wrote in a rant about the recent $600,000 settlement the Sarasota County School District reached with grieving families this week. “There is the immense power of suggestion but hypnosis is B.S.”

The payout comes four years after former North Port High School Principal George Kenney hypnotized Wesley McKinley, 16, Marcus Freeman, 16, and Brittany Palumbo, 17.

McKinley and Palumbo took their own lives, while Freeman died in a car accident. All three died shortly after Kenney’s trances in 2011. However, their deaths were never linked to hypnosis.

“If it’s possible to cause suicide through hypnosis, should I seriously consider going on satellite television with the attempt to attract viewers who are members of ISIS and then bring about mass suicide of our enemy?” Kreskin said.

“The question I suggest is who in the hell had the asinine, imbecilic, stupid, unscientific idea that this had to do with hypnosis?” he added.

The legendary soothsayer, who has about 60 years of experience under his belt, reiterated his longstanding $100,000 offer to anyone who can scientifically prove that hypnotic trances exist.

Kreskin was sued in New Jersey court in 1986 by a hypnotist who unsuccessfully sought to demonstrate hypnosis.

“My $100,000 offer which has never been taken on since that 1986 trial, has never been taken on by either a stage hypnotist, a psychiatrist, a scientist, or ruthless lawyer, says something about my position,” he said.

ESPN WSP Schwartz takes the hit!

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Kreskin’s Chiller Theatre Expo Disappearance

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It is with considerable regret that we alert you to the fact that the Amazing Kreskin will not be appearing at the Chiller Theatre Expo that is scheduled on October 23-25. There are scores of you folks who were made aware in the past three weeks that Kreskin was to appear and yes, was going to share his passion for gothic horror and along with the aura of mysteries that have surrounded so much of his career both on stage and in private incidents. This was going to be not based simply on fiction but a part of the dramatic experiences of Kreskin’s life that very few of you know about. Unfortunately, Kreskin’s appearance is not to be. The schedule that Kreskin’s office was alerted to was not the true schedule of events. It turns out, the days of the Chiller Theatre Expo fall on the very same days that Kreskin has been booked in Florida for many months and there is no way we can set aside the original bookings. So as Kreskin says, it looks like the only way he will be able to attend the Chiller Theatre Expo will be in spirit. He does foresee that you’re going to have a fascinating time attending.

The Kreskin Office

The Amazing Kreskin

      Kreskin’s commentary on:


I predict you’ll be mesmerized by Chris Lemmon’s performance.

Kreskin & Chris Lemmon at ” A Twist of Lemmon”

Bickford Theatre Morristown August 23, 2015

   It is rare that I have the opportunity to see live theatre productions but I am thankful that the chance came to attend one of the most remarkable performances I’ve seen in a long time. The name of the stage production is Twist of Lemmon. It is an extremely fascinating and at times hilarious and highly authoritative reflection on the life of the great Movie Star and Actor Jack Lemmon and his son Chris. Actually while it may be called a one man show it is a two person presentation except that both people, Jack Lemmon and his son, who tells the story, are played by the same person, Chris Lemmon. When you have the opportunity of attending this concert you will find, at times, it is almost impossible to distinguish Jack Lemmon from his son. So remarkable is his son when he takes on the role of his father. Not only is it a two man show presented by one person but it’s also a musical concert for we learn that both father and son are brilliant pianists, playing everything from Gershwin to Jazz. You will find the tragic and uplifting story of Jack Lemmon and his son Chris to be deeply moving. I will tell you one thing, I doubt there will be a dry eye in the house for any one attending this richly rewarding experience. What a talent Chris is. His energy just floods over the foot lights.

Regarding Dr. Jaks 54 volume one of a kind book collection

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Jx for website


 For those of you who have contacted me,     you need to be aware that the books are no longer on display at my home.

They are in a storage location that has been moved in recent weeks. Do not bother to come to my door. As the books are no longer here for viewing.


Wayward Pines for The Amazing Kreskin

Posted by admin On July - 22 - 2015


Given the loaf-sized crumbs that have been dropped for a week or three, I don’t think you need to be

The Amazing Kreskin

to see where things are headed. Pilcher must go from savior to scapegoat. For all his alleged genius, there was one factor crucial to the success of the town that David was never able to envision nor provide. Ironically, that factor is going to overthrow him.


United We Stand…Still

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Kreskin feels that it is his responsibility

To let it be known that

He has absolutely nothing to do

With the plight of United Airlines.