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Remembering Gilbert Gottfried 1955 -2022

Posted by admin On April - 13 - 2022

I am Saddend by the loss of Gilbert Gottfried. He was a kind and funny man. My sympathies go out to his friends and family.

Rest in Peace Gilbert.

David Lawrence has done a remarkable job showing extraordinary background of the subject matter, and a real grasp of the controversy and the philosophy behind the theme of the book. He is following up on a book written approximately 10 years ago by Sam Harris, a brilliant philosophical writer. He captures his analysis of Harris’ writings in Free Will. Harris wrote a ½ dozen books on a wide variety of topics which include morality, spirituality, the future of Islam and yes, interestingly enough the problem of lying. To further expand on his work, he has the social media following where he does some teaching of meditation and spirituality. A year or so ago he put out a presentation devoted to the freedom of the will, and his thoughts on such. In reviewing Are We Really Biochemical Robots, I do not pretend to be an expert of the subject matter. Part of the issue seems to be that the previous author I just mentioned has mixed feelings about what is a real deal intention, freedom of thought, etc. Some groups have insisted that we have no control over our thoughts or actions but has been determined ever since and spread like a big bang phenomenon. He even presents scientific arguments against free will as if it were an open and shut case. A statement is made that your brain has already determined what you will do before your conscious decision to do so. A theory is extended that states that free will is incoherent just to flimsy illusion. This situation of free will might simply be conceived as a limited ability to influence reality, and the theory of free will reaches the point claiming that we are not reasonable for our upbringing. Evidentially Harris, the author points out that he doesn’t shy away from delicate topics and doesn’t compromise his integrity based on controversy. The author David Lawrence does believe in free will and he expands upon that in the book. There is even attention given to Mother Theresa, compared with Charles Manson, with the question, is there a possibility they were not responsible for their actions, that it was not simply free thought.

The author extends in complex ways the direction and the theory of whether man has a free will or not a free will, and the question arises should children be taught to believe to behave themselves while being instructed that they have nothing to do with their thoughts or actions and on and on, and that type of philosophy is examined.

The question comes up, don’t blame me your Honor, I had no choice, it was all pre-determined. I swear I had no control over what I did. In the various areas that the author goes into, this scenario is introduced as well. What makes David Lawrence’s writings all the more intriguing and stimulating, as well as fascinatingly controversial, is my lifelong experience, especially the period in which hypnosis was part of my psychological therapeutic practice with a clinical psychologist, and of course the controversy has been legendary as to what degree hypnosis can control a person’s behavior and has been a standard controversy even in my writings off and on in 22 books, is to whether a person can be made to enact and action that they would be against and can they be made to do something against their will, so you can image from my point, I could sit and discuss David Lawrence’s book for a considerable amount of time. Do I believe we are Biochemical Robots? No, I don’t, but the various factors and reasoning are much more complicated than a simple casual statement. The Biochemical Robots is welcomed in the philosophical areas of human behavior studies and teachings. The book could become a heated and excited discussion in conferences, whether it be classrooms, or amongst professional teachers. You will find it very difficult to put this book down, and from my own viewpoint I would welcome a continuing discussion and examination of free will.

The Amazing Kreskin

Season 3 of “What’s On My Mind?”

Posted by admin On February - 3 - 2022
I’m proud to announce that I’m starting up Season 3 of my YouTube series, “What’s On My Mind?” It premieres tomorrow, February 3, 2022 at 8pm EST.

Please see the link below and click the “Set Reminder” button to receive notifications once the video goes live:


Posted by admin On February - 2 - 2022
Yours Truly was recently interviewed on WRTA at 3 with Doug Herendeen.

Please listen to the whole interview at the link below:

Has Eric Clapton Been Hypnotized?

Posted by admin On January - 26 - 2022

An official statement from Yours Truly about the comments from singer Eric Clapton regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and hypnosis.

“Yours truly has been alerted that Eric Clapton claims that people vaccinated against COVID-19 show a change in their personality and behavior. His suggestion is they are under ”hypnosis”. If I may clarify this for Mr. Clapton, and then offer my assistance to him, he needs understand that there is no drug that has ever produced a hypnotic trance. In the years I’ve spend demonstrating all over the world that hypnosis is the power of suggestion, I have a explanation for Mr. Clapton. Perhaps what he is seeing as different behavior in people around him is not their change in actions, but his perception of reality, which may have been created by someone influencing his mind. If anybody is exhibiting hypnotic response, it may be him, and not the people he is commenting upon. If he needs any assistance in coming out of this “condition” or “state” or “trance” or whatever you want to call it, perhaps he should contact yours truly, and I will help bring him out of it.”

Kreskin’s Big Announcement!

Posted by admin On January - 12 - 2022

Now available. Please click below link to see Kreskin’s Announcement.

Kreskin Announcement!

Posted by admin On January - 11 - 2022

Kreskin previews new children’s novel

Posted by admin On November - 3 - 2021

Kreskin previews his new role/character in the new children novel “The adventures of Little Billy in search of the magic tree”

Youtube link below

Special Announcement!

Posted by admin On October - 30 - 2021

A little birdie just told me a special announcement about yours truly will be released on WTMR 1250AM this Sunday (Halloween) from 10:50a-11am, if you have access to AM radio please tune into the announcement.