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Even I Kreskin Didn’t See This One Coming

Posted by admin On December - 1 - 2015

On Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 the week started with Kreskin being the victim of a car accident.  There is even a probable paranormal factor involved in this near disaster. 

All the more intriguing is on that Tuesday night Jeopardy the TV Quiz Show ended a contest with one of the contestants coming up with a guess that was supposed to be amazing.  It wasn’t the correct answer but she gave “The Amazing Kreskin”.

Then on Wednesday, CNN Television News carried an observation made by News Commentator Amanda Carpenter pointing out that Donald Trump had suggested that he is the candidate who can see all and predict all.  The commentator said that “Trump is making himself out to be The Amazing Kreskin”.

Low and behold on Friday, ABC NY Radio’s Curtis and Kobi Show who had Alan Colmes joining reminisced about their experiences in the past with The Amazing Kreskin.

All of you who sent me concerned messages need to know I am fine, there is no physical damage and as far as mental damage, friends of mine assure me no body would know the difference.

With all the media mentions beginning last Tuesday, who would have thought it would end yesterday morning with the Golden Girls TV re-run scene where Sophia screamed out “I’m The Amazing Kreskin!”

Trump Thinks He’s The Amazing Kreskin ???

Posted by admin On November - 30 - 2015

November 26, 2015 – 

CNN Political Commentator Amanda Carpenter

says Donald Trump advertises himself as the candidate who can “see all and predict the future.”  Even though he speaks in “vague generalities.”

Carpenter says “he makes himself into the Amazing Kreskin”. 



Posted by admin On November - 24 - 2015

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The lovely Rita Cosby & The Amazing Kreskin


At the party Kreskin found himself in the enviable position of attempting to read the thoughts of of prominent attorney Doug Burns.

Celebrated her birthday

Sunday evening November 21, 2015 at

The Peninsula Hotel in NYC 


The Amazing Kreskin  

       Stopped by to

Congratulate & read her thoughts.

Obama in bed with Fidel Castro

Posted by admin On November - 5 - 2015

Kreskin will shortly be presenting his reflections and predictions on the ramifications of the Presidential team unloading the prison population with the anticipation of “saving millions of dollars of prison costs”. There will be a strong headline to his commentary because of behind the scene information he is going to reveal. Consequently the appropriate theme being



WMTR RADIO – Your New Jersey News Connection

Posted by admin On November - 5 - 2015

Kreskin Will Be On The Air:

!GD0A1906-3 2

Julie Briggs, Kreskin & Jesse Frees

Sunday, November 8th



Jesse Frees & Julie Briggs

Your New Jersey Connection

WMTR-1250AM RADIO Morristown, NJ

KDKA-TV CBS Pittsburgh

Posted by admin On November - 3 - 2015

Fantastic Interview


Watch Interview

Dave Crawley

KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh

Kreskin Appears on WPXI-TV in Pennsylvania

Posted by admin On November - 3 - 2015


Posted by admin On October - 30 - 2015

RUE MORGUE…Horror in Culture & Entertainment


Catch up on all your Spirits, Demons & Superstitions by purchasing a copy of

Rue Morgue at your local book seller.

125 Years of the Ouija Board


80 Years of The Amazing Kreskin


Amazing Kreskin says ‘hypnosis is BS,’

Posted by admin On October - 12 - 2015
78308126            ...Bashes Florida principal trance scandal


The Amazing Kreskin wants you to snap out of it.

The famed mentalist on Friday bashed believers of hypnosis, saying a Florida school district got fleeced into paying the families of three students who died after allegedly being put in a trance by their principal.

“Talk about a disgraceful abuse of scientific mumbo jumbo,” Kreskin wrote in a rant about the recent $600,000 settlement the Sarasota County School District reached with grieving families this week. “There is the immense power of suggestion but hypnosis is B.S.”

The payout comes four years after former North Port High School Principal George Kenney hypnotized Wesley McKinley, 16, Marcus Freeman, 16, and Brittany Palumbo, 17.

McKinley and Palumbo took their own lives, while Freeman died in a car accident. All three died shortly after Kenney’s trances in 2011. However, their deaths were never linked to hypnosis.

“If it’s possible to cause suicide through hypnosis, should I seriously consider going on satellite television with the attempt to attract viewers who are members of ISIS and then bring about mass suicide of our enemy?” Kreskin said.

“The question I suggest is who in the hell had the asinine, imbecilic, stupid, unscientific idea that this had to do with hypnosis?” he added.

The legendary soothsayer, who has about 60 years of experience under his belt, reiterated his longstanding $100,000 offer to anyone who can scientifically prove that hypnotic trances exist.

Kreskin was sued in New Jersey court in 1986 by a hypnotist who unsuccessfully sought to demonstrate hypnosis.

“My $100,000 offer which has never been taken on since that 1986 trial, has never been taken on by either a stage hypnotist, a psychiatrist, a scientist, or ruthless lawyer, says something about my position,” he said.

ESPN WSP Schwartz takes the hit!

Posted by admin On October - 1 - 2015