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In Loving Memory of Bill Luxton

Posted by admin On July - 20 - 2019

It’s very sad to learn of the passing of Bill Luxton, who played a major role in my career.  He was my esteemed announcer of the Canadian television series – The Amazing World of Kreskin.  He and I had a very special bond and I marveled in recent years when I learned that for a couple of decades he sang with a band all over Canada.  Bill was truly a television pioneer.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family.  Kreskin

Kreskin Mind Melds with a Martian

Posted by admin On July - 4 - 2019
On June 30th, the West Caldwell NJ Library presented a reading of Orson Well’s broadcast, the War ofthe Worlds. Alien the Martian showed up to the delight of the Amazing Kreskin

Posted by admin On July - 4 - 2019

Check out this recent interview The Amazing Kreskin did with Mitch Russo for “Your First Thousand Clients” about how he hits the one billion sized audience!

(Available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcast outlets)

149: How The Amazing Kreskin Hits The ONE BILLION Size Audience


Posted by admin On June - 29 - 2019

Read my mind and you can hear the notes of God Bless America.  Please support @Troopathon which is live today from 3-10pm EST & get a care package out to those fighting for our freedom on the front lines.

Posted by admin On June - 28 - 2019

CNN International References The Amazing Kreskin

Posted by admin On June - 27 - 2019
The Lead with Jake Tapper references The Amazing Kreskin on CNN International

Kreskin’s One Million Dollar Challenge!

Posted by admin On June - 26 - 2019

Kreskin on Daniel Roebuck’s Film “Getting Grace”

Posted by admin On June - 25 - 2019

The amazing Kreskin recently had the pleasure of seeing actor/movie director Daniel Roebuck’s recent feature film Getting Grace, starring Roebuck himself, Madelyn Dundon, Marsha Dietlein Bennet, and many other talented actors. The film is a comedic and yet emotional story to which Kreskin had this to say upon viewing,

“Getting Grace is a most intriguing motion picture, which I found to be a “unique satire” of terminal illness and the funeral business.”

– The Amazing Kreskin

Watch the trailer for yourself in the link below!

You can find Getting Grace on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video or you can find it on DVD in stores now!

Kreskin on Jessie Frees this Sunday, June 16th!

Posted by admin On June - 15 - 2019

Catch The Amazing Kreskin on WMTR Radio Sunday at 10:00 AM with Jessie Frees. 1250 on the AM dial

Memorable Searches by the Amazing Kreskin

Posted by admin On May - 23 - 2019

Kreskin Searches for Robin Leach in NYC – 2012


Kreskin Searches for a pen in the Short Hills Mall with Regis Philbin – 1985


Kreskin searches for a million dollar check with the help of Chuck Norris – 1988


Kreskin searches for a single cork in the Korbel Winery – 1985