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Las Vegas Review-Journal   –  May 9, 2019 – 12:40 pm


Ariana Grande

Finally, pop music has its Amazing Kreskin, ponytail in place of spectacles. “My ideas are priceless, I know I’m the nicest,” Ariana Grande informs us on latest single “7 Rings.”  “I knew you would like this, I must be psychic.” Totally!  She sings, she dances, she reads minds: It’s her world, and you’re lucky to be able to pay your way into it for a night at 8 p.m. Saturday at T-Mobile Arena.  Tickets are $34.95 to $249.95; call 888-929-7849.

Jason Bracelin

This past weekend I had an Amazing time at the Chiller Theatre in Parsippany.  While I was there I was invited to participate in a photo shoot with a remarkable photographer Steve Vaccariello.  These photos are a small sample of the wonderfully moody photographs he was able to capture.  I am very excited about these images.  Please check out his work at Or on Instagram @stevevacc

Photo of Kreskin by Steve Vaccariello. Please check out his work at Or on Instagram @stevevacc — with Steve Vaccariello at Chiller Theatre convention at the Hilton Parsippany NJ.
Photo of Kreskin by Steve Vaccariello. Please check out his work at Or on Instagram @stevevacc — with Steve Vaccariello at Chiller Theatre convention at the Hilton Parsippany NJ.
Photo of Kreskin by Steve Vaccariello. Please check out his work at Or on Instagram @stevevacc — with Steve Vaccariello at Chiller Theatre convention at the Hilton Parsippany NJ.

Photos from Chiller Theatre

Posted by admin On May - 3 - 2019
Tony Danza and Kreskin
Artist Frank Romano and Kreskin
Jimmy Workman (Pugsley from the Addams Family movies) with Kreskin
Larry Hankin (Seinfeld, Breaking Bad) with Kreskin
Kreskin and Francois Clemmons (Mr Rogers Neighborhood)
Cindy Pickett (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) and Kreskin
John Davidson and Kreskin

Kreskin’s message to Politicians

Posted by admin On May - 2 - 2019

If you’re fed up with campaigners promising to eliminate airplanes, automobiles, and a mayor recommending no skyscrapers with glass windows!  My suggestion is that each of us send to these politicians a roll of toilet paper…because I suspect they are suffering from verbal diarrhea.

Clutch lyrics hold true

Posted by admin On April - 29 - 2019

Clutch’s Original Prophetic Song; The Amazing Kreskin

The popular Hard rock metal band, Clutch, in 2009 came out with a song titled The Amazing Kreskin.  Special attention is being given to it today because the lyrics stand true even more so than when it was originally written. 

When they composed it the Clutch team decided to name it after KRESKIN because they felt it reflects the way he thinks.  In today’s culture, Kreskin feels the lyrics can be considered a prophecy. 

Click on link to listen to The Amazing Kreskin song by Clutch swings for the Kreskin

Posted by admin On April - 19 - 2019

Great article on and thank you for mentioning yours truly!

Check out the article here:

Tiger Woods’s stirring Masters win is the first major victory of his reconfigured life


Posted by admin On April - 17 - 2019

Barry and Neil ping pong Kreskin like a puck in some classic banter during Sportscenter.

Dr. Jax Books

Posted by admin On April - 16 - 2019

The Dr. Jak’s 53 Volumes

In the past 48 hours I have received 2 messages,1 from a gentleman who collects and markets conjuring, magic, and related topic books.  It was an inquiry as to whether I still possess the “53” Dr. Jak’s books, in which the late performer reveals in volume after volume information about the modus operandi of psychic trickery and performances etc.  Please understand that these books have not been in my home or personal library for a few years.  As I exhibited on a video in the past, I have placed them in a security vault that is not anywhere near my living quarters, and for safety and protection, that’s where they have remained.  I decided not release them to a foreign gentleman who offered a high bid to purchase the books.  Since then, a number of researchers have urged me to put them in a special library for future study.  It is an idea which interests me, although at this time I am reconsidering putting this priceless, one of a kind library up for sale.  


Kreskin Commentary on Craig Carton Sentencing

Posted by admin On April - 10 - 2019

The sentencing of Craig Carton to 42 months in Federal Prison triggered off my memories of first appearing with him and Boomer Esiason on WFAN Sports Radio in 2012.  How vividly I recall his strongly urging, in fact demanding that I offer my services to pull the Mets out of their slump.  The man has great spirit and an energy that made it clear why he had such extensive popularity in Sports Broadcasting.  Through the years, working and performing at times in the casino setting, and often reading the thoughts of successful gamblers, I’ve been aware of the devastating impact a gambling addict has, not only on his own life, but all those lives he touches.  Is there an automatic or rapid cure for such an addiction?  The answer is no.  Bear in mind that Carton was able to keep secret his addiction from not only the public, but people with whom he worked, and even his family.  Let’s hope he gets the support he needs, and those of you reading this who may have irresistible urges to gamble, don’t wait, and seek support immediately. 


Kreskin attends Lee Leonard Memorial

Posted by admin On April - 5 - 2019

On April 3, 2019 The Amazing Kreskin attended and performed at the memorial service for legendary broadcaster Lee Leonard.  Lee’s wife, Kelly Bishop, held the memorial on what would have been her husband’s 90thbirthday.

Kreskin with Kelly Bishop (Gilmore Girls, Dirty Dancing)
A memorial photo of Lee Leonard and the original News 12 lineup
Christopher Welch, Kreskin and George Falkowski
A memorial photo of Lee Leonard
Legendary Broadcaster Lee Leonard 
Kreskin reading the thoughts of Kelly Bishop
The original News 12 New Jersey Lineup
Kurt Siegelin, Lee Leonard, Deborah Rodriguez, Mark Murphy