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The Amazing Kreskin offered … so I asked

Posted by admin On December - 28 - 2018

Ken Jackson of the Osceola News-Gazette plays Kreskin and makes his own predictions for 2019: I get lots of press releases and interview requests in my email. Many get ignored and quickly deleted. But one came in Tuesday that I had to glance at — and chuckle at. “The Amazing Kreskin, the world’s most renowned mentalist, predicts what's to come in 2019. If you are interested in looking into the future with The Amazing Kreskin, please contact …” Oh yeah, I contacted. Are you telling me I should pass up a chance on improving my football picks, or cashing a winning ticket on the Super Bowl winner — or the winner of any big game — for the first time in my life? “Dear Mr. Kreskin, can Drew Brees and Pat Mahomes keep this up?” I still haven’t heard back. I guess I should have seen that coming. But wait, I’m not the mentalist here. I’ve never even been called one in passing. But what a perfect person to ask some of the burning questions in local sports, such as …
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The Amazing Kreskin on WMTR Radio with Jessie Frees

Posted by admin On December - 27 - 2018

We want you to know that due to a very serious power outage at WMTR Sunday, that the radio broadcast with Kreskin could not be done.  During the entire day the station was not able to function.

On Sunday December 30th The Amazing Kreskin will be a guest on WMTR 1250am with Jessie Frees. Tune in at 10:00 AM to hear Kreskin’s predictions for 2019.

December 30, 2018 10:00 AM WMTR 1250am Jessie Frees

Kreskin On-Air at Fox News Radio with Tom Shillue Kreskin inspects the Fox News Radio Newsroom The Amazing Kreskin spoke with Tonya Powers on air about a wide range of topics including his predictions for 2019 The Amazing Kreskin in-studio with Tom Shillue The Amazing Kreskin on Fox News Radio The Amazing Kreskin reads the mind of Fox News host Tom Shillue

The Amazing Kreskin Joins New APP, Starsona.

Posted by admin On December - 19 - 2018
Ladies and gentlemen it's true I'm very happy to announce I'm now on the new APP called Starsona, fans can select yours truly to record personalized greetings to your friends, family or even yourself. Please check out my link:  Im usually able to get out your greeting request within 48 hours or so. I predict you will be quite 'amazed' when you receive your custom greeting. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish all of my fans health, happiness and success in the coming year of 2019!
Moodtopia is a book that is remarkably appropriate at this present time, especially since medicine has been infected by the drug movement and racket, and that includes doctors and other general medical practitioners. I found this book quite refreshing and re-awakened in me my radio listening decades ago to a broadcaster whom I came to know personally, and that was the great radio nutrition communicator Dr. Carlton Fredericks, who pioneered on awakening the public to the effectiveness of vitamins much to the condemnation of many in the medical fraternity. Yours truly when at home will read four books in an evening and as far as my own writing is concerned, I am completing for release soon, my 21stbook.  When I think of my personal library of some 8,000 volumes, I can say that Moodtopia is especially appropriate and a highly needed text today.  With all the shelfed volumes that I have, Moodtopia has to stand out in a spotlight, in that the author is sharing solutions and directions which do not have the danger of addiction.  Talk about sources whose outlooks she tapped, it even includes my late friend Phyllis Diller. Readers will find when they reflect on the author’s anecdotal experiences, that many will touch their lives personally.  Furthermore she offers as the solution everything from nutrition, to the aroma, and that includes perfumes, to room settings, to how effectively color can alter our mood, and yes, to the brilliant and I do mean brilliant introduction, examination and advice regarding our intuition.  She deserves a gold star in introducing and highlighting the importance of intuition in our lives.  Many will consider this an absolute revelation and it is one of the finest texts I’ve ever read on this area of development.  She is ready to help you, the reader find inner peace of mind, and that means experiencing inner joy, and love with genuine compassion.   The Amazing Kreskin

The Amazing Kreskin’s Most Amazing Announcement

Posted by admin On December - 10 - 2018
  Kreskin Inc. is excited to announce that a new motion picture has begun production on the life of the Amazing Kreskin.  We are excited that the script is being written by Patrick Coppola.

Announcement coming December 5, 2018

Posted by admin On November - 27 - 2018
The announcement that I planned to make today is being postponed until December 5, 2018 so all can participate in the event. - The Amazing Kreskin.  

Rest in Peace Ricky Jay

Posted by admin On November - 26 - 2018
It’s sad to learn of the loss of Ricky Jay.  It was a special feature when he appeared in the movie The Great Buck Howard, with John Malkovich playing yours truly.  Ricky’s character was just the right shot in the arm.  We will miss him.  Rest in peace Ricky. Kreskin

The Passing of Roy Clark A Tragic Loss For Country Music

Posted by admin On November - 15 - 2018
The passing of Roy Clark, is a tragic loss to the music industry. Roy Clark and I bonded through the years, it was rare that he would host  the Johnny Carson Tonight Show without having me as one of his guests. Roy was the heart of country music. Cherrising past memories and looking favorability to the future. Roy Rest in Peace – Amazing Kreskin.
In the passing of Stan Lee we have lost one of the great creative giants in the world of Comics.  I have a special memory when years ago Stan Lee quietly said to me “Kreskin, you could be a comic.”