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The Worry Free Retirement with Tony Walker

Posted by admin On March - 1 - 2017

Dr. Seuss Day at Wilson School

Posted by admin On March - 1 - 2017

For the umpteenth time, Kreskin celebrated Dr. Seuss Day,

Thursday, March 2nd

by reading Seuss’

The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins

 To a Grammar School audience, this time at the

Wilson School in West Caldwell, NJ

Kreskin loves to share with young, imaginative minds the creative pictures that Seuss so brilliantly produces with 500 Hats

Kreskin getting ready to read “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins” on March 2, 2017

Kids in the auditorium   Kreskin at Wilson School in West Caldwell, NJ (Grades K – 5) interacting with the children.

The Late Joey Reynolds Show

Posted by admin On February - 28 - 2017

The Late Joey Reynolds Show


The Amazing Kreskin,

Rita Cosby, John Pizzi, John Galasso, Danny Morgan, Bill Scheft and Chris Doyle

The Passing of Alan Colmes

Posted by admin On February - 23 - 2017


Alan Colmes & Kreskin January 13th, 2017

The radio and cable news broadcast industry has lost a special figure and I personally have lost a remarkable, cherished broadcast friend, namely Alan Colmes.  All of us who worked with him considered him one of the warmest and kindest figures you could find in the industry.  Alan and I knew each other for some 30 years.  When I last appeared with him, which was on his radio show on January 13 of this year, we reflected on his adding to my career an unforgettable memory and learning experience.  Early in his career he had an ABC late night radio show.  He had decided on one of his vacation days to turn his show over to yours truly.  How vividly I remember sitting in front of a microphone as it went live a few minutes past midnight, knowing I had four hours and 55 minutes to fill.  That he put his trust and confidence in me was very special.  I was overwhelmed to realize that his work consumed these hours, live, night after night, through the many months that he was on the air.  He was a man of the highest integrity and had an extremely generous feel in relating to others.  Yes, in simple words, he was a very good and kind man.  He had a passionate love and care for his wife Jocelyn.  Indeed in the off microphone time when I last saw him he expressed more concern, about how his wife would handle her loss then he was about his own condition.  Talk about an unselfish human being, when we were on the air I found it overwhelming that as he had always done in the past, he carried on and intensively passionate conversation without the damnedest hint of what was hanging over him.  The listeners had no clue of that.  Half way through the show I did a mental test with him that was rather complicated, and had never been done by me on a public broadcast.    His concentration and focusing was undiminished and he picked up the mental responses that I was projecting, resulting in the exciting climax to the experiment.  He talked about this for much of the rest of the show.  Yes, I have personally lost a special communication friend, but the bond that we had is one of the richness’s of my life.

It’s “National Love Your Pet Day” !!!

Posted by admin On February - 20 - 2017

     Try     and     Guess     Which   Cat   is  Named…

                 “Spooky”     and which one is     Pumpkin”

Best Wishes & Good Health

Posted by admin On February - 15 - 2017

Feb 12th, 2017


at the

North Caldwell Fireman’s Community Ctr.

Jo-ann (Mangieri) Wolsey & Kreskin

 Best Wishes and Good Health to

Everyone in the Class of ’53

Jesse & Julie

Posted by admin On February - 10 - 2017

Jessie Frees

is one of the most knowledgeable broadcasters that I’ve known throughout my career. She also is a remarkable listener. Jessie, I am certain could meet a total stranger, whatever their background might be and after asking them 2 or 3 questions, would be able to build from the answers an entire ½ hour program. This ability I must say, to the degree that she possesses it, is a rare gift that you don’t find common in broadcast interviews today.

I need to share with you that I have known of Jessie’s broadcasting since I was in high school. For you see she was already doing broadcasts while going to school.  As a matter of fact she was…

  • Chosen by the NY Times while in 8th grade to be amongst all the students in NJ to be on a Radio show
  • In 12th grade she had her own show for the Newark Evening News.

What a joy it would be for me someday to have the opportunity of interviewing Jesse Frees herself.



The Talk of New Jersey


                              Experts in Every Field


STATION: 973-538-1250

MOBILE: 973-216-6195


Jessie and Julie, award winning veteran New Jersey broadcasters have interviewed thousands of people during their radio careers. Guests have included such notables as:

President: George H.Bush.

Vice Presidents: Hubert Humphrey, Gerald Ford, Dan Quayle, and Dick Cheney.Bob Dole,

Former Secretary of State: Caspar Weinberger,

Former Secretary of Labor: Ray Donavan,

Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff, Betty Ford, Secretary of the Treasury William Simon, and Tricia Nixon. Governors: Brendan Byrne, James Florio, Thomas Kean, Christie Todd Whitman, Dick Codey, Don Di Francesco, Jon Corzine, James McGreevy, and Chris Christie. U.S. Senators: Frank Lautenberg, Adlai Stevenson, Bill Bradley. U.S. Congressmen: Rodney Frelinghuysen, and William Pascral l.Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman. Pat Buchanan, Mayor Ed Koch, Bob Hope, Helen Hayes,Tony Bennett, Frankie Laine,

The Amazing Kreskin, Tony Randall, Frank Gifford, John Graham, Thomas Goblin. Newspaper Journalists, New Jersey Senators, Assemblymen, Freeholders, Mayors, Physicians, Alternative Healers, Attorneys, Veterans, Authors, Financial Experts, Sports Figures.


Award winning veteran New Jersey Broadcaster, Jessie Frees has hosted numerous radio shows and has interviewed thousands of notable guests in her 45-year career. She hosts the interactive live call-in talk shows, “Ask the Expert” and “Your New Jersey Connection” on WMTR . A children’s author, she is a mother of three and grandmother of eight. A political analyst and writer, she guest lectures around the state. She has interviewed more authors, doctors, and alternative healers on air then any other broadcaster in the state. Jessie can be heard on Your New Jersey Connection and on Ask the Expert, Sundays from 10 am – 12 pm.


Award winning television and radio interviewer, Julie Briggs hosts “Your New Jersey Connection” and “Ask the Expert” on WMTR 1250 A M and WDHA 105.5 FM. A native of New Jersey,Julie is a political science graduate from Seton Hall University. She broadcast in San Diego and San Francisco and was formerly News Director and News Anchor of New Jersey Cable TV News programs. She writes commercials for national accounts, does voice overs, and is the mother of three sons. Julie can be heard on Your New Jersey Connection and on Ask the Expert, Sundays from 10 am – 12 pm.

Kreskin Overcomes Blindness !!!

Posted by admin On December - 27 - 2016


Yours truly would never keep his audiences and followers in darkness, but it’s time I shared the lack of light that was experienced by me for a number of weeks.

There was much excitement after Election Day, when Fox TV discovered I had predicted on a live broadcast on Dec. 9, 2015, on their affiliate in Washington, DC, WTTG, who would be the next President.

The next day that my life changed. I saw for a second time an Ophthalmologist who was treating my right eye. Within hours after the treatment I found myself losing clarity and vision, and the loss of eyesight rapidly continued, and within days I was totally blind in my right eye. I urgently sought and was referred to a new eye surgeon, as it was clear I needed care as soon as possible. The surgeon diagnosed that as a result of that earlier treatment that the retina of my right eye was almost completely detached. This surgeon treated me for the detached retina. However, the loss of eyesight was continuing and for the next 10 days or more, I was totally blind in my right eye. For a week my performances were cancelled without explanation and I have not been allowed to travel by plane until after the first of the year because of pressure. Just a little over a week ago, I began perceiving light with my right eye, followed by images which my medical team tell me is revealing the gradual return of my eyesight. Just so you know that after the first week of the blindness, I reinstated my performance schedule which included a theater appearance and private program. No one had any idea that I was functioning with only my left eye. I had planned to continue to perform and would not let the eye crisis hold me back.

With the return of my vision taking place, this is a time of great excitement. My Christmas has been very special this year and I promise you my coming year will be as busy and energetic a time of performing as I’ve ever experienced. I am sure that I will be able to “see” into the future with great clarity and if I debate on television or with the media on any issue, there’s no doubt that in many ways we will see “eye to eye”.


A Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Posted by admin On December - 21 - 2016

♠♣♥♦ ♠♣♥♦

2016 Formica Family Christmas Party

at The

Upper Montclair Country Club

♠♣♥♦ ♠♣♥♦

                      We had a wonderful time…

                                                                      Others are still talking about it…


Kreskin & Louis Formica

Kreskin & Louis Formica




Kreskin & Carol Formica

Kreskin & Carol Formica

Kreskin Celebrates His Mother’s Birthday – December 13

Posted by admin On December - 12 - 2016

My mom,Lucy lived 3 months short of 96 and the later years of her life were wonderfully supported, not only by family and friends but by the kittens and dogs which joined her at home. A memorable figure was Miss Kitty, who could be found during the day and in the evening, sitting on my mom’s shoulder or next to her right or left arm, and that was a tremendous companionship. That’s right, Miss Kitty even sat on my neck! Miss Kitty lived for almost 18 years. The sadness of her passing was shared by a legendary comedic, show business performer who called me almost in tears when she learned of Miss Kitty’s demise.

It was Phyllis Diller and what made the loss all the more personal, is that Phyllis’ own favorite cat carried the name,

Miss Kitty.



kreskins-mom-w-miss-kittykreskins-mom-w-miss-kitty-2                kreskin-w-miss-kitty