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A Political Blockbuster in the Face of the US Senate

Posted by admin On August - 2 - 2012

The Amazing Kreskin is absolutely thrilled to spotlight the decision of his former Road Manager Steve Woods…not only to run on an independent ticket for United States Senate in the state of Maine, but to donate his entire United States Senate salary to Maine charities! He is refusing the popular wealth activities of today’s politicians… book deals, corporate speeches, their multi-million dollar history lessons, and a major first that should make political history; Turning over his salary of $174,000 a year to Maine charities.

What is remarkable about this fine young man is that he “feels that it is his civic duty to give back to the community”. This was the spirit of our founding fathers. They never intended members of our legislatures to be run by professional politicians, let alone a preponderance of lawyers. Our founding fathers expected that successful American citizens would give something back to their country. And look at who they were; storeowners, preachers, entrepreneurs, farmers, printers etc.

Kreskin Endorses Steve Woods For Senate

I have never, in my entire life, endorsed a single candidate for office either nationally, statewide, or locally. I am so proud that Steve Woods is reflecting the patriotic spirit of our founding fathers. He worked for me for some three years as my travel Road Manager covering over 900 shows…had the highest integrity and broke his ass to do his best. I knew I could rely upon him.

But…what a first, to give his entire United States Senate salary of $174,000 a year to Maine charities!!!

- The Amazing Kreskin



Posted by admin On July - 31 - 2012
Kreskin appeared this morning with Boomer and Carton on WFAN sports radio and MSG Television. On the air, both men strongly urged and demanded that Kreskin offer his services to pull the Mets out of their slump. Kreskin said: "Considering who I am, I’m willing to do what I can to make the Mets "Amazing" again." The Amazing Kreskin

Will The Real Jimmy Fallon Please Stand Up?

Posted by admin On July - 30 - 2012

After the show at the beautiful and historic Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida.

Kreskin was "Amazed" to be introduced to a gentleman who made it very clear that his real name was Jimmy Fallon...Kreskin's reaction "Oh My God!"



Posted by admin On July - 24 - 2012

I’m proud to say one of the most thrilling developments I’ve seen in recent decades took place here in the state of New Jersey this past week. The New Jersey Supreme Court, which deserves a reputation for being a national leader, has initiated strong protective conditions to prevent innocent individuals from being falsely accused by witnesses of a crime.

For over 30 years, I have stated and demonstrated in my public performances, especially those before universities, that just about the most unreliable evidence in a criminal trial is eye witness testimony. In both dramatic and sometimes humorous scenarios, I have shown how normal, intelligent human beings can be caused to have false or highly distorted memories…the message being that our memories are extraordinarily unreliable.

In recent years, DNA evidence has revealed tragic cases in which individuals were wrongly sentenced to prison, and in at least one case the sentence being 60 years. Not only were they totally innocent of the crime, but witnesses who pointed them out had misremembered or had a distortion of memory recall.

I shudder to think at this very moment how many hundreds or perhaps thousands of people in prison are innocent.

I am proud of the New Jersey Supreme Court for being the first in the nation to release new jury charges on eye witness identifications.

The Amazing Kreskin

The Power of Mass Suggestion in Society

Posted by kreskin On July - 9 - 2012
As if the contagious social phenomena, which yours truly stated blatantly was pure auto-suggestion, namely the girls who came down with the inexplicable tics and spasms in LeRoy, New York, lest we think it stopped there, let alone the girls in Quebec, Canada a month or so ago who did not come out of the “hypnotic trance” until hours later when the master hypnotist had to release them, we have a further example of sociological suggestion taking on an incredible power when we find recently on Friday, individuals were taken from the Monmouth County Courthouse in New Jersey with all kinds of uncomfortable breathing experiences. Every sign of it, from cleaning fluid to flowers, you name it, was cleansed from the building. Are you sitting down? The courthouse has to be closed for almost a week. Like the girls in New York, you had chemical experts and I’m sure other individuals with special interests coming in to decontaminate. Guess what? The physical cause, there was none. Once more we have a phenomena of powerful social suggestion. No, we’re not going to say it’s mass hysteria, that’s a derogatory, imbecilic term put together by half-baked psychologists, which really doesn’t explain the phenomena. This has nothing to do with mental illness. This has been repeated endless times, but when you consider this recent infection, it shows something I have been lecturing about and demonstrating in my concerts around the world, and that is the wonderful power of a force we’ve overlooked, suggestion. The real question now is, why is it even effective today on a sociological level? Why is social contamination of ideas even effective in a highly-educated society? That’s the story that I can discuss and yes, demonstrate.

Kreskin Calling… “I Want My Check!”

Posted by kreskin On July - 2 - 2012
Kreskin is joined by Devin Dola, Derek Drayson & Colin Durand,who were part of the sponsoring committee who brought Kreskin to The University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, CA. on Feb. 2nd, 2012.
During his concert before the University audience, Kreskin completed what turned out to be one of the most dramatic searches for his check. He found it hidden inside a cell phone in an audience member's pocket.

Patsy’s Italian Restaurant-Predictions & Pasta Sauce

Posted by kreskin On June - 29 - 2012

Patsy's Italian Restaurant

(June 28, 2012)

Kreskin during an interview with Kathleen Parrish of American Way (the inflight magazine of American Airlines) addressing a locked metal chest that was placed on the top shelf at Patsy's Restaurant in July of last year. It contains a note that Kreskin prepared predicting the results of the upcoming Presidential election. The package will be opened on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC a couple of days after the election.

Bill Plympton & Kreskin at Pre-Party for MoMA Premiere

Posted by kreskin On June - 28 - 2012

Kreskin Attempting to Interpret the Thoughts of Legendary Animator

"Bill Plympton"

The first animator in the history of animation to hand draw every frame for an animated feature film, pictured here at Brasserie Cognac Restaurant pre-party, for the Gala Premiere of a new documentary on his art and animation “Adventures in Plymptoons!” a film by Alexia Anastasio on June 21, 2012 at MoMA in NYC


Kreskin is now back online! Thank you IT department!

Posted by kreskin On June - 26 - 2012
To all my great fans, Over the past 2 weeks, my IT team has been diligently working to restore the website, along with the porthole that allows me to add posts to communicate with you. We were hacked by a person, who I'm sure is in desperate need of psychiatric help, that temporarily shut down the website, along with my communications to you, my fans. I'm happy to report that we are now back up and running! I have lots of major news to share with everyone, in fact, some of the most important news that I've shared in a long while. Stay tuned, new posts are coming... ESPecially, Kreskin

Kreskin To Play His Mind Games At Two Maine Venues

Posted by kreskin On June - 7 - 2012

The Portland Press Herald-

The celebrity thought reader's career spans more than 40 years.

"I read people's thoughts. I'm not a fortune teller predicting the future, I can't tell what somebody's going to do unless they are thinking about it," said Kreskin, 77 By Ray Routhier Staff Writer