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Posted by admin On April - 30 - 2013

I’m about to make the most dramatic long-range prediction of my entire career. It will greatly impact the future of mankind.

Kreskin Long Range Prediction


Mark Asciutto (owner of Visani's) and Kreskin pose in front of two showbiz giants, in one of the restaurants beautiful dining rooms

Mark Asciutto (owner of Visani’s) and Kreskin pose in front of two showbiz giants in one of the restaurants beautiful dining rooms.

 It was a pleasure to appear at the

Visani Dinner Theater 

Port Charlotte, Florida

for two nights of fantastic food, service and “one of a kind” entertainment by

The Amazing Kreskin


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■  Gosford chief James Heddo had a very big day yesterday.

He was up early to  raise the Australian flag at his track  then open the gates for the huge Anzac Day meeting.

Later he was seen bopping away at the silent disco, which was a novelty part of the race day.

There was a room near the saddling enclosure where 200 sets of headphones were installed. The music was played by two DJs and only those wearing the headphones could hear the tunes.

‘‘It was sick, man,’’ Stable Talk’s spy said tongue-in-cheek was the way the chief described his time in the silent disco.


It turned out a perfect day for Heddo when a horse he part-owns, Kreskin, won over 1100m at Gosford.

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We Will… “See You At The Movies”

Posted by admin On April - 5 - 2013
Photo by: AP

One of the joys in the life is in reminiscing of the conversations that I had with Roger Ebert. I met him at a convention and was impressed with the man.

We were reflecting upon a few decades ago when movie reviewers looked down upon horror movies. They did not feel they were the highest level of movie making. But Roger Ebert waxed with much enthusiasm on the great gothic movies. Beyond that I revered the handwritten postcards I would receive from Ebert while he was traveling on vacation or saw something that he thought I would be interested in his commentary about. I don’t believe I ever saw in my lifetime a more riveting, enchanting and romantic commentary on movies than Ebert’s television shows with Gene Siskel and then others to follow.

Talk about a figure we will all seriously miss. I can perceive at the Pearly Gates he was given “two thumbs up”

Buck Howard TKO’s Burt Wonderstone

Posted by admin On March - 18 - 2013



In New Jersey’s Newark Star Ledger review by syndicated reviewer Stephan Whittey comments about the movie the Incredible Burt Wonderstone… and his commentary …

“You don’t have to be Kreskin to predict that one… Actually, Kreskin already inspired a much better comedy, The Great Buck Howard which had John Malkovich crisscrossing the country…”

Philadelphia Daily News movie reviewer Gary Thompson commented…

“by the way, this movie was much better, a few years ago, as “The Great BuckHoward“, featuring the great John Malkovich as a Kreskin-like figure…”

The Great Buck Howard still getting well reviewed several years after its release, great opportunity to revisit the film or see it for the 1st time, even better read Kreskin’s new book Conversations with Kreskin and gain insight into the legendary entertainer and to top it off you can see Kreskin over 200 dates per year and prepare to be blown away by his live performances.



Jodi Arias Trial

Posted by admin On March - 11 - 2013

I’ll tell you the

Real reason why the

Jodi Arias trial is

Lasting so damn long…


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“Seth Speaks” to Kreskin on

Posted by admin On March - 6 - 2013

Check out

The Amazing Kreskin &  Seth Rudetsky


Seth Speaks

This Weekend!

Saturday 3/9 @ 6am, 5pm, 11pm ET

Sunday 3/10 @10am, 1pm ET

Amazing Offer To The White House By Kreskin

Posted by admin On March - 1 - 2013

A couple of months ago yours truly offered to meet with a small group that would include both sides of the national  political spectrum.  I believed that there was a good chance that  by my meeting with these antagonistics in a sealed room with no television, radio or electronic devices to escape to I could influence their thinking. Bring about elements of a common bond in thought that could result in a compromise of some kind. Though they were able to take a vacation none of them had the time to join for such a project .After all a couple of hours can’t be wasted. Ironically, a number of political writers said to me “what do they have to lose everything else has failed so far”.

Now we come to today’s news conference by President Obama. In which he spoke of achieving a “Jedi mind meld”.

Alright Mr. President let’s take a giant step beyond Science fiction and I ad I know what I’m talking about because on television I have both read and influenced the thoughts of Star Trek’s Bill Shatner. Don’t you think it makes sense in which “Jedi mind trick” is not a trick but is done legitimaly by yours truly. I’m ready to move with it. Hey, you’re the one who suggested it.  And since I have the ability I’ve made my announcement “available for the good of this country”


The Amazing Kreskin



Bookends Bookstore and Don Bosco Prep


An Evening with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

yesterday at De Sales Hall Auditorium on the Don Bosco Preparatory High School campus.

The Amazing Kreskin was in attendance. The evening consisted of an interview and discussion with Madeleine Albright about Prague Winter as well as other topics, conducted by Albert H. Wunsch III Esq. and William “Pat” Schuber, Esq., followed by Q&A and book signing of Prague Winter.


Click on the links below  to see Kreskin and others at the event: