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Just read and consumed two new children’s books

Posted by admin On November - 11 - 2010
Just read and consumed two new children's books by author Donna Scott Nusrala. Gazillions, Bunches, Oodles and Tons is a priceless love story, and when I say love story, it will awaken in any child a sense of love in so much that is around him. I think that members of the adult world would do well once in a while to pick up this book and spend a few minutes going through it. Talk about a beautiful form of therapy. You have in Twinkle Toes the story of a unique form of hypnosis resulting in the sleep-like preparation for the beautiful day of Christmas. It's one of the most unusual fairy tales that I've ever read. The Amazing Kreskin

Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz

Posted by admin On September - 20 - 2010
It is with deep regret that I announce the passing of my dear friend, associate, and collaborator, Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz, who passed away on September 16th in Vero Beach, Florida. He practiced psychiatry here in New Jersey before moving and practicing medicine in Florida for 20 years. He was a remarkable researcher in the area of parapsychology and was knowledgeable about the research and practitioners all over the world. Just to talk to him on the phone was a therapeutic boost, as he had as positive a zest and joy for life as anyone I’ve ever known. I extend my deepest sympathies to his family.

Colin Hanks in The Good Guys

Posted by admin On May - 23 - 2010
The actor who played my road manager in The Great Buck Howard, Colin Hanks, has signed up to star in a new TV series, The Good Guys, on FOX. I suppose I should have foreseen that was going to happen… but I can predict it will be a great success.