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Kreskin crashes Jake Paul’s 21st birthday!

Posted by admin On January - 22 - 2018


You wouldn't believe who crashed Youtube superstar Jake Paul's 21st birthday at his home in Aspen, CO...

None other then The Amazing One him

self, who literally brought the party to it's knees in a manner of speaking.

Kreskin showed up to perform one of his show stoppers for Paul. Several members of Paul's team succumbed to

Kreskin's mental suggestions and literally fell to the ground unable to move or even speak. You can tell by Paul's

reactions and those of his friends that they were completely blown away while joking that maybe Kreskin should

just 'leave them that way' as they lay on the ground immobile. In the end, it was a blast and the visit certainly took

Paul's 21st birthday to another level, literally. So far there’s over 2.2 million views!

Here’s the link: Kreskin appears at the 6:00 mark, enjoy!

I am very proud to have been mentioned by The Borough Council of Caldwell! Last week, at Caldwell's Annual Re-Organization Meeting, Mayor Ann Dassing talked about the Caldwell Public Library's 100th Centennial and its Time Capsule event. Mayor Dassing specifically mentions Kreskin, and his contribution! I made predictions which were placed in the sealed Time Capsule, which is to be opened exactly 50 years from now!  

Kreskin back on 1250 WMTR Tomorrow 12/31 @ 10:30AM EST

Posted by admin On December - 30 - 2017
The Amazing Kreskin will be returning to WMTR to be interviewed by award winning veteran New Jersey Broadcaster Jessie Frees.   Frees has hosted numerous radio shows and has interviewed thousands of notable guests in her 37 year career. She hosts the interactive live call - in talk shows, "Ask the Expert" and "Your New Jersey Connection" on WMTR. Kreskin will be on for a 1/2 hour segment talking about some of his 2018 predictions.…-1231-1030am-est/ ‎


NUDITY! : Kreskin’s 2018 Prediction

Posted by admin On December - 13 - 2017

Kreskin predicts that there will be an addition to live concerts, plays and even movies in the coming months in major cities, as well as small towns, in North America. The feature will be NUDITY nights…..not on stage, not in the play, but in the audience, as all those attending will be nude.

One factor that may leave you uncomfortable are the laws allowing the carrying of a concealed weapons. Obviously, such will not be possible in this setting, however many would consider themselves safer as a result.

Even Kreskin Didn’t Foresee This!

Posted by admin On December - 12 - 2017

Decades ago a Western Oil company booked Kreskin intermittently over a period of 5 ½ years in Saudi Arabia to entertain the vast number of its business representatives who lived in the country.  It was no secret that many Saudis including members of royalty quietly attended his performances.

The Amazing Kreskin did not predict this recent international communication.

Arabian Gazette / Dec 5 2017

 10 Cyber Security Predictions for 2018

In the 1970s, The Amazing Kreskin wowed audiences with his uncanny ability to see the future.  Using suggestions, he’d make predictions.  While Kreskin would stop short of calling himself a psychic - instead choosing to be considered an entertainer – his predictions often came true.

Today, we’re going to do our best Kreskin impression and attempt to predict the state of cybersecurity in 2018.  Using our experience and understanding of the market as guide.


In an article of PV Magazine USA written by Frank Andorka :

Solar trade decision in Trump’s hands after uneventful hearing.

Now the solar industry can spend the next 51 days contacting The Amazing Kreskin to attempt to mind-read President Trump before he announces his decision, Solomon-like, On January 26Click To Read Article

Happy National Dice Day!

Posted by admin On December - 1 - 2017

It being National Dice Day, rumor has it that Congress has consulted with Kreskin on an innovative tool to make big decisions....


The Amazing Kreskin joins Barry Farber on Mind Your Business TV to talk about his insights on success and the art of making powerful connections. As President of Farber Training Systems, Inc. and The Diamond Group, Barry Farber is a marketing expert who has consulted Fortune 500 Companies for over 25 years.   The show, which airs on Monday December, 4, 2017, was a lot of fun and can be seen here:


Kreskin Mentioned (Again) On World Poker Tour

Posted by admin On November - 29 - 2017

*Click Here For Clip*

Once again, in this year’s World Poker Tournament, Kreskin’s name has been brought up in conjunction with outstanding player’s activities, during the final stages of the tournament.


11/19,20,21,23,25,26,/2017 -  Fox Sports Florida (Tampa Bay, FL)

11/19,20,24,26,/2017  -  Comcast Network (Philadelphia, PA)

11/19,20,22,26,27,29/2017  -  NBC Sports Bay Area  (San Francisco, CA)

11/20,23,24,26,29/2017  -  AT&T SportsNet  (Pittsburgh, PA)


National Gaming Authority John Romero in his book:  Las Vegas, The Untold Story, states…”Kreskin is the most dangerous man in the world with a deck of cards.  The casinos would rather deal with Willie Sutton."

Kreskin Makes Predictions To Be Opened In 50 Years!

Posted by admin On November - 20 - 2017

Kreskin’s 50 Year Prediction

Photo By Janet Markman

The 100th Year Celebration of the Caldwell, NJ Public Library was climaxed with a special event.  Kreskin delivered a set of predictions, sealed in an envelope that was secured in a steel time capsule.  The prediction will be opened 50 years from now, in the year 2067.