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Kreskin Tango’s with Quartetto Tomassini in NYC

Posted by admin On July - 23 - 2018
On Thursday July 26, Kreskin had the pleasure of seeing the string quartet Quartetto Tomassini at The Mercury Lounge in NYC. The evening was composed of music tango’s from the 1880's bordellos in Buenos Aires to present day New York City through the dynamic rhythms and dance of the Argentine Tango. Group photo with Quartetto Tomassini (Patria Tomassini, Lorenza Ponce, Ina Paris) Kreskin with world renown violinist Lorenza Ponce violin for (Jon Bon Jovi, Quartetto Tomassini) Tango dancers Mariana & Andres

Kreskin offers Manchurian Candidate Scenario

Posted by admin On July - 18 - 2018
Since 2016 multiple media outlets have suggested that the President is a victim sleeper agent, alla the Manchurian Candidate. Recently Curtis Sliwa and Rita Cosby on their WABC afternoon radio show had a heated discussion with Curtis espousing the idea that the President was part of a Manchurian Candidate scenario. He insisted that the President was a sleeper agent. Rita Cosby disagreed and insisted that it would have to be Kreskin holding the Queen of Diamonds in order to hypnotize him into that role. Kreskin does not believe for one moment that President Trump is involved with a Manchurian Candidate scenario, however since the radio show, Kreskin is being frequently asked, could he influence a person after showing them the Queen of Diamonds? His answer is very simple…yes, and he’s ready to demonstrate it to the World.

Kreskin’s Gift of Friday The 13th

Posted by admin On July - 13 - 2018
To those who have been highly critical of President Trump’s choice in recent days, of certain key individuals, to fill important government positions, I might offer his critics a tool that will give them more credibility than anything they’ve shouted so far. The gift is this Friday, and you have a perfect day to throw your criticisms at the President, because it’s Friday the 13th.  The awesomely, terrifying, impact of this day may have “slightly” greater effectiveness than simply the endless diatribes of politicians.

National Handshake Day!

Posted by admin On June - 28 - 2018
  The Melting Pot of Red Bank VIP Grand Opening Celebration RED BANK, NJ - JUNE 26: The Melting Pot of Red Bank owners Barry Berkowitz, Bill Piercey, Bob Johnston, Jeff Nichols and Brian Neel,  are joined with Jesse Bongiovi, Quenton Nelson, The Amazing Kreskin, Executive Chef Jason Miller and Mike Lester at The Melting Pot of Red Bank VIP Grand Opening Celebration.(Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images)   Kreskin with Jessie Bongovi - Hampton Water Wine.  "A great tasting Rose’!"   Kreskin with Bob Johnston - CEO and co-founder of The Melting PotKreskin with Pat Manna- Mayor of Red Bank NJ.

"Yours truly was delighted to attend a special reading of a new play written by Ian Finkel".  "The Neverwuzez” is a bittersweet one-act play about a show business couple’s battle between sanity and insanity. The music from the play was performed by Pianist extraordinaire Elliot Finkel.

The Amazing Kreskin

   Elliot Finkel - Pianist for the show  Bob Greenberg - Actor  played (Nat Sharp) Cheryl Ann Allen - Actress played (Shirly Sharp) Dara Gywnne Finkle - Voice for (Wheezle)  / Smantha Grace Alicea -Voice for (Beezle)

Kreskin Helps Celebrate her 104th Birthday

Posted by admin On June - 26 - 2018
On Saturday June 23rd I joined my friend, soap opera & theatre actress Ellen Evans at her mother Fay Lytel 104th birthday. We were joined with long time friend Joey Reynolds and family. Fay was a long time singer who performed often with Milton Berle. Happy Birthday Fay!   Kreskin takes a picture with Robert Cavallo, Engineer on The Jimmy Fallon Show and  Rinaldo Toglia, International Opera singer who performed at the the party.  Kreskin with long time friend Joey Reynolds and Fay Beach. Kreskin reunites wth Bruce Brown after 60 years. They met on the TV show Flipper. Bruce did the voice overs for the show.  

Kreskin on WMTR 1250 AM Radio Sunday June 24, 2018 1030am

Posted by admin On June - 20 - 2018
Don't miss The Amazing Kreskin on the Jessie Frees program this Sunday June 24th @ 10:30am on WMTR 1250 AM. Kreskin's appearances with Frees are always riveting and filled with new takes on important topics.  Please tune in!

Kreskin attends the TALKERS 2018 Conference in NYC

Posted by admin On June - 12 - 2018
Kreskin was a guest at the 2018 TALKERS conference on Friday June 8, 2018 where he met up with old and new friends, like Brian Kilmeade, Joe Piscopo, Michael Harrison, and Dr. Daliah Wachs.