Congratulations To A New Refreshing “Young” Mayor

Posted by admin On November - 9 - 2017

Yours truly has been involved in politics by predicting the last four Presidential Elections.

Today, however, I am experiencing a new celebration. I have just learned that Vito Perillo has won the election for Mayor of Tinton Falls, NJ. He did this against a well-known incumbent and scored what is considered a major upset.  I don’t give a damn if Vito Perillo is a Democrat, a Republican, or was born on Mars; but get this: he won as the underdog, at the age of 93 years old! Let’s hope that a large group gathers to hold a U.S. celebration that reflects the true spirit of a dedicated man. Yes, an underdog, a World War II Veteran, plus he has never been in politics before. Here is a man who was not seeking victory for the racket and the money that is made with the remarkable giant salaries that these politicians receive each year. Our founding fathers meant that individuals running for office were giving back something of their success and thus contributing to their city, town, state or nation.

Congratulations Mr. Perillo! I am very proud of you and I know I reflect the thoughts of many Americans. I love your summation when you stated “I’m the mayor of all the people, even the people who didn’t vote for me”.

Wow! I am AMAZED with your success.

The Amazing Kreskin

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