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Posted by admin On April - 16 - 2019

The Dr. Jak’s 53 Volumes

In the past 48 hours I have received 2 messages,1 from a gentleman who collects and markets conjuring, magic, and related topic books.  It was an inquiry as to whether I still possess the “53” Dr. Jak’s books, in which the late performer reveals in volume after volume information about the modus operandi of psychic trickery and performances etc.  Please understand that these books have not been in my home or personal library for a few years.  As I exhibited on a video in the past, I have placed them in a security vault that is not anywhere near my living quarters, and for safety and protection, that’s where they have remained.  I decided not release them to a foreign gentleman who offered a high bid to purchase the books.  Since then, a number of researchers have urged me to put them in a special library for future study.  It is an idea which interests me, although at this time I am reconsidering putting this priceless, one of a kind library up for sale.  


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