Even I Kreskin Didn’t See This One Coming

Posted by admin On December - 1 - 2015

On Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 the week started with Kreskin being the victim of a car accident.  There is even a probable paranormal factor involved in this near disaster. 

All the more intriguing is on that Tuesday night Jeopardy the TV Quiz Show ended a contest with one of the contestants coming up with a guess that was supposed to be amazing.  It wasn't the correct answer but she gave “The Amazing Kreskin”.

Then on Wednesday, CNN Television News carried an observation made by News Commentator Amanda Carpenter pointing out that Donald Trump had suggested that he is the candidate who can see all and predict all.  The commentator said that "Trump is making himself out to be The Amazing Kreskin".

Low and behold on Friday, ABC NY Radio’s Curtis and Kobi Show who had Alan Colmes joining reminisced about their experiences in the past with The Amazing Kreskin.

All of you who sent me concerned messages need to know I am fine, there is no physical damage and as far as mental damage, friends of mine assure me no body would know the difference. With all the media mentions beginning last Tuesday, who would have thought it would end yesterday morning with the Golden Girls TV re-run scene where Sophia screamed out “I’m The Amazing Kreskin!”
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