Has Eric Clapton Been Hypnotized?

Posted by admin On January - 26 - 2022

An official statement from Yours Truly about the comments from singer Eric Clapton regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and hypnosis.

“Yours truly has been alerted that Eric Clapton claims that people vaccinated against COVID-19 show a change in their personality and behavior. His suggestion is they are under ”hypnosis”. If I may clarify this for Mr. Clapton, and then offer my assistance to him, he needs understand that there is no drug that has ever produced a hypnotic trance. In the years I’ve spend demonstrating all over the world that hypnosis is the power of suggestion, I have a explanation for Mr. Clapton. Perhaps what he is seeing as different behavior in people around him is not their change in actions, but his perception of reality, which may have been created by someone influencing his mind. If anybody is exhibiting hypnotic response, it may be him, and not the people he is commenting upon. If he needs any assistance in coming out of this “condition” or “state” or “trance” or whatever you want to call it, perhaps he should contact yours truly, and I will help bring him out of it.”

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