Posted by admin On March - 22 - 2007

This week, a story broke internationally that was initiated by one of the distant relatives of the late famed escape artist, Harry Houdini. It was suggested that Houdini may have been murdered.

There is hardly anybody alive today who knew Houdini. With that being said; Kreskin is pleased to announce that he has in his possession, almost thirty hours of conversation with a gentleman who knew Houdini best. He was famed writer and authority on magic, Walter B. Gibson, who by the way created the legendary radio and literary character “The Shadow.”

I am sure I am expressing Walter’s thoughts although he is no longer with us about the suggestion being perpetrated that Houdini was murdered by spiritualists and now his relative wants the body exhumed. If Houdini were doing a magic act, he would probably sit up once the coffin was opened.

Yes – the spiritualists would have like to have done him in because he was exposing fake mediums. Indeed, he was even exposing spiritualists that were out right frauds. In fact, had he lived two to three years longer at age 52, he probably would have been penniless because his attorney advised him that the lawsuits against him would have drained his resources. As Walter Gibson said to me many, many times, Houdini was more dishonest and ruthless than some of the mediums he pretended to expose.

Still, I predict that if the body is exhumed and a study is made by the medical investigators, this three- ring circus will come to the conclusion that he was not murdered. One more point, I have a feeling that Houdini is laughing since he got all this publicity without having to pay a pr firm.

p.s. Knowing Houdini and his willingness to deceive anybody, wouldn’t it be interesting if he staged his own burial and his body isn’t even there?

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