June 7, 2013

Yours Truly  just saw a video offered on the Huffington Post

of one of their seasoned correspondents David Kiley who traveled all the way from the States to Germany to find, seek out and visit where his uncle whom he never knew was buried. This gentleman was in the US Army during WWII and as David explains his Uncle Eddie was killed fighting with our servicemen to end Hitler’s war.

He finally found the stone and his name on it. I want to tell you something folks, and please take maybe 30 seconds to reflect upon this… that he felt in some spiritual way he came to know better his father’s brother whom he never met or saw but realized had fought in the Great War to protect our country. It is a very deeply moving few minutes and I suggest that you, your youngsters and friends take a moment to access on the Huffington Post.


-The Amazing Kreskin

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