The reason I wrote the foreword to two books, Ghosts in the Valley and More Ghosts in the Valley, is because the author and the copy within the books absolutely enchanted me. Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey was a renowned ghost-chaser who during her lifetime investigated chilling incidents, including incidents of spooks, spirits, and haunted houses, many of which took place in Pennsylvania, my favorite state. My father’s side of the family lived in the Lehigh Valley area, specifically Bethlehem and Allentown. Adi-Kent’s daughter, Lynda Elizabeth Jeffrey, recounted experiences and incidents that took place in the area and surrounding districts where my family lived. Whether we believe in ghosts or not really doesn’t matter, for there’s no question that mysterious and at times chilling events have taken place in various lives. What an appropriate time for the release, revising, and editing of Jeffrey’s original writings. Today we have tremendous interest in other worlds, as we can see in the successful haunted house movies and the fascination with vampires. And listen to this….the author was of Hungarian descent and carried her fascination with ghostly lore from an ancestral valley at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains in Hungary and carried it all the way to the Delaware Valley area of Pennsylvania. If you have ever sat around a campfire and told ghost stories, you’ve got to read both of these books. Visit the author’s website and Facebook page The Amazing Kreskin
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